World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1683
How can find that Evil Emperor?” Shen Xiang not only need avoid Thunder Emperor now their tracing, but must seek for Evil Emperor. First must determine Evil Emperor here, otherwise is not good to look, fellow not with Thunder Emperor their together, two possibilities \; first, he gives up chasing down you \; second, he has self-confidently alone catches you, if the latter, he possibly has any method.” Long Xueyi said. That Evil Emperor should know that I obtain the inheritance of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, if he and I independent combat, definitely cannot ask for any advantage, in this case he also catch me, he definitely has other anything method, it seems like I must be careful that a point is good.” Shen Xiang is more vigilant at this time, pays attention to all around space to fluctuate, sound a little, he will immediately hide slightly into the oppressive chaotic space, avoids that sudden sneak attack. Then do not enter Cold Wind Forest first, in this Violet Leaf Forest, seeks for these great war beast groups, on the one hand absorbs beast soul, moreover exercises to use the space domain ability again, some people of concealment aura are when the time comes good, is hard to evade your sensation.” Long Xueyi said. space domain, releases invisible space strength, self-centered forms a very large space sensation domain, so long as some people step into this space domain, can feel to know immediately. If uses familiar, even if a Little Fei insect comes, can realize immediately. Although Shen Xiang controls Law of Space strength, but how nobody instructs to use, he can only try to find out how to utilize this formidable and mysterious space power, now he utilizes well, the long-distance range space shuttles back and forth, or is enters the Xingyuan regulation the space to strike to kill, now he was trying to find out how to utilize space strength to form an own domain, can make him discover ahead of time chases down his person. The domain that the speed rapidness of Thunder Emperor this expert, he releases covers area to be certainly broad, if too small, he just the sensation, others came, and cloth next prohibits the space barrier. Grasps space domain after skilled, I must learn to break through the space to prohibit!” Shen Xiang firm saying, the Hell demon armed forces besieged with before the Floating Life city by the Thunder Emperor and the others surprise attack, is very strong space prohibits. Grasps space strength him, breaks through this prohibiting to be most relaxed, but he actually does not know how to do, at this time this is the matter of his urgent matter, he planned during the study uses the fumble of space domain.

Shen Xiang stands on a giant purple leaf of big tree, emits invisible space power, these weak space power smuggle his Divine Power, covers the surrounding area hundred li (0.5km), then calms the mind sensation all slightest signs of trouble. Generally can also carry on this sensation with Divine Power, but Divine Power goes to the sensation through the aura, anything a little aura, Divine Power will put, all around all environment will appear in the mind, but the concealment ability wise person, can hidden go to the aura, by the sensation, cannot unconscious nearness. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's concealment ability on very outstanding, therefore they can approach some expert frequently, and sneak attacks. But now, Thunder Emperor that group of people have learned the wise concealment method from Infernal Demon Emperor that can very good hides itself not to be induced by Shen Xiang, then approaches quietly. Now Shen Xiang coordinates space power to display this induction domain, so long as with him in same space, once enters his domain, he can induce immediately, even if hidden goes to the aura not to have any function. In his space, anything moves, will have certain spatial variation, will be perceived by him. Now he can have very small ant to creep along very clear induction to the ground, the sand dust that the breeze blows, enters his space domain, he can realize. But Shen Xiang thought that is not good, space power that because he uses are too much, is very big to his consumption, he must adjust, completes space domain with least space power. His space domain only does not use the moment, but momentarily must use, therefore he must control the consumption! He transforms the place unceasingly, and adjusts, repeatedly after the utilization, he is gradually skilled, while high-speed migration, this space domain will not vanish.

These more than ten days, Thunder Emperor that group of person nobody pursue, this possible reason that because his position transforms unceasingly, even if pursues, has not approached him, he shifted the position. Although is very difficult to overtake Shen Xiang, but Thunder Emperor they early had the preparation, they thought that chases down Shen Xiang with some time, pains concise Godhead is much better, because they use a lot of time to go concise, in the end perhaps spatial, but chases down Shen Xiang to be different, the opportunity is very big! With the Shen Xiang guess is the same, Infernal Demon Emperor increased to his posting a reward volume, rose three Godhead, therefore now Thunder Emperor, Dragon Emperor and Hou Family expert is one group, leading some Saint Venerate to pursue Shen Xiang here. Should try to cultivate the refined into fruit!” Shen Xiang stands on a leaf, he plans for a long time to stay here, waits for Thunder Emperor they to come, how to space domain he wants to have a look at itself to utilize. Once Shen Xiang stops motionless in a place, Thunder Emperor they will receive the pass on message from Hell, then goes to that place with great speed. Now their pass on message jade symbol vibrates, inside has the Shen Xiang detailed position, they upon learning this, overtake immediately. Came!” Shen Xiang waited for more than three double-hour, suddenly to induce to having more than ten steps into his space domain, had the 1st Stage distance with him. This time, he can the clear induction to the person has many, the build and face outline he can clearly know! Is very good!” Shen Xiang is satisfied to own space domain, afterward moves sideways to leave, in the instance that he just walked, a space prohibits suddenly to cover.

Only poor!” Thunder Emperor sees the space that surges, when that is the Shen Xiang shuttle space leaves remaining space strength. Our are Concealing Technique useless?” old man asked that he was follows Thunder Emperor to come from Saint Thunder Heaven Territory, he has also studied that Concealing Technique. If Concealing Technique grasps the unqualified person, cannot participate, therefore this group of people are embarking to pursue the Shen Xiang's time, has carried on the strict inspection. Dragon Emperor shook the head: We come fast time, possibly affects spatial qi flow to move, Shen Xiang is so vigilant, possibly perceived, walked, in the past few days, we were away from he very far time, didn't he run around?” This situation expert on the scene has experienced, sometimes they must handle some secret matter, once all around has this sound, they will leave immediately. Has the period of five days old here, our superiority are very big, must a bit faster catch up before other squads have not come, takes Shen Xiang!” Thunder Emperor said: These three Godhead certainly are our!”