World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1679

Thunder Emperor and the others in same place, is looking at front black mist and dust of scattering, that by Shen Xiang builds up Evil Devil! Infernal Demon Emperor set out the Hell demon armed forces, but has not stopped Shen Xiang! The Shen Xiang's strength is not strongest, otherwise he will not leave quickly, however his ability is terrorist, Heaven Refining Technique that especially he grasps now, makes Emperor Dragon Emperor they broaden the outlook, now they understand why Infernal Demon Emperor will not hesitate to probably Shen Xiang remove, because the Shen Xiang's potential is huge, if adolescence gets up, from now on definitely will affect control of Infernal Demon Emperor to world of Nine Heaven and endless Heaven territory. Doesn't pursue?” Thunder Emperor sees Hell Demon Envoy. Pursues usefully? Even if the quite normal place, we cannot catch him, let alone this complex Forest of Life.” That Hell Demon Envoy shakes the head saying: „The Hell fiendish people and these Devil Lord, cannot dull too be here long, definitely not going in inside.” You, if must go, I ask Great Emperor, looked that can pass on message magic treasure to you, making him momentarily tell you Shen Xiang's position.” Forest of Life inside situation, this group of people heard that has not gone by oneself, therefore they are too not afraid, instead is very curious, now arrived here, but then Shen Xiang's will post a reward the volume definitely again to enhance, because a Shen Xiang person will extinguish almost Hell demon armed forces! One leave Godhead to be difficult concise, in Dragon Emperor in their eyes, kills Shen Xiang to obtain Godhead, wants concise to be much easier, and quick! That of Godhead or forming that Infernal Demon Emperor gives, their condense leaves Godhead, must practice the forming the situation, needs very for a long time, therefore this posts a reward the volume to have huge attraction. How long needs? We must a bit faster enter Forest of Life!” Thunder Emperor said.

Quickest three days, you here wait!” Hell Demon Envoy and these fiendish person Devil Lord suddenly turn into black Qi, then integrates the fluctuation in the space, returned to Hell. Infernal Demon Emperor transmits the Hell demon armed forces to this Holy Water Heaven Territory is not easy, the price of paying is very big, if can cut to kill Shen Xiang to be certainly indifferent, but now not only has not killed Shen Xiang, all Evil Devil and that over a hundred Hell demons will be destroyed completely completely, the soul not remaining! Shen Xiang leaves that battlefield, arrives at around one is the purple places, this is Violet Leaf Forest that Dongfang Xinyue said that the leaf of here flowers and plants trees, completely is the purple, at this time approaches the night, these leaves send out the purple gentle multi-colored sunlight, looks like very beautiful. Good strange Forest of Life!” Shen Xiang stands on a giant leaf of big tree, the leaf of this tree, can construct a small house, moreover sends out purple light glow, inside contains the unusual energy, the absorption later can build up the become god strength. Shen Xiang ate up a moment ago with that grain of pill who Heaven Refining Technique refined, obtained very abundant energy, majority was is helpful to Divine Soul being formidable, because these come from Hell Evil Devil and Hell demon, was very formidable Soul Body. „Did you refine a moment ago? Then completed quickly!” Long Xueyi also by the Shen Xiang method shocking, that was really too scary, how million Evil Devil and hundred Hell demons on will be built up instantaneously by Shen Xiang several. This is in a Heaven Refining Technique method, named builds up the technique of demon, is mainly is used for the one breath to have Evil Devil of strength of Evil Devil to build up to turn into the pure energy massively.” Shen Xiang said: I displayed this move not to be relaxed a moment ago, starts to need a period of time to prepare, starts luckily, these Hell fiendish people have not attacked me, otherwise we are unable to display.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: That group of idiots, but also no wonder they, if they do not collaborate to arrange barrier, you will escape, right now Infernal Demon Emperor definitely will supplement posts a reward the volume, can perhaps be three Godhead!”

This Forest of Life regarding me is a very safe place, hoping me to practice Emperor Soul to come here, when the time comes I do not need to hide here and there like this, these want to kill my person, I will deliver directly them to see Infernal Demon Emperor.” Shen Xiang starts to build up that grain of pill, although he Godhead builds up auxiliary, the soul strength that but in that grain of pill contains are many, needs him to calm the mind to practice. That sound, Vermilion Bird does not know a moment ago that she is practicing?” Long Xueyi also thinks that Vermilion Bird will come. She in the third barrier, outside there distance is very far, definitely has been cut off many aura, the noise that these Hell demon armed forces make can spread over Holy Water Heaven Territory, but definitely cannot pass to Spirit Fire Forest.” Dongfang Xinyue said. Hehe, perhaps because of White Tiger there, therefore she has not come, has not thought that White Tiger also really dares to come to here to look for her, when wants to have a look at them to meet very much the appearance.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Does not know that Vermilion Bird can dislike little rascal, the little rascal body has White Tiger Divine Weapon, cultivates Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, these gave Vermilion Bird to make very bad impression.” Should not, I and she has mentioned, she added that wants to see Shen Xiang.” Dongfang Xinyue said with a smile lightly: Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor is very good to me, she also knows that Shen Xiang is my master, I and she had explained this matter, when the time comes she definitely will not injure Shen Xiang's.” Long Xueyi curled the lip: She will definitely not injure little rascal, but creates obstacles for the meeting, but you do not need to be worried when the time comes I cope with her.” Shen Xiang sits on that leaf, has practiced for two days two nights, finally building up to melt that grain of pill, he felt that Divine Soul has very obvious promotion. Violet Leaf Forest everywhere is hiding danger(ous), but there is Long Xueyi, she can very clear sensation to there be safe, therefore Shen Xiang can here on dull two days.

After cultivating, Shen Xiang flings about on these big leaves, has a look in this Violet Leaf Forest unusual purple Mei and Jing, here has various grotesque or fantastic in appearance flowers and plants, can send out purple light glow in the night, in the night, here is the purple sea. Shen Xiang strolled here for day, when is preparing to go to inside Cold Wind Forest, in this Violet Leaf Forest suddenly hears a roaring sound, sounds likely is a giant beast at the rave. „It is not right, this is not a giant beast is roaring, should be one flock of beasts is calling.” Shen Xiang knit the brows. Is Violet Leaf Forest inside Saint Beast at the rave?” Long Xueyi said: I have a look!” In the Violet Leaf Forest beast group, is the Saint Beast composition, these Saint Beast majority to adapt to this forest evolve, they can change the turn into a human shapes, but maintains the beast condition most of the time.” Dongfang Xinyue said: Listens to this roar, should be the apes and monkeys and so on.” Really, Long Xueyi investigated quickly: Is a troop monkey, quantity are many, the whole body is the dark red fur, the eyeglasses can project a purple ray to attack!” They are chasing three people...... unexpectedly is that three fellows!”