World Defying Dan God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1699
Lu Zhen these words them are important to Shen Xiang, especially Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, they when is antique top rank expert, but does not understand to this aspect. Senior Lu, said that you definitely had Godhead.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has not thought that you are missing that many years, has that rich experience.” Lu Zhen smiled, tacitly approves! He can by his strength, suppress Prince of Hell for a long time, the strength is very definitely strong, present Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng do not have his strength. I knew about Godhead that is because I have stayed a period of time in Punishing Demon Summit, so long as in, will have many harvests diligently, was regarded as important by Punishing Demon Summit inside expert, has boundless prospects.” Lu Zhen said: I suggested that you best not to have left while Punishing Demon Summit Gods completely, go to Punishing Demon Summit.” Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng nodded, they for many years repeatedly wanted condense Godhead, but has not succeeded, they know, only then these Gods Gods, has the method to make them concise Godhead. Night, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng return to the room to rest, in today's fight, they have consumed many strength, is somewhat weary, has to rest. This ship in the stealth, is sailing to Spirit Fire Forest with the quite quick speed at this time, Jiang Sheng in rest will also branch out some Divine Power to control the travel of ship. Shen Xiang has not built up Divine Soul that these devour come now, he eats these pill who uses Saint Venerate to refine, at this time is energetic, but Long Xueyi returned to Hidden Jade Ring to rest long time ago. Lu Zhen is also very energetic at this time, looks at out of the window in the hall.

Senior Lu, Sister Qilian she now how?” Shen Xiang asked: I very long have not seen her, does not know after she breaks through the bottleneck , to promote to any situation.” Lu Zhen knows that Shen Xiang has very big help to Lu Qilian, in his heart also very feels grateful Shen Xiang, this is Lu Qilian tells him. I not am quite clear, in brief after I have given her Godhead, she has been closing up, this child's perception is very high, if she goes out, I think that should be worthy of the reputation Heavenly Flower Empress!” Lu Zhen sighed one: For many years, I have not had completely to arrive at the responsibility to her, hopes that I bestow to her Godhead can make up.” The father delivers Godhead to give the daughter, this is very normal, Shen Xiang is curious, Lu Zhen where lane Godhead. Senior, your Godhead where lane?” Shen Xiang is smiling asking. This...... I do not fear to tell you, but you now are best not to study me, I almost did not come back in the past!” Lu Zhen lowers the sound: I enter in Hell secretly the fiercest place, hunts and kills two Hell Devil God to get so far as.” I must to my wife, but her temperament is very gruff, said actually wants to come out concise, finally I have given Qinlian, she now and her elder sister together closes up.” Hell Devil God? Are these fellows very strong? What status in Hell is!” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, wants to go to Hell to have a look, hunts and kills several Hell Devil God, makes some Godhead. Lu Zhen shakes the head saying: Are not many, Hell Devil God is Gods, Infernal Demon Emperor cannot incite them, they are only Gods above send in Hell to supervise Infernal Demon Emperor, but that is also only the ornaments, therefore I kill them nothing.”

If you can practice Emperor Soul, gets rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation, when the time comes can go to Hell to stroll, the luck is good, should be able to get so far as Godhead. If you get so far as these Godhead, is much more certain is purifies inside consciousness to others, will otherwise harm others.” Lu Zhen lightly smiled: So long as you understood that utilizes Suppressing Devil Divine Power, in addition your alchemy ability, I think after you go to Hell, can have the good harvest.” Shen Xiang nodded, asked: These Hell Devil God were killed, won't Gods investigate? Also can send again?” This I am not clear, but I know that Gods above, does not lack has Godhead that small Gods, moreover was sent Hell Gods, generally violates regulations in Gods the fellow who was caught, is equal to is sent to frontier service to be the same.” Shen Xiang suddenly has thought a matter, hastily asked: Senior, do you have to hear the matter of demon emperor?” Lu Zhen hears the demon emperor two characters, immediately knits the brows, the nod said: Has heard, in the past I in Punishing Demon Summit, had been warned by inside elder, after exiting, must be careful female who surely is called the demon emperor, but I had not met, it is said this female attracts all living things, has fearful attracting strength, many Emperor Level expert of antique time met with a disaster.” What means then there is to guard against her?” Shen Xiang heard Lu Zhen saying that was sad immediately, because this demon emperor clearly had the skill, unexpectedly such urged including Punishing Demon Summit inside Gods. I had inquired Punishing Demon Summit Gods of inside, his view is demon emperor the strength of attracting is inherent, in addition the day after tomorrow will practice the technique of attracting to strengthen, therefore is fierce! But her technique of attracting from Gods, Legend the above demon god cultivates with Gods is the same.” Demon emperor unexpectedly and Gods have relationship! Shen Xiang is lost in thought immediately, Feng Yujie and demon emperor clearly has very close relation, but Feng Yujie also has that inherent attracting strength, even is fiercer than the demon emperor, he suspected that Feng Yujie and birth of demon emperor, should be related with Gods.

cultivation technique that because demon emperor cultivates came from Gods, moreover is quite fierce that therefore in Punishing Demon Summit, we will undergo the training that the resistance attracts frequently, but the use is not very big, finally after I leave Punishing Demon Summit, homemade Suppressing Devil has purified the mind to decide!” Lu Zhen smiles lightly: Demon emperor the strength of attracting, mainly aims at the man, can bring back the evil desire demon desire in man heart, infinite enlargement, even if very strong expert, is hard to resist! Finally the demon emperor with his fleshly body, will satisfy the evil desire in expert heart. When the opposite party vented the evil desire, most peak that instantaneous, was the instance that the spirit most neglected, carried on the spiritual control to it, planted her energetic seed.” Only then strength in meditation enough strong person, can get rid finally, if unable to get rid, becomes her slave, regardless of you strong!” Shen Xiang hears to be very earnest, Lu Zhen said not false, initially Jiang Sheng incurred! However Suppressing Devil purifies the mind to decide, is mainly is used to suppress the brought back intense evil desire in heart, simultaneously eliminates the distracting thoughts in heart, is not only used to cope with the strength of attracting, when usually cultivates, first revolves this cultivation technique, removes in the heart all distracting thoughts, then cultivates other cultivation technique, will have a better effect.” Shen Xiang somewhat excited saying: Senior, you are really fierce! Can pass to me this cultivation technique?”