World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1698

Shen Xiang took a deep breath: Now has not said that Godhead of fellow is evil, I temporarily seal in my Divine sea, little purification.” That Godhead is not he concentrates probably, should be his father helps him make, inside has very chaotic consciousness, he uses has not purified cleanly.” Qi Shi said: „If there is not built up uses, very danger(ous), in the past I and Master were this.” Lu Zhen looked at all around: Here is not suitable stays for a long time, we changed a place to say again!” Jiang Sheng puts out his ship, after people go, he stimulates to movement this ship fast to sail to the third region, seeks White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, in order to avoid following Infernal Demon Emperor sends out a stronger fellow, they are unable to deal. Senior Lu, can you suddenly come? You rush luckily, otherwise we troubled.” Shen Xiang said. Lu Zhen said with a smile: This is the news that in Punishing Demon Summit spreads, therefore in the gate of Hell suddenly comes out a very fierce fellow, I guessed correctly at that time that Prince of Hell will come to here.” Previous that Hell demon armed forces come out from the gate of Hell, had a scare me, how long but they have not stayed to be transmitted in world of Nine Heaven.” Long Xueyi asked: Senior Lu, that Punishing Demon Summit is really fierce, should be used to blow the gate of Hell!” Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, you shouted that I for Senior, really folds the ghost I.” Lu Zhen he he smiles, afterward complexion sank, becomes serious: Punishing Demon Summit is truly fierce, but now somewhat is also weak, Infernal Demon Emperor is getting stronger and stronger, seeps to world of Nine Heaven unceasingly comes.” Punishing Demon Summit is Gods some and Infernal Demon Emperor hostile Gods establishes actually, is used to collect the evidence in order to punish Infernal Demon Emperor, simultaneously is used to restrain the gate of Hell, in does not make Evil Devil that comes out act unreasonably, but these days, somewhat could not control.”

Qi Shi knits the brows: Is collects Infernal Demon Emperor to interfere the world of Nine Heaven evidence? The fellow has done that many matters, the evidence should be many.” Lu Zhen sighed: I only know that Gods above, must punish Infernal Demon Emperor not to be easy, needs the ironclad proof to be good, but Infernal Demon Emperor endless Heaven territory buys over many people in world of Nine Heaven and, but these are insufficient showed that he directly meddles to interfere world of Nine Heaven.” Then he does send Hell demon khaki cloth? He has sent excessively two.” Jiang Sheng said. In Saint Beast Ancient Domain there, gate of the Hell, you should know that the gate of that Hell, although past years, because Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and other expert drive out there great war, but that is only the excuse of Infernal Demon Emperor, I thought that is he intends to open, he sends out some Hell Demon Envoy or Evil Devil come out, he can be said as Evil Devil flees, has nothing to do with him.” If must investigate that his responsibility, Gods must send the manpower and resources to help him manage the resistance to his Hell, because Hell is really too chaotic . Moreover the gap of gate of that Hell is very difficult to block.” Shen Xiang said: actually this Hell is a mess, no one wants to tidy up, has Infernal Demon Emperor this person to manage rarely, moreover probably also manages well, therefore Gods above Gods, will open eyes to close one's eyes, looks but not see, tacitly consented to that Infernal Demon Emperor does all kinds of evil things.” The Lu Zhen nod said: Is this, if Infernal Demon Emperor does not manage Hell, Hell meets the chaos, and will affect entire Gods, so long as Infernal Demon Emperor does is not extremely in world of Nine Heaven, will not affect Gods, above will not manage generally.” However strength that foundation Punishing Demon Summit Gods, can play is minimal, Gods above some Gods, were worried that Punishing Demon Summit will make Infernal Demon Emperor discontented, even also frequently gets rid to suppress, therefore causes surely on the Punishing Demon Summit road the unusual bad risk, for many years in the good seedling that Punishing Demon Summit died.” so that's how it is, no wonder Punishing Demon Summit many disciples, have not gone to Punishing Demon Summit, the person who comes out from Punishing Demon Summit receives the disciple outside.” Shen Xiang said. Qi Shi said: Then I also go to the Punishing Demon Summit study point to cope with the Infernal Demon Emperor skill, can't Old Jiang you go?”

Naturally goes! In the future definitely frequently Infernal Demon Emperor will do frame, has not selected to cope with his method not to be really good! Can Lu brother, learn to build your Suppressing Devil Divine Weapon ability in inside.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile. Lu Zhen said: Naturally, but you should better a bit faster, Punishing Demon Summit inside Gods passed on the disciple to have many, loses is responsible for teaching to cope with the Infernal Demon Emperor ability, but wants under some Gods pressures, to reduce gradually, only then these Gods disciples can teach the purest ability.” Qi Shi looks to Shen Xiang, asked: Shen Xiang, your does if wanted have a look?” Shen Xiang let go: Considers as finished, the gate of Hell to there, I will be going to the words of that place, Infernal Demon Emperor definitely will put massive Evil Devil, shovel even there, only if I got rid of his tracing incantation.” Was right, does Senior Lu, have the means to get rid of the curse of Infernal Demon Emperor?” Lu Zhen has pondered half sound, said: Currently speaking did not have, can only wait to curse strength to weaken, the curse abates voluntarily, this need for a long time! Another means that practice very formidable Divine Soul, possibly cultivates Emperor Soul not to be good.” Long Xueyi surprisedly said: Doesn't have the means including Emperor Soul? Is the curse of Infernal Demon Emperor so fearful?” Lu Zhen long sighed: This curse has used the Infernal Demon Emperor three hundred thousand years skills, naturally is fearful! He makes the Hell demon armed forces, consumes the hundred thousand year skill.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Emperor Soul is not good, what Realm Divine Soul does that want to be good?” Emperor Soul is only the world under Gods said that but in Gods, this Divine Soul is quite weak, how to call me not to know as for above! I only know that surmounts Emperor Soul Divine Soul, will congeal Soul Frame! As we all know, Divine Soul in your Divine sea, is just the same as me, must make your Divine Soul concentrate Godhead, can get rid of the curse of Infernal Demon Emperor.”

Godhead that then we usually said? How is that a matter?” Qi Shi asked that he did not understand to these. Jiang Sheng and Long Xueyi are also very curious. That is fleshly body Godhead, although also situated in Divine sea, but has the close relation with fleshly body, fuses others Godhead like Shen Xiang this type, currently speaking can obtain Godhead a little strength, only if his fleshly body is formidable enough, can unearth many strength.” Lu Zhen explained: Generally speaking, fleshly body is certain intensity, will have the Godhead embryonic form, then can consolidate Godhead, expands Divine Soul through Godhead again, Godhead builds up Divine Power, the formidable Divine Soul speed is astonishing, but after Divine Power is formidable, can by Divine Power Quenching Body, continue strong fleshly body. Only then fleshly body is formidable enough, Divine Soul has many development spaces, Divine Soul develops the certain extent, can breed Soul Frame.” Both are closely linked, you practice must record this sincerely, in the past I took the branch road in this aspect, corrects with great difficulty!” ===== Tomorrow's starts on the 1 st, to December 31, the vip chapter of this book is free in the 17 k Chinese net time limit, welcome reading, wish fellow friends to read happily! Continuously in friends who other stations read, hopes that can come the 17 k Chinese net to read to study, supports me, is deeply grateful!