World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1688

Shen Xiang is following close on that white shade, uses the space power shuttle in the front, brandishes a sword chops fiercely, stops that white shade, this unexpectedly is a pretty young man, just his lip is the white, binoculars brave the white cold air, on the slender finger braves the deep cold air, the nail is sharp, is similar to sharp Xiaodao. Courts death!” Youth sneered, in the mouth unexpectedly puts out a white light, hits on the Shen Xiang's chest, blows out extremely fearful cold air, shakes Shen Xiang in the air retreat again and again, hits to stop in a short mountain anything. This youth started very ruthless, Shen Xiang just stopped, saw a white light to hit, these time rumbled to his head! This has the white light of deep cold air is being an ice arrow turns into, hits meets the instantaneous shunt on the body of person, spout the Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison toxicity, can rapidly seep to the human body. Before caused distance youth to be too near, Shen Xiang could not move aside, but this time he can see that white light inside thing clearly, his turned around, avoids that fearful ice arrow! Ices the arrow to hit on the iceberg falls, the ice sludge that splashes broken melts immediately, turns into intermittent cold fog, covers around Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang has not thought that in this small ice arrow, implication Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison unexpectedly is so fearful, the cold fog that releases camouflages his both eyes instantaneously, but he can feel clearly that at this time is having dozens this type of ice arrows to puncture toward him, understood at a glance that the opposite party is a ruthless role, from the beginning launches the so crazy attack! If copes with ordinary Saint Venerate, perhaps already was killed several! Only is strong Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison that in that cold fog contains, is enough a number of Saint Venerate headaches. This youth uses the Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison method to be wise, coordinates the formidable Divine Power use, breaks the enemy defensive line at the same time intoxicates, if were sneak attacked, so long as cannot resist Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, ten have ** will be poisoned. Shen Xiang hastily hides into the tyrannical space, then appears from inside, after surmounting, sprinkles powder, that is the poisonous powder that Devil Decaying Death Qi and Intoxicating Spirit Powder coordinate, is after the Shen Xiang fining, the implication toxicity is fearful. Value three Godhead, are very worthily formidabe! The ability that you use poison to combat poison is good, Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison that you used a moment ago are High-Grade, but is invalid to me! I with the person of toxin, itself can restrain most strange poison!” The youth does not have to fiercely attack finally, but stops.

Shen Xiang's cultivation base is lower than him, but can actually resist his attack, making in his heart admire, cannot help but acclaimed. He expected that you will intoxicate to him, therefore he had to prepare beforehand, it seems like that this fellow has carried on the anti- poisonous training.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has not thought that this Cold Wind Forest inside expert, unexpectedly will also chase down him, the ability that Infernal Demon Emperor buys the hearts of the people was really too fearful. Three Godhead were my.” The man said that Shen Xiang felt on suddenly the body is somewhat stiff, all around temperature suddenly dropped. This is Mysterious Cold Divine Restriction!” The young man sees Shen Xiang to struggle, said with a sneer: Your strength is also only this, your great strength, should be Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison that because you use, so long as can resist these, you are not fearful.” All around suddenly presents innumerable ice arrows, speedily is flying to shoot! In that instantaneous, Shen Xiang bellows, the body blows out Dragon God's Strength, this is Long Xueyi's strength, suddenly emerges in his body, making him work loose your Mysterious Cold Divine Restriction! Broken!” The Shen Xiang body shakes, his wild Divine Power was released through Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique by him, turns into natural inside fearful shake strength! hōng hōng hōng!

Mysterious Cold Divine Restriction was shattered, the ice arrow that these fly to shoot also breaks to pieces, turns into intermittent cold fog, although in these cold fog has fearful Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, but with does not have to a Shen Xiang point. In young man heart shakes, he does not have to think the own most adept several moves, unexpectedly had been broken by Shen Xiang, at this time he realized that three Godhead are is not so good, therefore hastily evacuates! Shen Xiang sees him to run, dodges suddenly, pursues this man, in his hand suddenly presents a white fan, seems manufactures with the snow white beautiful peacock feather, very fine attractive. Before although he casually said that wants to make a fan with the Kong Bailing feather, but Kong Bailing actually wants to give the Shen Xiang same gift, therefore she was idling the bored time, has manufactured this with own feather the fan, at this time she gave Shen Xiang the fan, making Shen Xiang give a try, can cope with this young man. Skill of Shen Xiang escape is very strong, but the pursuit ability is equally fierce, how the young man cannot get rid of Shen Xiang, moreover was very nearly depended by Shen Xiang. „To kill me to receive in exchange for Godhead, must prepare for putting in life price.” Shen Xiang sneers, wields that the white feather fan, the continual fan several, the unexpectedly fan left intermittent white Qi mist, covers on the body of that young man. Shen Xiang just got rid shortly , the opposite party stopped, from airborne crashes, his body started to petrify! Shen Xiang descends the ground, looks at that young man, Ha Ha said with a smile: You are truly fierce, but has actually run into me!” This petrifies strange poison, do you get so far as? In Primordial Strange Poison, this strange poison is rarest...... I have been seeking, has not thought that unexpectedly will meet in this manner......” The man said that the body turned into the stone, Shen Xiang uses Engulfing Devil Art to him, inside Divine Soul devour, puts in Godhead.

He looked at the white feather fan in hand, said with a smile: little peacock, your white feather fan very fierce, such quickly blows away this fellow!” This fan was useless, inside toxin was released a moment ago completely by you, before long, the feather will turn into the dust.” Kong Bailing cracks into a chuckle: Has not thought that just gave to you, applies, moreover defeats a that fierce fellow!” Shen Xiang knows that these feathers are on Kong Bailing the best feather, Kong Bailing, although said No problem, but Shen Xiang thought that Ba Taiduo the words, have very tremendous influence to her. He had decided that later must use to petrify strange poison as far as possible. Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi walked, their complexions somewhat are white, it seems like it is has not driven out Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison completely. This bastard!” Jiang Sheng to a that stone carving maliciously foot, treading is becoming the fragment. Permanent...... Which does this toxin your come? Your this small monster, was really too danger(ous).” Qi Shi looks at Shen Xiang with a panic-stricken look. Hehe, accidentally obtains, you eat up this, can help you drive toxin Shen Xiang to give Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng small bottle fast separately.