World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1677

Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang still secretly to attempt to use space power, sighed one: Useless, in the Hell demon armed forces has ten Hell fiendish people, the strengths of these Hell fiendish people and Thunder Emperor is equally formidable, but these Hell demons, slightly is weak, the Hell demon will have also over a hundred!” Shen Xiang knows that the Hell demon armed forces are terrorist, but has not thought that unexpectedly can be this scale! No wonder in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens had defeated, Infernal Demon Emperor this army, is very strong!” Shen Xiang exclaims: I have the inheritance of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, perhaps nasty!” Long Xueyi seriously said: We do not need to suppress them completely, only needed to kill road that's alright! Although ten Hell fiendish people, but their together will not move, this red barrier, is their ten people collaborates to arrange, for does not make you escape, so long as we capture a Hell fiendish person, opens a road, leaves this barrier, entered the Forest of Life deep place to be safe.” Infernal Demon Emperor definitely knows me and your together, but he has not thought absolutely I and your strength can fuse!” Around Shen Xiang's, Evil Devil in troop Hell dashes about wildly, blots out the sky, the shout is intermittent, is similar to the sand storm is common, from sweeps across in all directions. These Evil Devil will be directed by hundred Hell demons, Hell Evil Devil is not very strong, but the quantity actually , is only impact on that vision, gives the person to bring very big constriction. Starts, so long as opens a road fast, entered the Forest of Life deep place we to be safe temporarily, if towed, making ten fiendish people have the time to cope with you, that has troubled, initially Qi Shi this big lion was this.” Long Xueyi suddenly turns into one group of white lights, enters in Hidden Jade Ring, but Divine Soul actually enters Shen Xiang's Divine sea. Long Xueyi's Divine Soul in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, face-to-face transports her Dragon God's Strength, with Shen Xiang's Divine Power accommodating together! Shen Xiang is frightened by strength that suddenly transports, muscle suddenly of body ties tight, he drinks one fiercely, the body azure light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade broadminded appearance! Divine Blade one presently, divine light like dragon, flickers that Divine Power that checks pours into along with Shen Xiang, Divine Blade exudes a wild with rage dragon roar sound, the lid suppresses the air/Qi roar of that million Evil Devil, mammoth, overawes eight sides! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is shivering slightly, azure light that the sword gushes out, turns into huge Azure Dragon, roared again and again, the spout made a debut to say the azure lightning, with lightning speed, fired into the front, met the approaching enemy that innumerable fierce Evil Devil.

This is only the Divine Blade imposing manner, but has actually been able voluntarily Dragon Transformation, long jab Evil Devil! Azure Dragon that the blade potential turns into, hits, in that is similar to innumerable Evil Devil that the tide surge raids, blows out a dazzling azure lightning, the lightning is similar to obstructs the day big net, covers, innumerable Evil Devil the rave neighed immediately, the azure lightning big net covered, covered troop Evil Devil, saw only that crowd of Evil Devil to whoosh several, then turned into a black salt. Suddenly, big piece of Evil Devil of Shen Xiang front, turns into the black smog, fills the air in this Hell battlefield! Front, there are five Hell demons!” Long Xueyi reminded: Deals carefully, these Hell demons will not be will bring death, they after the training, will be the subordinates who Infernal Demon Emperor will attach great importance to!” Shen Xiang arms with knife to dodge, avoids together terror red light that flies to shoot from the distant place, simultaneously arrives at a build such as side mountain Evil Devil, the horizontal blade chops, to rely on infinite Divine Power, urges to send out a golden blade light, such as mountain Jumo regards as the fragment this instantaneously! Afterward, airborne presents a side great seal, sky over such as the vault of heaven covers, Shen Xiang moves sideways to arrive at place above the printing, the foot steps on the printing, pours into vigorous Suppressing Devil Divine Power, causes the Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal multi-colored sunlight like the fire, shines ten sides, by Evil Devil that light glow shines, instantaneous gasification. But in Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal , the powerful Hell demon, this Hell demon will hide in that a moment ago such as in mountain Jumo the body, Shen Xiang cuts to kill the great demon, emits the printing the suppression under. „The opportunity that your under Hell lets did not have, destruction!” Shen Xiang cried loud and long, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal depresses, erupted Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering bang the sound suddenly, the Holy Light sparkle, caused this originally blood red barrier, became burns burns incomparably, these sending out hemorrhage light red fog, were purified the majority instantaneously. Roar

Was pressed in the Sacred Seal following Hell demon, rave, then forever vanished! Shen Xiang whole-heartedly, fuses Long Xueyi's Dragon God's Strength, at this time is the Evil Devil difficult adversary, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is displayed by him incisively! „More than ten Hell demons will encircle, goes unable by them to be hit!” Long Xueyi said: Their defenses, although is very weak, but the striking power is not weak!” Long Xueyi just said that knows how things stand to say black Qi shoots, these black Qi look like looks like an only fierce claw, at the extremely quick speed across the god Holy Light air/Qi that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal releases, from fires into Shen Xiang in all directions, is having the intermittent wicked evil ghost, is overbearing and terrifying. More than ten Hell demons attack, but instantaneously, saw that Shen Xiang was unable to avoid and resist, who knew this time, Shen Xiang suddenly emitted golden light, unexpectedly was one set of golden light radiant armor! On indestructible Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, the intermittent Suppressing Devil Divine Power protection, these Hell wicked claw hits on saint armor, vanish instantaneously, cannot injure to Shen Xiang in the slightest. Shen Xiang, you cannot run away!” The distant place broadcasts a hoarse low and deep sound, should be a Hell fiendish person. Huge Sacred Seal suddenly of Shen Xiang under foot vanishes, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in hand does not see suddenly, he float in sky, all around Evil Devil is similar to the rough seas always, sends out all kinds of attacks from below unceasingly, is the energies that some evil strength condense become, shells Shen Xiang that Suppressing Devil energy shield unceasingly. All Hell demons will come!” Long Xueyi anxiously said. Does not need to be worried that I have the means to cope with them.” Shen Xiang suddenly has closed the eye, although he receives Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but did not mean that he must give up, his present defense was fiercer than before.

...... Caught up! Isn't that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor? unexpectedly also on Shen Xiang, this bastard!” Saying of old man very envy. Thunder Emperor one line of arrived at outside Forest of Life, but they at this time outside barrier that in that red light covers, is unable to go, they can see Shen Xiang float in the air in the distant place, wears golden armor, the Holy Light brilliant, innumerable Evil Devil unremitting attack he. How can't go in? This is a golden opportunity!” Thunder Emperor hastily asked. Ten big fiendish people are consolidating barrier, cannot enter cannot leave, when they consolidate, can control this barrier at any time, when the time comes we can go.” Hell Demon Envoy replied. Shen Xiang is he doing? Didn't he plan to counter-attack?” Heavenly Dragon Territory Dragon Emperor knits the brows: „Does he have a fiercer move?”