World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1681
Speaking of the demon emperor, Shen Xiang remembered God Feather Sect Feng Yujie! „Do you know Feng Yujie? This woman is mystical, moreover probably is fiercer than the demon emperor!” Shen Xiang said. Oh? you also know Feng Yujie, said that you should see her!” Qi Shi is somewhat surprised, he cannot find out Shen Xiang to know Feng Yujie through any way, in his impression, Feng Yujie should not at will and others knew, moreover disclosed that many own secrets. She is Pill Saint, I hold her to help me refine Saint pill, then knew her.” Shen Xiang curled the lip: This woman is very mischievous.” Big lion, said that you did know her?” Long Xueyi asked. „When we long ago came to here to travel knew her, this truly was a very fierce woman, moreover was subject to changing moods, the disposition was very difficult to ascertain that felt she must conceal oneself genuine side intentionally, does not want to be seen through by others, she at that time was Pill Saint, we also asked her to build up Saint pill, she collected fees very high.” The Qi Shi nod said. This woman and demon emperor have big relationship!” Jiang Sheng said: Initially she towed us to seek for the demon emperor, I at that time know the demon emperor!” Speaking of the past events, Jiang Sheng sobs, with matter that the demon emperors had, perhaps was in his heart the memory that was hard to erase. You, since knows her, in Saint Territory dull a period of time, her strength is not why good, must deal with Thunder Emperor these fellows is not the issue.” Qi Shi said: I go to antique Sacred City to look for her, she does not see me.” I do not want to trouble her, she many worrying matters in Saint Territory, I did not have no way out at that time.” Shen Xiang smiled: You determined that can see Vermilion Bird?” Um, I look for her first alone.” White Tiger said: I walk first one step, best not to be quick.”

White Tiger turned into black Qi, vanish from sight. Qi Shi said with a smile: He is feared that we see his lose face appearance!” „Do you go not to see Vermilion Bird?” Long Xueyi asked. I do not go, I want to stroll this Forest of Life, can perhaps find any secret here.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Heard that here has many good refiner materials, I planned to refine Divine Weapon recently.” Qi Shi shook the head: I do not go, the vixen is not affable.” Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng want to take a look at Vermilion Bird, but they knew that Vermilion Bird wants condense Godhead, this has given them very big attack, Vermilion Bird after rebirth, strength unexpectedly is more formidable than a big truncation them, this makes in their hearts not feel better very much, if sees Vermilion Bird, definitely maliciously will be taunted by Vermilion Bird. Then, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng left, Long Xueyi returns to Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang according to the direction of Dongfang Xinyue, goes Vermilion Bird to be at the place that. Shen Xiang leaves tree hole of big tree, flies fully is in the forest of giant purple leaf trees, flies toward that cool wind, because that direction is outside the Forest of Life second barrier, Cold Wind Forest! Is that flock of monkeys!” Shen Xiang suddenly hears that roar, hastily looks back, sees only in the forest, innumerable purple monkeys jump of fast in trees, or ripples through the rattan in the trees, speed very rapidness of advance. If several hundred this purple monkey, perhaps Shen Xiang does not think to have anything, after all here is very ancient Forest of Life, the purple monkey that but is coming toward him at this time, at least over ten thousand, rear big forest coverage, the time of fast flushing, is similar to purple Hong Chao such attacks to come, is scary.

Does not come to you!” Long Xueyi said: Their speeds are not too fast, they must hurry to a place probably, is not pursuing a goal.” Shen Xiang hastily use space strength, hides oneself in the oppressive chaotic space, avoids this group of purple monkey armies! Must know that these monkeys are Saint Beast, thousands Saint Beast attacks, that is very terrifying, Shen Xiang does not want to entangle with this flock of monkeys. This is the Violet Leaf Forest quite fearful place, Saint Beast is this build is also small, strength strong hard to deal with fellow. Dongfang Xinyue said: This is only a sub-element, a here entire beast group generally is the hundred thousand scratch coat, leads this crowd of purple monkey monkey, should be the Saint Venerate strength of humanity, even is Emperor Level expert. If the ruler of commander entire tribal group, the strength is more formidable!” So to be how fierce? How are they adolescence?” Shen Xiang comes out from the oppressive chaotic space, looks that purple fog that the front that goes far away gradually, cannot help but exclaim in surprise. I had said before, the beasts one special purple energy of here being born, they can through eating here purple leaf come adolescence! But here purple leaf grows the rapidness, this place is also big, regarding here beasts, has the almost endless sub- resources.” Where Shen Xiang wants to have a look at that crowd of purple monkey to go, then to follow close on behind. They reproduce like this endlessly, one day this Violet Leaf Forest will unable to contain so many Saint Beast!” Long Xueyi said. This actually not, here beasts, although can depend upon to eat the purple leaf, but fast adolescence, however among different tribal groups, will present large-scale battle! Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor and I have said that regarding here beast group, this is their grand feasts! Because in process of battle, dying will be eaten.” Heard Dongfang Xinyue saying that in the Shen Xiang mind presented troop small Saint Beast to go all out to slaughter, bloody picture that the worry swallowed, he suspected that at present this flock of purple monkeys are enjoyed that so-called grand feast!

Shen Xiang follows most of the day after the monkey group, discovered that is having other two monkey groups to depend to come, then convergence together, the quantities of these purple Saint monkeys reached hundred thousand at this time much! Saint Beast of this quantity, if puts world of Nine Heaven, the destruction that causes is hard to imagine, even if Saint Territory this place, perhaps will have the headache! These can Saint Beast leave this Violet Leaf Forest, is only this Violet Leaf Forest beast tribal group, has Saint Beast of so many quantity, it seems like that the this Holy Water Heaven Territory overall strength is not weak.” Shen Xiang emotionally said. „, Here these unusual purple leaves, are not their livelihood things, if no this purple leaf edible, they will die quickly, where therefore cannot go in this Violet Leaf Forest inside beasts, they only then dominate here.” Dongfang Xinyue just said that front suddenly transmits low and deep yelling, one listens to know that front has troop purple Saint Beast. Is one crowd of purple wild boar, the build is not too big, but looks like very fierce!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang flies the crown in woods, here watches below fight unable to be affected, he saw these purple wild boar, the skin is the purple, mouth that two canines are purple light sparkle, understood at a glance that is the refiner good material.