World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1682
It can be prediated that here will have bloody great war, these purple monkey seem like small, but the nail is sharp, when grins that advantage tooth that reveals is dodging intermittent cold light, understood at a glance that can rip open the tenacious thick skin easily. „The wild boar quantity are few . Moreover the flexibility is inferior to these monkeys, it seems like that this crowd of wild boar must have bad luck.” Dongfang Xinyue said that she and pearl, Kong Bailing can see outside situation from inside. The purple monkey on the tree, hundreds of thousands, encircles a circle to surround wild boar, looking fierce is yelling, that crowd of wild boar are exudes to sink the roar, making that send out to absorb purple light of person to the canine, understood at a glance that this crowd of wild boar battle efficiency is very strong, although only then 50,000-60,000 this, but looks like and may not lose. The Shen Xiang concealment above, following purple monkey and wild boar has not discovered him, let alone they now shout hit to shout " kill ", where worries about other. great war has not started, both sides through yelling to strengthen the imposing manner! suddenly, purple light flashes through together, presents the big man who a purple cloak dances in the air, in the hand is holding a purple lance, he lifts up high the lance, exudes a very giant roar, shakes all around these giant purple leaves to shake, the tall great tree has slight swaying, the imposing manner is strong. This should be purple monkey Monkey Emperor, the strength is very strong.” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that before he also planned to occupy selects convenient anything, but emperor of these beast groups, the strength is strong, even if Emperor Dragon Emperor this expert comes, perhaps will not have the conflict with this Beast Emperor casually. Beast Emperor of wild boar group also came out, was one wears the middle-aged great Chinese of purple armor, Monkey Emperor has sufficed majestically, but this Wild Boar Emperor be higher than two heads the opposite party, weapon in hand was also very aggressive, the great sword of shutter general width, above purple light sparkled, murderous-looking, understood at a glance that had many lives dead by this great sword is cut to kill. Two Beast Emperor appear, is murderous aura surges upward, this great war was avoidless!

Kills!” That Wild Boar Emperor shouted first, after his rave, that Monkey Emperor also bellowed, afterward turned into together purple light, rushed to the upper air, Wild Boar Emperor also so, flew the upper air and Monkey Emperor great war. Suddenly, airborne qi wave depresses, two Beast Emperor have fought, but following purple monkey and wild boar also in abundance make war, attack together, neigh immediately unceasingly, the flesh and blood flies violently, among the purple forests, is floating a thick smell of blood, revolting. „Do these fellows, why want to hit? In this place not the deficient resources, do not need to carry on this senseless fight.” Shen Xiang knits the brows to look at these horrible to look at bloody pictures, shook the head. I before and Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor have also seen this battle, but does not have such big scale, the quantity of both sides in more than 30,000 this! Before Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor , is also very curious this behavior, afterward she conducted many years of research, discovered that here Beast Emperor majority are to fight, here beasts adolescence to Saint Beast is not very difficult, is only the time issue, but after Saint Beast, bogged down.” Dongfang Xinyue said. Shen Xiang has guessed correctly anything, said: Although only in this Violet Leaf Forest, but here Saint Beast has the ambition much, afterward they affirmed that had discovered breaks through the means of bottleneck!” The Dongfang Xinyue nod said: Right, swallows flesh and blood! However does not eat each time effectively, but is effective in a specific time, this should be a cycle, the time arrived, these Saint Beast aware poly together, then everywhere will be slaughtered by Beast Emperor director.” Long Xueyi said: Then, this time passes by, can live has eaten most meat, the strength is strongest!” Shen Xiang saw several to kill fierce purple monkey, although looks like with other purple monkey is similar, but is experienced, can look very much easily.

But now the good opportunity, these fellows only to eat the meat, definitely many beast soul!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang started to pay attention from before, he has not gotten rid to worry that can bring to the attention of that two Beast Emperor, but he has used invisible in secret, moreover formidable Divine Power, through Grasping Soul Devil Curse inside method, emitted one to ban soul incantation again, covered on this stretch of battlefield, such one, these beast soul will not enter Hell, but fluttered to here, facilitated takes away one time. Can start, that two Beast Emperor play very intensely, and has been far away from here.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang starts these dissociation in nearby beast soul completely devour, like absorbing the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit is so fast, inhales in Divine sea, puts in Godhead, to rely on Godhead will build up fast. Here is Saint Beast, beast soul exceptionally is formidable, moreover majority are very pure, is much better compared with these Hell Evil Devil, ten thousand beast soul, can lower hundred thousand Evil Devil! Slaughtered to continue one all day, altogether died 70,000-80,000 purple monkey and wild boar, that two Beast Emperor have not branched out carries, both sides all withdrew, but the Shen Xiang's harvest was huge, so massive beast soul, strengthened his Divine Soul fast, he thought that if dull a period of time, looks for this great war here, perhaps he in this way cultivated Emperor Soul! What is this felt?” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks does not suit, hastily revolution space power, making oneself enter the tyrannical space instantaneously! Just entered the tyrannical space, Shen Xiang keeps same place Divine Soul to see several people to arrive, is Thunder Emperor and Dragon Emperor that made him be familiar with, as well as other Saint Venerate, that Evil Emperor not with their together.

This group of fellows are haunted by the ghost, that was close, was almost let a moment ago cover by them.” Shen Xiang sighed, he has to acknowledge that this group of people are chasing down his these days, had very big progress, especially concealment aura, if not his induction to the space fluctuation has keen insight, he was stranded a moment ago, then must face troop expert. Had previous time is prohibited the experience of space in the Floating Life city, now Shen Xiang was not only vigilant the enemy with the way of induction aura, but also added on the induction of space fluctuation, he can release invisible space domain, so long as some people stepped into this space domain, had a wee bit influences to the space, he can realize. „Can't this place stay?” Shen Xiang also wants to continue to keep this Violet Leaf Forest, because can make him harvest massive beast soul here. Naturally, but is more careful is right! That new Evil Emperor with, has not known that went back, the fellow who if he also here, completes the order form this kills, he has Evil Devil strength, is quite definitely easy to cope.” Long Xueyi said. Let Shen Xiang facing several Emperor Level expert, is hard to resist by his present strength, but if copes with new Evil Emperor, he thinks or does not have the issue.