World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1694

Saw Shen Xiang a that person to cover a moment ago, on the instantaneous refined into pill's savage method, these Saint Venerate responses was very rapid, first dispersed, enhanced vigilance, preventing Shen Xiang to be fast, suddenly maintained the 1st Stage appropriate distance with other Saint Venerate, can play the role of union. These Saint Venerate from Heaven territory, the strength are not weak, if were not Shen Xiang a moment ago unexpectedly, is unable to sneak attack successfully. Before he spoke those words, other people passed, what he stays there is only an image, but at that time, Prince of Hell and Thunder Emperor they several attention, on own match, therefore does not have extremely to pay attention to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang will succeed. Long Xueyi had not discovered that because of her also strongly attention, wants to discover the weakness from that Dragon Emperor. Long Xueyi and Dragon Emperor have not turned into huge Heavenly Dragon, because this barrier was too small, could not hold them, but they are unable to break through, will be when the time comes only in the way, however their fights were intense, was Imperial Dragon Clan inside Divine Ability. Before Qi Shi fight Thunder Emperor has not thought that Shen Xiang will give back to Qi Shi Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, therefore this time pressure is not small! In the antique time, he and Qi Shi has not disputed truly, at this time he understands Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that fearful murdering strength, his heart of hearts had one to draw back timidly, if can from the new choice, he not with the Qi Shi fight. Jiang Sheng is actually very relaxed, Divine Cauldron and divine hammer in his hand, Divine Cauldron can be used to defend, can attack, but can also cover the person, too Saint Dean has not thought that this type of thing so will be troublesome, now he was worried very much one will be covered by that Divine Cauldron. Not any big sound is Lu Zhen that Prince of Hell, their unexpectedly to the palm, the double palm is sticking, is fighting the strength, although all around tactical situation is intense, fallout is intermittent, lightning flash thunder cry, they but who has not actually affected, they float, not having the migration to be excessively tiny bit. Heaven Refining Technique is really fierce, is only in many fierce methods, bases on under formidable Divine Power to use, I not the clear place, was getting stronger and stronger along with my strength before, gradually bright! It seems like I have not needed other cultivation technique now, so long as cultivates Heaven Refining Technique and Life Slaughtering Technique dedicated, can make me step the Pill Dao unsurpassed road.” At this time Shen Xiang bare handedly to striking one crowd of Saint Venerate, he is in one type becoming aware the condition, cultivation technique that before he studied were too many, was extremely numerous and diverse, now he only cultivates cultivation technique with single-hearted devotion, making his sensibility to the Heaven Refining Technique deeper and deeper.

Saint Venerate makes one group of condense for a long time Divine Power groups, when moves the Shen Xiang's body, is similar to enters in pill furnace to be the same, was built up the decomposition instantaneously, again condense becomes a pure stable energy, by Shen Xiang inspiration within the body. Practices Divine Soul, can use Heaven Refining Technique! Heaven Refining Technique inside God Refining broad and profound, amends the divine art method to be fiercer than any all.” Shen Xiang uses Heaven Refining Technique to attack! Mainly attacks by building up, the fire builds up, god to build up has. Two Saint Venerate grasp the long blade, suddenly close Shen Xiang, other Saint Venerate shield these two, go all out to attack Shen Xiang in the distant place. Two fierce Saint Blade chop to cut to come, Shen Xiang unexpectedly launches the both arms, probably must extend to chop own arm. Fire builds up!” In the Shen Xiang heart meditates, the arm presents light red Qi mist suddenly, two Saint Blade chop to move these red Qi mist, the knife passes instantaneously red, above strength by the Shen Xiang's both arms absorption, turned into a stronger flame completely. Builds up needs to melt!” Shen Xiang drinks one lightly, raging fire is steaming, two Saint Blade unexpectedly were melted, moreover by Shen Xiang with invisible Divine Power, was separated spatially the iron ball that rubs two groups of heat. Gives back to you!” Shen Xiang controls the thing with Divine Power, enabling that two red ball to fly to shoot, penetrates two chests of Saint Venerate, crushes their heads.

Shen Xiang keeps one eye on at this time, comprehend Heaven Refining Technique, while attempts to use Heaven Refining Technique to be used to battle, meanwhile uses Heaven Refining Technique to practice Divine Soul, in his Godhead, three Beast Emperor Divine Soul, at this time he revolves the God Refining technique of Heaven Refining Technique, fast builds up these Divine Soul, obtains more formidable Divine Power, expands Divine sea, expands Divine Soul. Shen Xiang has not used all thoughts above the fight, he is socializing with that crowd of Saint Venerate, in the mind ponders Heaven Refining Technique inside difficulty unceasingly, in the sensibility these profound places. Was right!” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks when one just stepped into Martial Dao, obtains Yin and Yang Divine Veins, in the dantian that Tai Chi Diagram. Too extremely builds up!” After thinking, used Shen Xiang that Earth Shrinking Step back and forth dodges unceasingly, fierce halting, the both feet falls into the ground, Divine Power pours into the ground from his both feet, forms black white revolving Tai Chi Diagram. „When alchemy most feared that is hard to smelt many materials later fuses together, so long as makes not accommodating turns into the Yin-Yang characteristics respectively, through truth that the Yin-Yang Jinan and Yin-Yang coincide, will fuse, can become with ease.” This old man cultivates fire attribute, this is to practice the water, gives me to come.” The Shen Xiang intention moves, emits two thick water vine, draws in the two primal chaos, cultivates water attribute was fixed in the cloudy position, fire attribute is fixed is positive. In Heaven Refining Technique also has Yin-Yang, he uses inside some sutra, in addition his within the body has Yin and Yang Divine Veins, can control the strength of Yin-Yang easily, can better understanding this Yin-Yang. Starts!” Tai Chi Diagram suddenly of Shen Xiang under foot revolves, that two oldman complexion is panic-stricken, revolves, because they felt that they are dissolving little.

But at this time other Saint Venerate want to attack, but why actually does not know, was rebounded, they do not know when Tai Chi Diagram inside Yin-Yang two-pole carries on the interaction, in that is side universe, so long as shows the strength of person to be formidable enough, can repel strength that any all enter, this involves the space strength aspect, but Shen Xiang happen to grasps Law of Space, therefore he utilizes very well. As that Tai Chi Diagram revolves, that two old man turn into water and fire two groups of energies, finally fuses above Shen Xiang's, this is only among the moments. „If many different characteristics can fuse together that? Although the Yin-Yang represents many energies, but must not be easy it rapid integration together.” In the Shen Xiang heart is meditating, jumps two characters along with the back of the head sea, limitless! His primal chaos suddenly has increased, just also many spirit pattern in primal chaos, these spirit pattern are he senses the Heaven Refining Technique discovery through that Enlightenment Stone. Primal chaos formation diagram appeared very mysterious, in addition appeared above these is full of a nature rhyme spirit pattern, appeared more mysterious. Gives me to come completely!” Shen Xiang does not need to emit water vine at this time, his primal chaos has very formidable suction, as if in the cuns (2.5cm) devour space, pulls little Saint Venerate that these do not hope.