World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1684
In Shen Xiang of distant place, on the way of use space interception, listened to Thunder Emperor in the distant place a moment ago their talk! „Is period of five days old? Is the Hou Family person?” Shen Xiang frowned, inquired Dongfang Xinyue: Hou Family strongest fellow fierce?” Is very strong, Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor has said that the Hou Family old man in Holy Water Heaven Territory is ranking among the best expert, and past world of Nine Heaven Fifth of Nine Emperors equally fierce.” Dongfang Xinyue said. Then, Evil Emperor and with their together, had not been invited!” Shen Xiang smiled: This Evil Emperor is very definitely annoyed!” Evil Emperor has Evil Devil strength, is formidable regarding other people, if must hit, Thunder Emperor does not want to fight with him casually, but regarding Shen Xiang, Evil Emperor is easy to cope, especially before saw Shen Xiang to destroy completely the scene of Hell demon armed forces instantaneously, in Evil Emperor heart secret panic-stricken, Shen Xiang regarding him is also a huge threat. Does not know that this fellow here, us has not looked, if he has completed the order form, solves him.” Long Xueyi said. In Violet Leaf Forest, can distinguish itself through the cold wind that blows in the Violet Leaf Forest general position, if the cold wind is very big, and makes people feel that sends coldly, that approaches Cold Wind Forest, can choose through the degree of cold wind in the Violet Leaf Forest anything position moves. Now Shen Xiang in the Violet Leaf Forest middle, all around the careful observation, has a look to have the trace of beast group. Below has a footprint.” Long Xueyi suddenly said. Shen Xiang dives immediately, arrives in a quite sparse forest, he lands on the ground, looks at that giant footprint, frowned. This footprint is very big, his whole person lies down on the footprint, thinks also some idle places. Xinyue, Saint Beast of this place is not small?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, discovered that this footprint only presented 1st Stage, resembled this colossus is suddenly appears walked long journey here, then suddenly flew away.

Right, but giant also has, what small is only majority! This place is very difficult to breed the large-scale beasts, although flowers and plants trees giant.” Dongfang Xinyue also thought that has doubts very much. From this footprint, is four feet, a little looks like the lion......” Long Xueyi saying: Should not be big lion!” The big lion in Long Xueyi mouth, is Qi Shi! „It is not, here not his aura!” Shen Xiang shook the head, following these footprint stand forths, he had discovered some strange things, is the soils in these footprints is a little black. Shen Xiang stressed to put in Hidden Jade Ring, making Long Xueyi their several female have a good look look. Quite strange, these soils should just grow dark, but why actually does not know grow darks, does not have pigment anything.” Dongfang Xinyue has doubts, afterward she puts the produce fire flame, that flame incinerator. Those who make several females surprised is, after being burnt down, these soil unexpectedly turn into the black starch shape. This is very evil strength, but was hidden very well, will not lend the evil aura!” The Long Xueyi sound is having one fear, this is very unusual. What is this?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. I do not know that I only know has this evil degree the fellow of strength, is powerful! Is that new Evil Emperor? Isn't this fellow humanity? How to have the footprint of this big lion?” Long Xueyi had doubts. Is Ancient Evil Lion?” pearl said: Legend antique time many formidable beasts, are lion.”

Kong Bailing also nods saying: For example Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and Ancient Fire Beast, I had heard has about their facts.” Dongfang Xinyue asked: „The Xueyi elder sister, you knows that has the matter about Ancient Evil Lion?” Long Xueyi silent moment, said: Has heard, this fellow truly exists, but I have not seen, the big lion and big Fire Lion has mentioned this fellow.” This fellow little appears, but the strength is very strong, moreover is mystical, initially Qi Shi and big Fire Lion wants to ask to destroy completely him, but actually could not find, if this footprint is he, why he will appear here? Comes to you?” Three Godhead, alarm such fellow is also nothing unusual, now in the Shen Xiang heart were also many a vigilance, he thinks Ancient Evil Lion in this Legend, cannot cope with Suppressing Devil divine art, because that evil strength he could not feel! Not a wee bit evil aura, but also is much worse! Qi Shi and Old Jiang here, looks them to ask that should better the big white cat look continually.” Long Xueyi said: Ancient Evil Lion is not you can cope!” Shen Xiang strengthens now vigilantly, in order to avoid being sneak attacked by this Ancient Evil Lion, what his some are not clear, this Ancient Evil Lion should be able to maintain the human form, why can suddenly turn into beast, moreover walked long journey! When Shen Xiang ponders over if wanted is leaving this Violet Leaf Forest, lion roar suddenly transmits, the sound is not very big, puts from very far place. This was the Qi Shi cry......” Long Xueyi just said that also there is another lion roar to transmit, this time was lower and deeper. „Did two big lions, Qi Shi and Ancient Evil Lion meet?” Shen Xiang hastily overtakes in that direction. Shen Xiang on the road, thinks quick will have the sound of fighting, but the front is peaceful, he induced to the Qi Shi aura, in addition very pale aura and Qi Shi together, two aura are very both temperate, do not hit.

„Did they know?” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, he saw Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, but in their side also black robe man, that should be another big lion. Shen Xiang approaches, Qi Shi they realize that immediately looks, but the Shen Xiang hastily shuttle space, appears side Qi Shi. little rascal, you also in Violet Leaf Forest!” Qi Shi sees Shen Xiang to arrive, is somewhat accidental. Um, I want to keep a period of time here!” Shen Xiang looks to that black robe man, asked: This is......” Qi Shi said with a smile: „An old friend, he and I are Saint Beast Ancient Domain come out, I also think that he went to Gods, has not thought of his unexpectedly to be able here.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Old black, you should not be will kill this little rascal, received exchange for Godhead?” That black robe man shakes the head to say with a smile: Naturally is not, I hear you here, I immediately came, you had not fought with that group of fellows, was a pity that was you weakens?” Shen Xiang has not asked anything, but he has very big vigilance to this black robe man, because this black robe man has fearful Evil Devil strength!