World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1689

What in that small bottle installs is the pearl tears, in each bottle only then several drops, after Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng drink next, approves the mouth unceasingly, Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison of their within the body drove out the rapidness, quick restored. Your this brat, not only has the fierce toxin, drives the poisonous thing so to be fierce, these thing that which you come?” Jiang Sheng is curious. Shen Xiang said with a smile: You, if gave me to search for a moment ago that type of ship, I told you!” Jiang Sheng curled the lip, points at the ship that was being rumbled a moment ago, said: You also saw, this broken thing not anything use!” Because that thing is also not best, I know that you affirmed hides is being better, takes quickly!” Qi Shi has patted the shoulder of Jiang Sheng, said with a smile: Takes quickly, you are Divine Craftsman, can refine Divine Weapon to exists high, the tattered affirmation that was rumbled a moment ago is only thing that you practice acquiring a skill, you are definitely better!” Ginger Sacred Fruit however put out one to be better, seemed like a paint black pontoon, was firm, wanted to be bigger than former that. Do not want to ask that I wanted, this thing consumes I very many year of painstaking care to refine, I no one give.” Jiang Sheng sees Shen Xiang and Qi Shi looks at this ship with the burning look, hastily explains the words, otherwise after Shen Xiang and Qi Shi, entangles him to want. Although was worried that Shen Xiang and Qi Shi will demand, but Jiang Sheng has demonstrated the fierce place of this ship, under he controls in secret, painted the black hull, suddenly gradually pale, unexpectedly turns transparently. Quite fierce, unexpectedly cannot induce!” Shen Xiang exclaims in surprise one: What material does this with refine?” Mysterious Space Iron!” The Dongfang Xinyue sound appears in the Shen Xiang's mind, she was also given the shock by the characteristics of this ship.

Jiang Sheng he he smiles: This is refines with Mysterious Space Iron, this Mysterious Space Iron utilizes well, can produce special space strength, can with other spatial separations, play the aura isolation the effect, in addition some can the material of stealth, be able the hideaway of perfect.” Qi Shi coldly snorted, jumping up ship: Has this type of good thing, why don't you take earlier?” Jiang Sheng curls the lip saying: Who knows that in this damned place thing is so fierce, you think that I also do want to be attacked by Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison?” Hull internal hall compared with beforehand, room were also mostly many several, bathing pool anything, making Shen Xiang look envies, he also wants one. Long Xueyi and Dongfang Xinyue come out from Hidden Jade Ring, visit Jiang Sheng this saint ship, Dongfang Xinyue looked is careful, because after her, wants to build a such ship, but Long Xueyi is thinking how to obtain from the Jiang Sheng hand. saint ship starts to set sail, the power is saint stone or is Saint Beast beast core, the energy of needing, but regarding Jiang Sheng this is not the issue. In saint ship internal hall, Long Xueyi to Jiang Sheng happily said with a smile: This ship good is good, was too small a point!” Sees Long Xueyi this expression, Jiang Sheng to know that Long Xueyi wants very much. No problem, if only I, that was enough, even if many several people, this is still spacious.” Jiang Sheng said: Do not envy me to have this ship, you should envy Shen Xiang this brat that fierce space strength. My this ship is used to take a long journey, he has space strength, does not need.” Long Xueyi said: Who said ability that his space goes through, is not suitable the strange place, if the familiar two places uses to be convenient, he cannot enter Spirit Fire Forest like the present carelessly.”

That is also what kind, always compared with me not!” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: This ship was too small, is truly inappropriate you, you, if wants, from refined that's alright newly, Xinyue this girl talent was good, that Liu Meng'er was also very fierce, so long as I directed slightly, gave them some blueprint anything, they must refine not to be difficult.” Long Xueyi whispered: I want ready-made!” Shen Xiang asked: Where lane this can Mysterious Space Iron go to?” Jiang Sheng a face is earnest immediately: My this ship most precious place, is the hull that this Mysterious Space Iron builds, although in addition other materials, but this Mysterious Space Iron occupies seven!” „If not this Mysterious Space Iron is rare, I already gave each of you one, this thing is not really fond of playing jokes, in the past I almost lost everything a wee bit of trading, suffices to refine this ship reluctantly.” Long Xueyi asked: Where will then have Mysterious Space Iron?” In the past she also knows that Jiang Sheng received in exchange for the material everywhere the matter, but also has looked for her, but she did not have, therefore wants to ask Jiang Sheng now, if impossible, unusual treasure of this ship regarding Jiang Sheng. I do not know that this type of thing is the same with other rare Heaven and Earth Treasure, can in each place, need to look at the luck, if your saint stone are many, can in each Heaven territory or the world of Nine Heaven purchase, with some time, should be able to purchase to obtain.” Jiang Sheng puts out a scrap black stone: This is Mysterious Space Iron, here has half jin (0.5 kg) probably.” Dongfang Xinyue sighed: If must refine a ship, that definitely needs to be many, this Mysterious Space Iron is so rare, even if purchases with massive saint stone, is very also difficult to purchase to obtain.” She planned to purchase some saint golden stone before, Shen Xiang completely uses up saint stone , the purchase many, let alone was this Mysterious Space Iron.

Shen Xiang has pondered the moment, said: This Mysterious Space Iron should not be the thing that this stable space can breed! Breeds in the tyrannical space?” Long Xueyi at present one bright, said with a smile: Has the possibility very much, although in tyrannical space is chaotic, but there is space power the place of breeding, only then that place can breed this type and space strength related Heaven and Earth Treasure.” Qi Shi surprisedly said: Shen Xiang, can you enter the tyrannical space? But doesn't lose in inside?” After Jiang Sheng hears, to be hit the chicken blood to be the same: Really? Goes to have a look quickly, in that were most this Mysterious Space Iron! Initially I also planned to go to seek, but is worried to lose in inside, therefore has not gone.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: This brat is familiar with Law of Space, this naturally is not the issue, he frequently hidden enters in the tyrannical space to hide.” You have a look quickly, if there is enough Mysterious Space Iron, can perhaps let Infernal Demon Emperor that tracing incantation that you get rid of temporarily.” Jiang Sheng urged, he wants to make many point unusual refiner material very much. Hears to get rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation, the Shen Xiang's power is more sufficient, although this tracing incantation will not become the fatal harm to other party, but will make him worry.