World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1693
Just destroyed completely Hawk Emperor their three, suddenly presented a blockade space formidable barrier, moreover with a very fierce evil aura, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng the whole face was serious at this time, before must cope to understand that used Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison Poisonous Beast, they can be smiling. But now they become so anxious, the enemy who will obviously soon face is formidable. This fellow already in nearby we, but we had not discovered how they do go into hiding?” Shen Xiang said solemnly, he felt that appears are many in nearby person, he has been vigilant, even if battled a moment ago, he releases space domain to come, was vigilant that some people approach. But now had not discovered person who these suddenly present! Ha Ha......” Hears the laughing wildly sound that this suddenly hears, Shen Xiang they to determine, before this person is them, has seen old black, as for him is Ancient Evil Lion, but also waits for confirming. Really is this fellow!” Qi Shi clenches teeth saying that the double fist grasps very tightly, his good friend old died black, but the body was actually taken, the memory was also absorbed, turns into another person. Qi Shi is angry regarding this matter, but he that strength, he is not clear to his strength now, went all out, he is unable to defeat that vacation to be old. You coordinated well, to kill that three idiots all of a sudden!” A black robe man appears, at the back of both hands, the smile looked at Shen Xiang their several. In dim barrier, an intermittent blood-colored lightning continuously appears, explodes the red electric light mapping that dodges suddenly on the face of that black robe man, making him appear more fearful evil. Who are you?” Qi Shi cold voice asked that the fist grasped tightly is very very tight. At this time, one group of people arrived, including several were Shen Xiang they is quite familiar, had Thunder Emperor and Dragon Emperor, as well as too Saint Dean, as well as more than 20 Saint Venerate!

Doesn't have three Godhead? You four do, suffice now minute?” Jiang Sheng said with a sneer: Your this fellow who old kills black, best a bit faster to run, so as to avoid dies here!” That black robe man raises head to laugh: I do not need Godhead, because I had, Shen Xiang not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, Jiang Sheng you and Qi Shi should not be stupid! Right, this past Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor should also understand that my strength is fearful!” From just started, the Long Xueyi's complexion is very ugly, did not need her saying that anything can look. He is in Hell the son of ruler, is Prince of Hell, you did not have the opportunity.” That Thunder Emperor contemptuously smiles: Gives up struggling!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Does not know that I cut to kill the Infernal Demon Emperor son, how can he? I think actually he makes several Hell demon armed forces to come again, previous time I have not eaten to suffice!” Do not be wild, you will die miserably!” Dragon Emperor sneers again and again, at this time what he compares to care is Long Xueyi, because he had to kill Long Xueyi in the past, now Long Xueyi looks at his hatred the look, making him not know very much, although their here strength are very formidable. Do not get rid first, allows me to come can they, I for a long time did not have fight very much!” This Prince of Hell has pinched the fist, he has Godhead, naturally does not need that to post a reward Godhead, moreover his father is Infernal Demon Emperor this god of disasters, he comes to here to cut to kill Shen Xiang. Prince of Hell is only the soul comes, but actually occupied seized that old black body and soul, let Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng is angry. Qi Shi pulled back Shen Xiang, he must fight, simultaneously give Shen Xiang sound transmission personally, making Shen Xiang seize the opportunity to start! Time that must hit shortly, golden lightning suddenly hits together, rumbled big soils of ground, the people looked to that place, saw only one to have two to cast aside the handsome middle age of beard, stood there with smile on the face, the body was dodging shining golden light. Person who suddenly presents, unexpectedly is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Lu Zhen!

This person of appearance, that Prince of Hell complexion suddenly sinks, before already not, that self-confidence, could see that he dreads Lu Zhen! Really is rare, four Prince, have not thought that you will run up to the world!” Lu Zhen said with a smile, he waved, that black barrier disappeared, instead turned into translucent glittering Holy Light barrier, but the space was equally stable. You......” complexion sudden change of this Prince of Hell: You are also living!” Lu Zhen said with a smile: Do not think, only then your father can control the life and death, today we come to mediate!” Sees this Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable to appear, Shen Xiang suddenly was more relaxed, he is very curious, Lu Zhen and this Prince of Hell have enmity, is missing many years of Lu Zhen, obviously and Punishing Demon Summit has big relationship, Bai Youyou with the Bai Ziqian's Devil Emperor father is also same. Dragon Emperor, can you cope with that White Dragon?” Prince of Hell asked. Does not have the issue, she did not have Godhead, moreover after the rebirth, the strength was inferior to the past greatly.” Dragon Emperor said that although he seems like a short thin old man, his strength is truly strong, otherwise Prince of Hell will not let him with. Qi Shi gives me!” Thunder Emperor said. I of hammering solve, other people cope with Shen Xiang, your bodies do not have Evil Devil strength, does not need to fear him.” Too Saint Dean looks at Jiang Sheng. If the Long Xueyi surface is incorruptible, coldly said: You also looked down upon the person, your this nonsense Dragon Emperor was others, but also felt all right to proclaim oneself emperor, at this time is different in those days, you owed me, I will ask for!” Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, throws to Qi Shi: This you take away, I think that you should also control now, after all he and your together.”

Qi Shi received Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, knife time UW inspires, shivers, obviously is because sees the old friend, becomes very excited. Grips tightly Divine Blade, Qi Shi rave, the potential of that wild murdering spreads immediately, presses the people heart to tremble, on the scene has much is very familiar Qi Shi, a moment ago that imposing manner, making them feel that in the past that fierce Great Emperor of Ten Heavens came back. Shen Xiang takes to give Long Xueyi the White Dragon sword, but his actually both hands air-to-air, White Tiger Divine Weapon is useless! It seems like this was one struggles hard!” Prince of Hell puts out a pair of jet black long blade, looks at Shen Xiang they. Shen Xiang looks to Lu Zhen, Lu Zhen smiles was shaking the head to him: These things you are remaining, leaves these thing, does not mean that I do not have weapon.” Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable these fierce treasure in Shen Xiang there, Shen Xiang want to return, Lu Zhen rejected. little rascal, don't you use weapon?” Long Xueyi asked that Shen Xiang her to rely on strength, she somewhat had not been worried. Deals with these fellows, was enough with fist.” Shen Xiang looks at that crowd of Saint Venerate: Or we compare, looked that whose fight ended first!” Shen Xiang said that the person disappears, the people just responded that hears a pitiful yell, sees only three Saint Venerate to be covered by pill furnace shape energy shield, the instantaneous cremation, turns into grain of golden pill pellet. Sees the Shen Xiang this savage method, the people were frightened, but great war also erupted at this time, this barrier is not too small, but these expert this here battle, appeared too small and narrow a point.