World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1691

Must go not to be relaxed to Spirit Fire Forest, moreover after going to Spirit Fire Forest, but also needs to refine that Mysterious Space Iron from the massive stones, refines well also to refine with some time! Said to Spirit Fire Forest again!” Shen Xiang stands in out of the window, looks at outside beautiful snowscape: This Cold Wind Forest snowed! The wind was smaller!” „The Old Jiang head, can your this ship help me get rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation? If cannot get rid, then we possibly will be very all the way troublesome, this Cold Wind Forest inside expert had known that I by the matter that three Godhead post a reward, will then perhaps have the fierce fellow to join.” Jiang Sheng shakes the head saying: Cannot, if possible, I early take with, Mysterious Space Iron that if inside integrates are many enough, can through absorbing the strength of saint stone internal Sacred Spirit will transform into formidable space power, can have very strong space to isolate strength, has with the effect of outside spatial separation, traces the incantation unable to trace you, Mysterious Space Iron of my this ship are not enough, can only isolate the aura.” Long Xueyi asked: Hasn't space power that little rascal, you grasp now been able to let you and this spatial separation? This did not need to be worried to trace incantation!” Shen Xiang shook the head: I have tried several times, but has not succeeded, only if I enter in the tyrannical space, it seems like I also grasp insufficiently to Law of Space, but also waits for unearthing strength in this aspect.” Shen Xiang, I took this ship, how now this you tell me that type permanently to come!” Jiang Sheng is curious to this matter. Qi Shi said: Petrifies strange poison is rarest one, has presented the number of times is few, still nobody knows how this type of toxin produces!” Was right, thing of that disintoxicating, that has not withdrawn from the plant probably, what thing is?” Long Xueyi said with a smile: I can tell you answer! little pearl, little peacock, comes out!” pearl and Kong Bailing come out from Hidden Jade Ring immediately, is only instantaneous, in this hall were also many two pleasant big or medium beautiful women.

pearl looks like exquisite is small, the young young girl, on the face is hanging the simple and beautiful smiling face, a purple skirt makes her appear tenderer more and beautiful. Shy Kong Bailing is somewhat cautious, but she is the politeness shows the delightful smile, her head that turns upwards Bai Ling the feather swirl high, has increased a unique proud beauty to her, snow white long skirt, has her beautiful snow white peacock feather. Their two add on Long Xueyi and Dongfang Xinyue, four beautiful women side Shen Xiang, let Qi Shi and in the Jiang Sheng heart are despising him secretly. This is little peacock, her feather can produce Enduring Strange Poison, this is little pearl, her pearl tears have good disintoxicating therapy effect, along with their strength promotion, in the future will become fiercer! They are my person, do not have their ideas.” Long Xueyi has a threat look to look at Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng. Kong Bailing and pearl at this time also hastily salutes to Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, they had heard Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and Divine Craftsman given name, stirred reign of terror Nine Heavens and Ten Earths in the past, in these endless Heaven territory is spreading them some Legend. Fossil strange poison unexpectedly lives from life!” Jiang Sheng won't surprisedly said, depending on him and Qi Shi eyesight, where be able to see pearl and Kong Bailing main body? This little pearl at least grew above the hundred thousand year, is not evidently small! pearl of this rank may be rarely seen.” Qi Shi has sized up pearl, looks to Kong Bailing: „The feather of white peacock, is bringing in Primordial Strange Poison rarest fossil strange poison, really big of world, every possible strange thing!” Long Xueyi sees Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng at this time that curious look, said with a smile: Do not frighten others, what but also there is to ask? Did not have, makes them go back.” Doesn't sit outside good? Hides can be very bored in that storage equipment?” Qi Shi asked. Naturally, inside cannot be amusing!” So long as there is a thing to eat, is not bored regarding Long Xueyi, she can stay in inside is so long , because in has the delicious thing.

Jiang Sheng just about to says several, suddenly knits the brows: Outside many birds, can in this severely cold place flight, not be the ordinary birds!” The people look immediately to out of the window, really sees airborne to have the massive white birds to fly, only then the palm of the hand size, these birds are not crowded, is only airborne in all directions, can see the form of this bird. They are seeking for the thing, should some people of commander, be able to stress one to come, I can clarify them to look for anything.” Kong Bailing said. Just said that Jiang Sheng ran, was only several suddenly, he brought several this white birds to come back. Kong Bailing bird cautious and solemn holds in the hand, has caressed lightly several, then closes the eyeglasses. In their mind has the Big Brother Shen image...... This is seeks for Big Brother Shen!” Kong Bailing knits the brows to say. These birds should be the intelligential spirit birds, their memories should be many, can know again are many something? For example is who controls them to come.” Qi Shi asked. Kong Bailing nodded: I give a try!” After moment, Kong Bailing opens the eye, then uses the strength of Sacred Spirit, draws an image baseless, this is she sees from that bird mind. This fellow is Hawk Emperor!” Long Xueyi is pointing at a black robe man: Another two I do not know!”

Kong Bailing is pointing by the Hawk Emperor white robe man: That bird said that this is the Hawk Emperor equally fierce fellow, is also famous in this place, named profound cold Evil Emperor, is one uses Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison very fierce Emperor Level expert. Moreover this diminutive old man, is a white python, the nickname is called Mysterious Poison Python Emperor, uses the Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison very fierce fellow.” Shen Xiang sneers: This time must make this Hawk Emperor, he collaborated with other Emperor Level expert before, now estimated that got rid, in heart definitely also unwilling!” Long Xueyi looks to Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi: „Can you hit?” If the pearl tears are many enough, I think us should not any issue! But I do not want face-to-face fights with them, after all they with poisonous many.” Jiang Sheng said. A Qi Shi face is relaxed, says with a smile: „The Old Jiang head, your this ship is good, at least they do not know the Shen Xiang accurate position! Such one, we sneak attacked them to facilitate to be many!” Long Xueyi said: Good, waits for me to have a look to get rid in secret!” Dongfang Xinyue, pearl and Kong Bailing strength is insufficient, can only enter in Hidden Jade Ring. I exit to attract their attention first, you seize the opportunity to get rid.” Shen Xiang leaves the cabin, Long Xueyi enters in his Hidden Jade Ring, waits for the opportunity to get rid.