World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1690

Long Xueyi and Dongfang Xinyue anticipated very Shen Xiang can seek these Mysterious Space Iron in the tyrannical space, they entered in Hidden Jade Ring, the patience is waiting. Shen Xiang leaves this ship, arrives at outside, looks place that ship stayed, remembers the position, then uses space strength, opens enters the tyrannical space together passage, this is only flash's matter. In the tyrannical space not only the space is chaotic, attack that but also some various tyrannical strength, especially that space strength forms, if incautiously, encounters the space shake wave attack, each part of body will be shaken scattered about, disperses in other places, but will not actually kill the person. Because Shen Xiang has Law of Space profound bead, grasped Law of Space, therefore he will not receive anything to affect here, if other people came here, even if were not made by that tyrannical space strength insanely, will be tossed about by here that confused space insanely. In the tyrannical space, does not have the accurate direction, sometimes forward walks is very long, is in same place, but turns right to be able by oneself to be moved a position, the direction is very chaotic, will change every time, therefore does not dare to enter this place Jiang Sheng casually. You stay the too long words in this inside, doesn't have the issue really?” Long Xueyi asked that she investigated with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, Divine Soul that she released completely broke to relate, before Shen Xiang came here not to be long, but must come in this inside to seek for the thing now, making her worry. All right!” Shen Xiang watched all around pitch-dark one piece, revolution Divine Power, by the float flight, was started to seek for Mysterious Space Iron in this inside. In this is very black, light glow does not have, Shen Xiang had not discovered that other solid things, in this tyrannical space resemble anything not to be different. Feels the good terror the appearance!” Long Xueyi whispered: If could not find, I worried that you stayed here for a long time will unable to go back.” All right, I and outside stable space have the subtle induction, I can open a road to go back through that induction at any time.” Shen Xiang picks up the speed, by Law of Space that oneself grasp, can normal the advance in this, searches for this pitch-dark tyrannical space. It looks like he has not received anything to affect, actually here will have that space shake to appear frequently, as well as confused spatial variation, because just he grasps Law of Space, therefore has not received anything to affect. Having the thing must come!” Shen Xiang suddenly has to plant very strange feeling, afterward he induces to having many solid things is attacking fast toward him.

Is the space wind violent!” Shen Xiang one startled, hastily prepares resistance, quick, he felt that has many things to hit on space guard shield that in he releases. What's the matter?” Long Xueyi asked. „The storm that suddenly presents, blows many things, hits completely on me.” Shen Xiang said: Probably majority is the stones!” Long Xueyi hastily shouted: A bit faster makes to have a look at these stones, perhaps is Mysterious Space Iron?” Shen Xiang emits formidable Divine Power, seeks for a quite big stone, will then make an effort to make in Hidden Jade Ring. Dongfang Xinyue and Long Xueyi are busy at work immediately, pearl and Kong Bailing are helping at the same time! Shen Xiang made Hidden Jade Ring inside stone is really too big, was similar to a hill! Quick, Dongfang Xinyue on pleasantly surprised shouted: Inside has Mysterious Space Iron, but is some powder, needs to refine, outside this type of stone many?” Really? This type of stone are many, was blown by the space wind violent like the trash everywhere is!” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, then chooses the giant stone, puts in Hidden Jade Ring. In Hidden Jade Ring can hold many things luckily, can put in that many stones by him. In these stones, possibly the hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) can refine one jin (0.5 kg) Mysterious Space Iron, therefore you must make this type of stones.” Dongfang Xinyue said.

Only can refine a little?” Shen Xiang is somewhat accidental, then puts out many storage equipment, starts to sweep in this space wind violent giant stone. Long Xueyi said: These stones should fall from the stable space, then here precipitates for many years, gradually contains belt space strength, but after collides unceasingly, carries on the nature refinement, ultimately forms the scrap Mysterious Space Iron, is very likely to fall from some space cracks to the stable space, therefore Mysterious Space Iron so will be rare!” Um, Old Jiang can collect that many, was very good, can fall Mysterious Space Iron that nature refines from this inside, is not truly easy.” Shen Xiang said. Can install large-scale storage equipment of person to be very difficult to refine, but was used to deposit and withdraw the stone storage equipment to be many, Shen Xiang carried 1 billion jin (0.5 kg) saint stone such to install along, therefore he must carry off many stones from here is not the difficult matter. In order to obtains these stones fast, Shen Xiang even/including Little wants, is sweeping crazily. The time that this space wind violent continues is not very long, only then more than two double-hour, but he has gotten so far as many stones, according to the estimate of Dongfang Xinyue, enough refined a very big ship. This space wind violent should have frequently, if insufficient, came that's alright again.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. „The space wind violent has frequently, but also results to be good to the position, I am the luck good to meet, if the luck is not good, looked 2-3 years unable to find.” Shen Xiang left the tyrannical space, returns to nearby Jiang Sheng that ship! Sees Shen Xiang to come back quickly, Jiang Sheng is somewhat disappointed, he thinks that Shen Xiang will return will be late possible. In the cabin, Shen Xiang smiles, Jiang Sheng hastily asked: „Did you find these Mysterious Space Iron?” Long Xueyi comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, throws to a Jiang Sheng watermelon size the stone: Perhaps this?”

Jiang Sheng takes, hastily has swept with Divine Power, immediately nods saying: Inside has Mysterious Space Iron, measures few, needs to refine is good, but this has been OK, is inside this type of stone?” The Shen Xiang nod said: Is many, but may with not be possible to ask......” He told Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi the matter of space wind violent. „The Old Jiang head, your does if wanted buy Mysterious Space Iron?” Long Xueyi said with a smile: I can make this little rascal discount to you.” Jiang Sheng heaved a deep sigh: If I can meet Shen Xiang earlier, I did not need to be so laborious in the past!” Qi Shi said with a smile: Shen Xiang, you, if must avoid the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation, can enter in that tyrannical space, even if he knows that you in inside, these people are unable to pursue.” I in inside, although is not affected, but that is I am good in very vigilant condition, if stays in inside is too long, I also meet do not adapt, can only avoid temporarily, cannot long time stop over.” Shen Xiang shook the head, must make him stay 2-3 years in inside, moreover was vigilant that various paroxysmal incidents, he will be insane. A bit faster refines one to make me avoid thing of tracing incantation.” Shen Xiang said. Arrived at Spirit Fire Forest, Vermilion Bird can provide a good environment to me, I help you refine, but you must give Mysterious Space Iron me as the reward.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Uses these flame to refine in Spirit Fire Forest, may be quicker!”