World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1692
Shen Xiang comes out, Hawk Emperor, profound cold Evil Emperor and Mysterious Poison Python Emperor catches up, the aura that Shen Xiang reveals at this time is very obvious, thinks that did not discover he is difficult. Shen Xiang, you want to understand, comes out to bring death?” Hawk Emperor grins fiendishly: If you hand over the Azure Dragon sword, perhaps I can make you die happily!” During the speeches, Shen Xiang induced to raid to two invisible cold air, passes through his body instantaneously, making his whole body one cool, this is very fierce Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison. That profound cold Evil Emperor and Mysterious Poison Python Emperor is very strong, with poisonous time silent, if not he has Suppressing Devil Golden Body, he was already killed by poison. The sky is densely covered the thick cloud, next flurry, cold wind, although blows lightly, the trees that but actually ten division people, all around stands tall and erect are congealing the thick ice layer, these white birds stand above, chirp keeps calling, looks below that several murderous aura compared with cold wind also cold Beast Emperor! Shen Xiang stands there has not moved, be with smile on the face looks at profound cold Evil Emperor and Mysterious Poison Python Emperor, he uses the smile to tell them, that fierce Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison does not have any effect to him. Green Feather Hawk, your fox friend? I thought that he compares these two fellows to be much more useful.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was right, you should be right with Highest Saint Gate Dean together, how hasn't he taken you to catch me?” The face of Hawk Emperor was green immediately, his strength is limited, initially through the test of Highest Saint Gate Dean, the concealment technique had not arrived, therefore was kicked, this makes in his heart very angry, he found two good partners luckily here. Doesn't have the effect? Then our fight!” Hawk Emperor speech time, punctured several hundred swords to Shen Xiang, punctures the sword time is lithe, has not created very big fluctuation, is quick and ruthless, but 11 was shunted by Shen Xiang. Prohibits unreliably coldly!” That profound cold Evil Emperor sonic boom drinks, temperature suddenly one cold, the space immediately becomes very firm, Shen Xiang has attempted, is unable to carry on the space to shuttle back and forth. Before Dongfang Xinyue had said that in Cold Wind Forest some expert, understood that prohibited the space with fierce ice cold strength.

Be careful, White Dragon with him, I had said with you before, should not be negligent.” Hawk Emperor shouted, he does not dare to approach Shen Xiang at this time, although his cultivation base is higher than Shen Xiang. Space has blocked, we can cope with him slowly!” That Mysterious Poison Python Emperor coldly said: Attacks!” Three people gather round Shen Xiang, suddenly, emits various attacks that blots out the sky, Hawk Emperor with a black sharp feather attacks Shen Xiang, is similar to the sudden downpour raids generally. That profound cold Evil Emperor uses a very strong cold to ice Poison Needle, thousands, penetrating power, the attack of Mysterious Poison Python Emperor is disgusting, is some black bile, should have acute poison and corrosive. Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven!” Shen Xiang during resistance attack, releases in Heavenly Dragon Seal fiercest Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven. A ten thousand dragon roaring sound emergence, are only that sound wave, makes the person great stress incomparable, that shock-wave that produces, shakes the ground is similar to the netted general chap, the shatter ice piece was shaken in abundance, along with storm that the sound wave brings, blows to all directions, forms very terrifying snowstorm, suddenly, covers the surrounding area hundred li (0.5km), storm everywhere one visit, the trees short mountain completely by the crew cut! This is only Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven prelude! Has Godhead Shen Xiang to use, shows the infinite might, scary incomparable, this is he has not become strength that the Saint emperor shows! Roar roar roar Ten thousand Dragon Qi roars, the deafening sound is unceasing, releases oneself Divine sea Divine Power along with Shen Xiang, the [gold/metal] cloud that airborne covers is getting more and more thick, the tuck dive clashes wells up, light glow is intermittent. Meets to incur!” A Shen Xiang both arms show, explodes roars. The instant, ten thousand dragons go all out roaring hiss, is similar to must destroy the world to be ordinary, from airborne attacks crazily!

Along with arrival of Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven, that blocks the Shen Xiang's space to prohibit to become very frail, Hawk Emperor they, when the beforehand ten thousand dragons roar, was submerged by the storm, at this time Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven descends, for they were not injured by themselves, in abundance resists. On!” Long Xueyi's Dragon God's Strength, suddenly emerges in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, with the Shen Xiang's Divine Power instantaneous fusion. Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is one shakes the dark green crisp dragon roar explosive of world! Thunderbolt Cut!” Shen Xiang utilizes the strength of whole body, chops in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut to that Mysterious Poison Python Emperor wildest Thunderbolt Cut, since this has been he enters the Saint, first time uses seven to kill to cut. In snowstorm a fuzziness, but Shen Xiang actually knows the position that Mysterious Poison Python Emperor is, teleport to it behind, chops Thunderbolt Cut! Bang a thunder deafening sound, the trim earth as if must be torn into shreds general! „......” That Mysterious Poison Python Emperor in the flurry, was divided by Shen Xiang's Thunderbolt Cut, the body was broken out by shoulder-length, what awfully is, Shen Xiang still rapidly scattered peacock powder in his wound, petrifies it instantaneously. The snowstorm stopped, Shen Xiang stands by a whole face pain diminutive old man stone carving, by the stone carving, the body of larger part dripping with blood, the body that arm is still wriggling. Prohibits inside in this space, Hawk Emperor and that profound cold Evil Emperor, but they at this time whole face panic-stricken standing there, because has a person in their side! Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng were sneak attacking a moment ago successfully!

Sees only the body of Hawk Emperor to be passed through with the palm by Qi Shi, back of the head has a very big blood hole, has been incapable of fighting. Where that profound cold Evil Emperor also very to goes, although Jiang Sheng usually looks is a pretty man, moreover is somewhat mischievous, but he starts very very ruthless, that profound cold Evil Emperor had been pounded hammering divine hammer by Jiang Sheng that looks awful, what making the person look at the heart to startle, was pounded such, unexpectedly is also living, but also active. I want their Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang pulls out Mysterious Poison Python Emperor Divine Soul, then fast profound cold Evil Emperor Devour of that turn into a human shape, does not arrive at that finally by Hawk Emperor of Qi Shi uniform reluctantly. Wait / Etc.!” Long Xueyi shouted one tenderly, came out from Hidden Jade Ring. Long Xueyi sneers to look at Hawk Emperor: Dead Green Feather Hawk, my good intention lent you Azure Dragon sword in the past, your unexpectedly also good repudiates a debt finally, finally also does against with me! Do not think that works as the dog to Infernal Demon Emperor, can Eternal Life undying, give up any idea of!” Swallowed his Divine Soul!” Long Xueyi trampled a Hawk Emperor foot maliciously. Hawk Emperor is more panic-stricken at this time, desperate begging for mercy, he has this strength not to be easy, thinks died, in the help of Infernal Demon Emperor can also resurrect, but Divine Soul by devour, quite in soul destroyed, the soul cannot enter Hell completely, is unable resurrect. Shen Xiang pats vigorously on the head of Hawk Emperor, has pulled out his Divine Soul, then throws into Suppressing Devil divine tower to feed that Hell king the corpse. When Shen Xiang they prepare to depart, all around suddenly one black, unexpectedly was forbidden to cover by huge black! Good evil is strength, Ancient Evil Lion?” Qi Shi stern-faced looks at the sky that glittering red lightning.