World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1678
Appearance that this time Shen Xiang, truly has not fought, the energy of but on him spout is formidable, these Hell demons are unable to approach him, can only in distant place unremitting attack his energy shield. As Emperor Dragon Emperor their group arrives, White Tiger, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng follow close on, but to! Is you?” Thunder Emperor sees Qi Shi that suddenly clashes, he is not White Tiger, but actually recognizes Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng these two familiar faces. But that Dragon Emperor stubbornly is actually staring at White Tiger, he remembers that White Tiger aura, after he has not thought of White Tiger resurrect, unexpectedly becomes so fearful! Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor! Ha Ha...... You is a joke, others true Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor in inside are resisting million Hell demons, but when you actually Infernal Demon Emperor running dog.” Jiang Sheng unscrupulous said while loudly laughing, making that Dragon Emperor complexion very ugly. Qi Shi has not paid attention to them, has been hitting a fist to that red barrier, blows out a giant lion's head, that roar vibrates, making some young Saint Venerate whole body vitalities turn wells up, this rebirth Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, although did not have in the past that strength, but was still fierce, saw this fist, Dragon Emperor, Thunder Emperor and Evil Emperor three is on the scene, in the heart secretly considered being the Qi Shi matches. barrier that ten Wang Lianshou arranges, so is can it be that good to destroy?” Hell Demon Envoy said with a sneer. Qi Shi coldly snorted, looked at all around: „If only ten kings collaborates, I could break, but not only now ten kings are arranging barrier in secret.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Evidently good several Devil Lord, these fellows or same as usual, do not have what confidence to oneself, if they are very fierce, but also does any bird barrier, collaborated to take Shen Xiang directly results.” Now White Tiger they may have no free time they to have the conflict with Thunder Emperor, but Thunder Emperor their several do not want they to hit with White Tiger, although them person are many, words that but hits, can perhaps be one struggles hard. White Tiger arrives in front of that barrier, lifts the hand slightly, sees only his arm suddenly to turn into one group of black Qi, seeps to barrier in! This......”

Sees this, all people have been shocked, White Tiger this ability, they not only has not seen, listens not to hear continually! When White Tiger wants to enter in barrier, a red lightning from airborne chops to hit, strikes on the body of White Tiger, sees only White Tiger to turn into one group of black fog vanish from sight instantaneously, afterward appears in the place above. „The strength of Law of Darkness, has not thought that your unexpectedly grasped Law of Darkness!” Throws over the middle age of blood red cloak to appear, on his big fist of pair of gripping tightly, is covering blood-colored mobile liquid, seems like very fresh blood. Makes way quickly!” White Tiger coldly said, if a bit faster does not enter in barrier, ten kings complete barrier, Shen Xiang troubled. Here not only then that formidable ten big fiendish person, several fierce Devil Lord, these Devil Lord the feudal lord, but in Hell dominates a side, the strength above these fiendish people, is right-hand of Infernal Demon Emperor. This Devil Lord also has very tremendous pressure facing White Tiger, but he does not need to defeat White Tiger, so long as tied down his that's alright! This goods, gave me that's alright.” Qi Shi shouted, must fly to rush, but Thunder Emperor and Dragon Emperor actually suddenly blocks him. Remaining Jiang Sheng, is faces that Evil Emperor and troop Saint Venerate! Snort, you did not have the opportunity!” Hell Demon Envoy said that his sound makes Qi Shi very familiar-sounding, this is the Infernal Demon Emperor sound, he was speaking through this Hell Demon Envoy. When White Tiger they are somewhat anxious, suddenly was covered by a white light, on this white light Shen Xiang sends out. Shen Xiang has opened the eye, light glow that the body sends out, will cover innumerable Evil Devil and these Hell demons, will see only him to laugh wildly several, these white lights will then turn into big flame!

Is Heaven Refining Technique!” White Tiger knits the brows to say. Right, but this move of I have not seen, this brat perception compared with my higher, caused that many methods to come.” Qi Shi smiled, said to that Thunder Emperor: You have been careful, this brat is more crazed than me, be not eaten by his refined into meatball.” In the past Qi Shi had also done this matter! Made one think what was funny, prohibited Shen Xiang's blood-colored barrier, now actually turned into huge pill furnace, these Hell Evil Devil and formidable demons, are burnt the pitiful yell by the flame that Shen Xiang released at this moment again and again. Builds up!” Shen Xiang cried out, saw only that 1 million strengths is not very strong Evil Devil, suddenly turns into the paint black charcoal like that above was burning the red flame, these red flame were fluttering an intermittently purified ability, gathered sky over the Shen Xiang top of the head. Melt!” As Shen Xiang read the second character, all Hell Evil Devil turned into a piece of black salt in that instantaneously, only remaining white energy Qi mist, this Qi mist gradually fluttered to the sky, formed huge white light ball in the Shen Xiang top of the head. The following Hell demon, will not have any battle efficiency at this time, all flame centralized on them, burns down on them to drop out the blood-colored things, their within the body that formidable evil strength, was burnt with Heaven Refining Technique by Shen Xiang builds up, turns into the extremely pure energy, the float sky! Concentrates!” Shen Xiang explodes suddenly drinks, the Hell demon that these struggle desperately melts suddenly, turns into the energy thoroughly, gathering Shen Xiang top of the head that huge white Qi ball. That Qi ball rapid revolving, several become very slightly is very suddenly small, unexpectedly in such a short time, concentrates a grain of white meatball. How million Evil Devil and over a hundred Hell demons on will not have, all these make the people not respond that especially that ten big fiendish person, they thinks Shen Xiang also needs to carry on a period of time, this will lose the Hell demon with that million Evil Devil, they will be also same can complete the barrier arrangement, so long as actually Devil Lord will get rid with them, even if White Tiger they here, same can take Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang smiles cold, eats up pill pellet that grain of he just refined, the body spouts an intermittent white arrogance immediately, looks like very formidable, instance that his to rely on that grain of pill melts, the efficacy that erupts, fires into that Forest of Life. He can induce clearly, has a Hell fiendish person there! As dragon roar blows out, the instance that Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade presents, slashes, chops to the Hell fiendish person who hides. A blade gets down, blood-colored barrier suddenly had one to vanish! Blocks him quickly!” Hell Demon Envoy of that Infernal Demon Emperor control exclaimed, several Devil Lord hastily in the past, but Shen Xiang vanished in that instantaneous shuttle space. Walks, we also enter Forest of Life!” White Tiger laughs, turns into together black light, shoots at Forest of Life. Qi Shi and in the Jiang Sheng heart is criticizing White Tiger, hastily runs off, here has several Devil Lord and ten Hell fiendish people, in addition Thunder Emperor their this group of fellows, the besieged words, definitely are hard to withdraw.