World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1696
Long Xueyi clenches jaws, angrily said: Old thing, I had not offended you in the past, although I at that time was Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, in Dragon Clan was strongest, but I have not infringed your benefit the matter, not like Infernal Demon Emperor you, when the dog looked, but you under that violent treachery to me, were not at while my Godhead, collaborated to kill me, today I die must perish together with you!” I am unable to endure one female above me, I acknowledged that you will not infringe our benefit at that time, will also seek more interests for us, moreover you had Godhead, does not need Takuya to go to Gods, but I hate you, your female, unexpectedly can arrive that step, in my heart unwilling!” Dragon Emperor grins fiendishly, his is full of resenting shamelessly, a he skinny palm, turned into paint black dragon claw, above has a piece by piece black deep scary scale. This is because envies is causing trouble, the envy will often make the person make the crazy matter! Death! I am true Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor!” Dragon Emperor fierce shouted, that only dragon claw suddenly increases, palm split open leaves hole, inside spout dozens black whiskers, is similar to the black light common thorn to Long Xueyi, suddenly ties up Long Xueyi. This is Evil Dragon strength, your unexpectedly extension cultivates Evil Path!” Long Xueyi clenches teeth shouted, her both hands both feet tied up by these whiskers. Dragon Emperor approached, another black dragon claw gathers together, five sharp claws gather together, is similar to the pointed cone is ordinary, thorn to the Long Xueyi's chest. To obtain strength, I will be reckless, so long as can have Godhead finally, even if cultivates Evil Path also to be able become god, Ha Ha......” Dragon Emperor grins fiendishly, that pointed cone dragon claw fierce thorn to Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi tied down by that black whisker, is unable to display Divine Ability, cannot revolve strength, she does not know Evil Path how this Dragon Emperor cultivates, unexpectedly has this fearful strength. „The lock of Heaven Refining!” Shen Xiang both hands intersect in the front, sees only his body to burn the intermittent raging fire, the flame is emitting, turns into chains, flies to leap up to that Dragon Emperor on instantaneously, tying down stubbornly. Shen Xiang controls a flame chains, flings to these whiskers, sweeps with ease the whisker, after Long Xueyi is saved, hastily arrives at side Shen Xiang.

You should not practice formidable evil strength exposed that Evil Path obtains to come out yourself.” Chains suddenly that Shen Xiang releases turns into the golden color, on the link of chains, has densely and numerously town character. This chains integrated Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal! Comes!” Shen Xiang control chains contraction, Dragon Emperor has towed that was struggling, then seized his throat, pinched very vigorously, making that Dragon Emperor eyeball come out towering, but had not died. Long Xueyi relaxed, she stands in Shen Xiang behind, sneers wear a look, White Dragon sword thorn in hand fast several swords, pierce the body of Dragon Emperor, moreover punctures in the place of strategic point, causes the Dragon Emperor these pierced wound, emits an intermittent strong evil strength. Shen Xiang has put out Suppressing Devil divine tower, just about to receives this Dragon Emperor, actually hears Lu Zhen sound transmission. This tower cannot take him, his within the body has Infernal Demon Emperor Evil Devil Divine Soul.” Just heard Lu Zhen sound transmission, Dragon Emperor of that whole body severe pain roared: Sir Devil Emperor , helping me!” Do not give him the opportunity! Finds the way to kill him quickly.” Lu Zhen hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Dragon Emperor body unexpectedly split open, inflates, in the fissure of body, emits some fearful black muscles, the entire body of Dragon Emperor is inflating, the seven orifices brave the black fog, in the mouth to send out intermittent hoarse low and deep roaring hiss. Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi hastily to Shen Xiang sound transmission, making him a bit faster control this Dragon Emperor, otherwise the consequence is dreadful.

He had taken possession by Infernal Demon Emperor Evil Devil Divine Soul, Infernal Demon Emperor in Hell, can pour into very strong strength to him, if his evil success, becomes very fearful, he at least has 10% strength of god! 10% strength of god, can kill a lot of us.” Before Shen Xiang, strange, why that Prince of Hell has not worried, Thunder Emperor they do not have anything saying that actually they hope very much sees this Dragon Emperor to turn into this appearance, this is favorable for them. You died, this was the Evil God contract, was you enables Imperial Father strength to appear here, Ha Ha......” that Prince of Hell said while loudly laughing: His fleshly body already evil success, even if you attack him with joint forces, when is hard to destroy his fleshly body, Imperial Father strength transmits from Hell, is your times of death.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Right? Do not be happy too soon!” He puts out a jade box, is opening the mouth that whooshes to Dragon Emperor that greatly, pours into big box powder. These powder that Soul Eroding Powder, this is including the thing that the Gods body can corrode, before Shen Xiang, some years has been very big on the fining, although has not arrived at eclipse god by far Realm, but must perish the Dragon Emperor body to have more than enough to spare. Originally Long Xueyi also anxiously, but she sees Shen Xiang to put out Soul Eroding Powder, long implored the one breath. Has been sending out Dragon Emperor that whooshes sad and shrill, suddenly stopped, his throat moves these Soul Eroding Powder, starts to be corroded, drops out black meat, looks like very disgusting...... The time of a while, the body of Dragon Emperor turned into a beach black mud! Did not have Dragon Emperor formidable dragon body, Infernal Demon Emperor strength to transport unable to hold.

Supreme Dragon Vein unexpectedly on him, no wonder this fellow so is fearful, can hold Infernal Demon Emperor 10% strength.” Long Xueyi puts out a hand to grasp, sees only in her hand to present together the translucent belt-shaped thing, sends out the faint trace ice to be cold, this is Ice Dragon supreme Dragon Vein. I will return to a Ice Dragon clan.” Long Xueyi sighed, puts out a specially-made bead, seals supreme Dragon Vein in inside. Shen Xiang revolution Engulfing Devil Art, gives devour Dragon Emperor Divine Soul, integrates in Godhead, that hides in Evil Devil Divine Soul of Dragon Emperor within the body, then regarding Shen Xiang, is the thing of non- common nutrition. „Are you all right? We help them, fights a battle to force a quick decision!” Shen Xiang traces Long Xueyi's face, smiled to her. Long Xueyi looks at Shen Xiang, before this time Shen Xiang is not her, little rascal, unexpectedly becomes so fierce, in her heart likes secretly, because Shen Xiang is her companion, now is powerful, later also has the infinite potential, what is most important is can fill her belly. I am all right, is only a little tired, but is not in the way, we help them!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: From now on, Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor is I.” Withdraw!” Prince of Hell bellows, Dragon Emperor is killed, this stems from his anticipation, although many Emperor Level expert give loyalty to Infernal Demon Emperor, but only Dragon Emperor and Infernal Demon Emperor have tied a Evil God contract, so long as Dragon Emperor wants, can make him have Evil God strength, but the price forever will become the Infernal Demon Emperor servant.