World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1685
relationship of Jiang Sheng, Qi Shi and this black robe man looks like very good, but Long Xueyi actually does not know this black robe man! Long Xueyi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, lets his careful point black robe man. Shen Xiang looked at all around, had discovered some footprints, before has him, has seen that giant footprint, but these footprint inside soils are not the black, not like that situation that before he sees, this lets in his heart is the suspicion. This is Shen Xiang that to let that group of fellows has a headache about.” The black robe man has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, he he smiles. Qi Shi laughs, said to Shen Xiang: Old black very strong fellow in Saint Beast Ancient Domain, my Master is very high to his appraisal, do not look that his face wears black clothes black, actually he is a use ice cold strength snow lion.” That old black said with a smile slightly: „Can my this time, wants to investigate this Forest of Life inside Cold Wind Forest, look help my practice.” This, then we enter together have a look.” Qi Shi builds on the Shen Xiang's shoulder: if wanted goes together, although you can bring much to us troublesome, but that I want, coming to here to be so long, does not get 12 words, not satisfying.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I also planned that in this Violet Leaf Forest dull a period of time, you goes to Cold Wind Forest first, when the time comes I contact with you again!” After Qi Shi, Jiang Sheng and Shen Xiang said goodbye, then with that old black left. Although in Cold Wind Forest has Saint Beast, but Saint Beast outside Violet Leaf Forest that many, Violet Leaf Forest outside Saint Beast has not been crowds, can satisfy his appetite. He also wants to seek for Evil Emperor outside Violet Leaf Forest, wants to kill it cutting. Another reason is, he does not understand now that mystically old black, although Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi are very good with his relationship, but actually gives people not a reasonable feeling. That old is black I not to hear, but definitely has the issue, before I can determine the black footprint that and we see to be exactly the same in Qi Shi nearby footprint, but after he meets Qi Shi, restrains own evil strength.” Long Xueyi said: strength that he currently uses is not ices strength absolutely coldly!”

Shen Xiang puts out subpoenas the jade symbol together, subpoenaed to Qi Shi, so long as the distance were not too far, can transmit, he told Qi Shi the anxiety in heart, making Qi Shi more careful. Qi Shi had not answered that Shen Xiang was not worried he and Jiang Sheng, they were old antique, at this time by his such reminder, definitely will be kept Heart Eye. Shen Xiang continues to seek for the beast group in Violet Leaf Forest, after bumping into Qi Shi them, he sought more than for three days, finally the trace of discovery beast group, this makes him immediately excited, looks like the hunger suddenly discovered for a long time banquet is the same. Traces following the footprint of ground, Shen Xiang can follow the beast group quickly, this Saint Beast group 50,000-60,000 this, are some purple spots leopards, the correct use quick extremely speed is running. Looking at the situation should be slaughters, this time possibly is the beast group enjoys the time of grand feast.” Dongfang Xinyue said. Quick, Shen Xiang induces to the aura of another wave of beast group, he judges from that aura, the quantity and strength be more formidable than the flock of leopards that he tracks. Is one crowd of purple tiger, quantity also that many!” Shen Xiang exclaims, in the front forest, is the tigers of that purple streak, is roaring lowly, whole body murderous-looking. Long Xueyi said with a smile: Other fellow in distant place!” Shen Xiang widens the induction range immediately, emits Divine Soul to seek, quick discovered that one crowd of purple wolf, this crowd of purple wolf quantity are many, adds many also compared with purple leopard and purple tiger! That crowd of wolf distance here have the 1st Stage distance, even if must come also to require time, but they actually resemble here leopard and tiger must slaughter, they are wait for the opportunity to get rid in that side probably, wants to destroy the tiger leopard.

Started!” Long Xueyi somewhat excited shouted. As emperor of both sides roar, battle between tiger leopards started, this great war, compared with before Shen Xiang the war of pig monkey sees also wants brutally bloody! Both sides great war from the beginning, he emits invisible banning soul large formation, prohibits completely beast soul that these must flutter, does not make these beast soul leave this region. These Saint Beast beast soul are very strong!” The Shen Xiang and other both sides of Beast Emperor are far away, then starts devour to float in the air massive beast soul. That flock of wolves came!” The Long Xueyi reminder said. Shen Xiang in the attention pack of wolves, with has been also same, so long as both sides that he expects make war, presents some young casualties time, that crowd of purple wolf will come, pack of wolves distance here is very far, they fly to time, the tiger leopard also slaughtered similarly, will be definitely mutually wounded, the pack of wolves outflanking, can enjoy the grand feast! The Beast Emperor of tiger group and leopard group carries on great war in the distant place, after having continued one all day, the aura weakens gradually, if continues, the side will be cut to kill surely, but tiger Panther Qun also died most, majority that can live are scarred! At this time, hid arrives in the pack of wolves of distant place finally, the opportunity grasped very accurately! Induces arrives to the pack of wolves, tiger leopard two Beast Emperor responded that in the heart was angry, hastily returned, but was actually blocked by Wolf Emperor, two Beast Emperor that Yuan Qi damaged severely, even if collaborated to be also hard in the short time to defeat Wolf Emperor. Shen Xiang hides in tree hole, is observing following battle with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, mutually wounded tiger Panther Qun, by the massive purple wolf surrounding rush, died at this time suddenly most, that crowd of purple wolf like hungry ghost reincarnation, eat the rapidness, although the build of tiger leopard is bigger than these purple wolf, but beforehand great war consumes they very big strength, at this time meets the crazy fierce pack of wolves, cannot resist

Quick, Shen Xiang harvests massive beast soul, but he saw purple wolf not dead many, in the heart thought that somewhat was a pity! Gets rid! Kills this crowd of purple wolf completely!” Long Xueyi said with a smile: if wanted do I help?” Shen Xiang facial expression suddenly becomes earnest, said: Does not use, I can handle!” He closes the eye, starts revolution Heaven Refining Technique, before he coped with the Hell demon armed forces with this move, now copes with purple wolf that this crowd did not guard against same! Praying mantis catches the cicada canary after!” Shen Xiang has prepared the moment, lightly smiled, sees only huge golden light to cover suddenly to appear, covers these purple wolf in completely. Felt after having the situation, that crowd of purple wolf call out in abundance, summoned their Wolf Emperor, but actually did not help matters, because covered their light to cover inside, suddenly presented an extremely high quantity of heat, making that crowd of purple wolf melt majority of instantaneously, turns into an intermittent purple energy! Under Shen Xiang's Heaven Refining Technique, similar hundred thousand purple wolf was smelted instantaneously, Divine Soul and fleshly body were melted the energy, rapidly melts grain of purple pill pellet.