World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1695
Long Xueyi somewhat was worried Shen Xiang could not solve these Saint Venerate, therefore she in the fight, has paid attention Shen Xiang, she has not thought that before Shen Xiang unexpectedly met suddenly used her , not to see the move, moreover was very fierce. Especially now this move! Is having an unusual suction, draws little these Saint Venerate, making these Saint Venerate be hard to work loose Saw that these Saint Venerate want the group to extinguish, the too makes one group of qi wave in distant place and Jiang Sheng fight Saint Dean hastily , the bang to Shen Xiang this direction, but has not approached Shen Xiang, had been blocked by Jiang Sheng. Your match is I, meddles others' fight, this is not a very polite behavior.” Jiang Sheng laughs, blocks strength that too Saint Dean rescues with Divine Cauldron. Not only too Saint Dean pays attention to Shen Xiang here fight, Thunder Emperor they have also been paying attention, can with their general Saint Venerate, be very outstanding, is in their influence very strong strength, although they besiege Shen Xiang, will not have the tremendous pressure, but they have not chatted Shen Xiang unexpectedly to use this strange move, but also is fearful, lost several Saint Venerate a moment ago. They see Shen Xiang under foot that primal chaos formation diagram to revolve, is similar to vortex such devour all around Saint Venerate, in the heart worries immediately, they from the Shen Xiang beforehand move, if were attracted, will turn into grain of pill pellet mostly. They were incurable!” Shen Xiang suddenly induces to raid from the distant place to several waves of strength aura, sneered, sees only that primal chaos formation diagram suddenly to increase, the speed of revolving is faster, catches up before these strength arrives, covers that crowd of Saint Venerate. hōng hōng hōng! Several deafening sounds, after that several Emperor Level expert weapon delivery run primal chaos formation diagram, instantaneously crashes, the bang arrives at the ground, after producing several explosives, did not have the sound.

Limitless building up!” In a primal chaos formation diagram mark, suddenly Divine Halo dodges greatly, from ground float, moreover duplicates many, forms the vertical glittering spirit pattern light beams. „” Panic-stricken cries continuously appear, the bodies of these Saint Venerate start to melt gradually, was built up to turn into the pure energy, then rushes the Shen Xiang's top of the head, condense becomes light ball, then contracts fast, finally turns into grain of pill pellet. Then, these besiege Shen Xiang's Saint Venerate, in has socialized after Shen Xiang, completely by refined into pill! The fights of other people are still conducted, no one has expected ended the fight first unexpectedly is Shen Xiang, but also is so relaxed, moreover there is a very big harvest, many Saint Venerate refined into pill, thinks to know that these pill's qualities are not definitely low. Shen Xiang had ended the fight, this lets that Prince of Hell and Thunder Emperor they feel not the small pressure, because Shen Xiang, so long as involves their fights, they might not beat very much, will be cut to kill. However after Shen Xiang builds up these Saint Venerate, did not have next step to act, but sat cross-legged in the ground, entered the practice condition, at this time he unceasingly was also sensing Heaven Refining Technique, he does not want like this to be cut off to handle other matters. In his Godhead also has some have not built up Emperor Level Divine Soul, if digests completely, his Divine Soul will be away from Emperor Soul to be nearer.

Saw where practice of Shen Xiang calm and composed, Thunder Emperor they almost to explode with rage, pill who because Shen Xiang just ate, was these Saint Venerate that they brought, that was their painstaking care, unexpectedly turns into pill who others cultivated the promotion strength. Although in Qi Shi their hearts happy, but is a little not feeling well, because they hit that laboriously, Shen Xiang actually in sitting cultivates there, but they admire Shen Xiang very much, in the battlefield of this fierce battle, unexpectedly can also calm the mind to practice. Although Shen Xiang is practicing, but he is also at the defense readiness condition, once there is any slightest sign of trouble, he can recover immediately, therefore he does not need to care about this place is the battlefield. Now he cultivates uses Heaven Refining Technique inside practice sutra, before cultivated with other sutra for many years, now replaces to practice sutra all of a sudden, he needs to look for a method of fast adaptation, now he depends upon that mysterious Enlightenment Stone, can gradually adapt. Therefore he took advantage the present condition, to rely on Enlightenment Stone understands, after letting him, revolution sutra Heaven Refining Technique inside God Refining opening time does not use that strenuously. Long Xueyi with the White Dragon sword, is battling with that Dragon Emperor, although looks like equally matched, but Long Xueyi is clear, if continues to consume, is disadvantageous to her, her present strength is not weak, but had not had initially Godhead to be so fierce, if she has the duel this Dragon Emperor powerful strength, initially she on Heavenly Dragon Territory, already fight. Now she only hopes that Shen Xiang can a bit faster practice to finish, good to help her, the present is one cuts to kill the Dragon Emperor good opportunity, she does not want to miss. What my can Emperor Soul be able to be? Xueyi had said can have big relationship with cultivation technique that practice, as well as in heart a firm practice direction!” Shen Xiang had decided at this time with heart and soul cultivates Heaven Refining Technique, he to his Emperor Soul ability is the anticipation, he hopes to be helpful his alchemy. The time is dissipating little, fights of these expert still intense incomparable, has not been weaken slightly, this has continued several double-hour, in the process of fight, both sides is injured, but the issue is not big, can still continue to fight. In comprehend Heaven Refining Technique Shen Xiang, has slowed down to practice at this time, more and more attention are observing the fight.

Heaven Refining Technique is not only alchemy, but can also build up the person, builds up strongly the person, this is also in Heaven Refining Technique quite important central content!” This Heaven Refining Technique method are too many, comprehensive, it seems like, goes to comprehend to be good frequently.” Shen Xiang aspirated gently, the naked eye can see the light black fog to spit from his mouth, the impurity when that is he uses Heaven Refining Technique practice is built up. He stands slowly, looks direction that Long Xueyi is, Long Xueyi is somewhat strenuous at this time, that Dragon Emperor initially united other Dragon Huangzhan to kill Long Xueyi, causes her rebirth, moreover that Dragon Emperor also obtains some supreme Dragon Vein, in the past that many years ten thousand years, his strength became more formidable, rebirth later Long Xueyi, although bred supreme Dragon Vein, but was still not that Dragon Emperor rival, she can hit with Dragon Emperor that for a long time, is very rare. Long Xueyi's restores the degree, already went beyond the expectation of that Dragon Emperor, making in his heart cut to kill Long Xueyi urgently, once because to Long Xueyi time adolescence, definitely will surpass him from now on. Has not thought that you did not have Godhead, but can also have this strength!” Dragon Emperor knits the brows: Today I cannot make you go on living in any event, this time I will cut to kill you thoroughly!”