World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1697

Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi had ended fight, can leap comes out to help Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi, they can defeat, must pay very big price, but they do not want. Do not let them run!” Shen Xiang and Lu Zhen simultaneously shouted. Strengthens barrier!” Lu Zhen urgently shouted one to Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, afterward on him released Divine Power, seeped to that golden barrier, Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi also complied. Shen Xiang releases space power, strengthens the space, does not make Prince of Hell they run away, now them was in the upper hand, cannot let go the person. Prince of Hell comes time, has not thought will turn into this, Lu Zhen that especially suddenly presents, broke his plan, but strength that Shen Xiang shows, stems from his anticipation, making Dragon Emperor that he compares to feel relieved also be destroyed completely , to continue again, their very danger(ous). They want to withdraw, but after Shen Xiang they strengthen barrier, they are hard to flee, can only continue to battle in this inside. All-out attack Prince of Hell!” Shen Xiang gives Long Xueyi sound transmission: Must take this fellow, this fellow has Godhead, Divine Soul is also very strong, if devour his Godhead and Divine Soul, I can certainly advanced by leaps and bounds.” Long Xueyi nodded, she hopes that Shen Xiang a bit faster become stronger, when the time comes can go to Heavenly Dragon Territory with her, attacked her Old Dragon emperor to look completely all past years, 11 cut to kill. Prince of Hell sees Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi flies, in the heart has criticized several, waves to make black storm, storm inside presents black evil spirits, arrives at side Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi instantaneously, the wail is revolving them, wants to drill into their bodies. These thing cope with me, you underestimated me!” Shen Xiang a golden light dodges, Suppressing Devil Divine Power is assigned away from the capital, these evil spirit flash were melted, turn into black Qi to vanish. Long Xueyi uses her formidable Dragon God's Strength, writes off directly, copes with them with these methods, truly is looking down upon the person.

Prince of Hell at this time just and Lu Zhen fierce combat, he leaps not to get rid radically incurs with strongest killing to Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi, he also wants stops Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi with strongest strength, but lacks the ability to do what one would like. Ten Thousand Dragons Heaven lock!” Long Xueyi drinks tenderly, the body lightens white fog, turns into gust to rush Prince of Hell, sees only on Prince of Hell to present the number strip is similar to string white Little Dragon, overlapping ties down Prince of Hell. Prince of Hell worthily is the Infernal Demon Emperor son, has Godhead expert, tied down by Long Xueyi fully, unexpectedly can struggles, while shunts Lu Zhen to his attack. Quick, these tie down Prince of Hell White Dragon to express the genuine low cry, many breaks, dissipated do not see. „The lock of Heaven Refining!” Shen Xiang flame gushes out, Fire Chain of several heat project suddenly, accurate tying down Prince of Hell. Shen Xiang uses strength of whole body at this time, urges round of Suppressing Devil Divine Power, pours into lock of inside that Heaven Refining, Prince of Hell locking in stubbornly. Senior Lu!” Shen Xiang to Lu Zhen yelled, he realizes that Prince of Hell to be fearful now, he and Long Xueyi unite, but Prince of Hell as if has working loose strength, that is only the time issue. Good!” Lu Zhen drinks greatly: Suppressing Devil Divine Seal!” Side great seal suddenly appears, seems like similar to Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, but the imposing manner is completely different, is fiercer than time Shen Xiang's Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal. Under Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's help, Lu Zhen has the opportunity to use this Suppressing Devil Divine Seal finally, shells Prince of Hell!

Universe general Divine Seal depresses, presses Prince of Hell that sending out to bellow in the ground, but Divine Seal nearby slit, but also emits intermittent black Qi. Lu Zhen from airborne crashes, the both feet steps in Divine Seal, making Divine Seal fierce explodes lightens golden light, was pressed in inside Prince of Hell unexpectedly had not died, sends out a pitiful yell. Remove barrier, we join up, kills this fellow.” Lu Zhen said. Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng hastily withdraws, no longer and Thunder Emperor too Saint Dean dogfight, barrier withdrew at this time, Thunder Emperor that has wanted to withdraw and too Saint Dean, at this time in melancholy, if wanted rescues Prince of Hell, but they do not have that strength, once Prince of Hell were cut to kill, they also here, dying is they. In order to preserve oneself, Thunder Emperor and too Saint Dean clenched teeth, turns head to walk. Shen Xiang several people have not cared about them, for them, kills this Prince of Hell to be quite important. Pours into your Divine Power my Divine Seal completely!” Lu Zhen shouted: „The evil strength of this Prince of Hell within the body is extremely formidable, I irresistible.” Shen Xiang they comply immediately, immediately transports own Divine Power to Suppressing Devil Divine Seal, some Suppressing Devil Divine Seal of shivering, become stabilized at this time, Prince of Hell in almost lifted a moment ago Divine Seal, in Shen Xiang their several people, Prince of Hell under Divine Seal, was purified with joint forces little. A moment later, Lu Zhen said while loudly laughing: Shen Xiang, then this you!” Divine Seal float, sees only weak Prince of Hell to lie there pants, the facial color is pale, Shen Xiang dodges to him nearby instantaneously, presses firmly between the fingers his head, then revolution Engulfing Devil Art and Grasping Soul Devil Curse.

Your this bastard! My Imperial Father will not let off your!” Prince of Hell neighed panic-strickenly, he felt that Shen Xiang's Divine Power seeped to his Divine sea, locked his Godhead and inside Divine Soul, then little pulled out. He already did not let off me!” Shen Xiang sneered: I must many thanks he send you, strengthen my strength!” „” Along with the fierce pitiful yell of Prince of Hell, Shen Xiang little attracts his Divine Soul and Godhead, inhales in his Divine sea, then when revolution Heaven Refining Technique inside God Refining, in evolution Godhead these negative strength, he fused first before that murders Godhead, in this side area tired rich experience. This little rascal, he had two formed Godhead, fuses the together words again, will that be what kind of?” Qi Shi surprised saying. Must fuse together not to be easy two Godhead, if we, perhaps cannot achieve this, but he can.” Lu Zhen said: His physique can hold many strength, cultivation technique that this possible and he cultivates has relationship.” Shen Xiang already can use fierce Suppressing Devil Divine Power, can use to have evil characteristics the strength of murdering, can collection Fiendgod as one, therefore he can the devour all kinds of energies. After devour Prince of Hell Divine Soul and Godhead, Shen Xiang has not practiced, he puts in Prince of Hell Divine Soul his Godhead, builds up little, as for that Prince of Hell Godhead, he also needs in Divine sea, to build up to melt with Heaven Refining Technique, builds up after inside evil consciousness is clean, starts to use that Godhead. How?” Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang to open the eyeglasses, hastily asks.