World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1700
Naturally, you are my best successor, I and you are predestined friends, whom don't I pass to you to pass to?” Lu Zhen he he smiles, a finger Shen Xiang's forehead, purified the mind that Suppressing Devil gently has passed to Shen Xiang definitely. Shen Xiang expressed gratitude immediately. Senior, can I pass to others this cultivation technique? Heard that the demon emperor also has very big lethality to the woman.” Shen Xiang asked. Lu Zhen said with a smile: Naturally, but you do not need to be worried about your wife! I have purified the mind Suppressing Devil pass to Qilian definitely them! Qilian regards the demon emperor now is an archenemy, she had said that will help you take care of good your wife. Actually demon emperor the strength of attracting, can only cope with the quite weak female, if the powerful female, she resulted in very much formidabe.” Lu Zhen sees Shen Xiang to want the word to stop, touches his head: Your this brat, always some strange issues, but these matters are I are interested, but also there are any you to ask!” I want to know that has the matter about Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! I always thought that has very big connection with Punishing Demon Summit!” Primal Chaos Fire Token in Shen Xiang hand, summons Nine Heavenly Devil Palace thing. Lu Zhen knits the brows to nod: Thing that you asked that was really some secrets! The Nine Heavenly Devil Palace matter I know, but does not have no relationship with Punishing Demon Summit, Punishing Demon Summit Gods does not dare to enter Nine Heavenly Devil Palace casually.” In Legend, the birth of world of Nine Heaven, from reveals different element strength that is gentle after endless Heaven territory, breeds for several million years born! Is this right, but had the external force to facilitate at that time, can make world of Nine Heaven appear.” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, these secrets are Lu Zhen from these Gods mouths knew that is reasonable, he hears to be very careful. Lu Zhen, continued saying: Some energy very many every time massive revelations that each endless Heaven territory reveals, this is beyond control. These energies gather at the same place, forms the world of Nine Heaven embryonic form, that time was called Primal Chaos, many antique Saint Beast, at that time start to be bred, is born along with world of Nine Heaven, antique Saint Beast also arrives in world of Nine Heaven! The world of Nine Heaven historical introduction, is Qi Shi their times, by dust-laden many years later, now finally is delivered from oppression.” Shen Xiang nodded: Has saying that in the past the fellow of that time, was really formidable, so is fierce to the present, moreover some have not died.” Lu Zhen said with a smile: This is natural, they should be this world of Nine Heaven protector, their strength are very certainly strong.” Pulled far, continued the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace matter! Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is born before world of Nine Heaven, it is said that time was one crowd of Gods constructs, they lived in inside, strength that day and night control endless Heaven territory revealed that bred world of Nine Heaven.” Hears here, Shen Xiang some are not clear, ask: Why is not called Temple, but is called Devil Palace?” Lu Zhen replied: I also was very at that time strange, Punishing Demon Summit inside Gods told me, that was because world of Nine Heaven was born time, that inside Gods has been bewitched completely, died in inside completely, as for any reason, they were unknown! According to their speculations, possibly is these Gods creates world of Nine Heaven, violates the Heavenly Dao principle that some Gods have not been able to touch, then has been punished.” Shen Xiang puts out these Primal Chaos Fire Token! His two Primal Chaos Fire Token have not fused, these Primal Chaos Fire Token for many years, have given him very big help, when fuses Primal Chaos Fire Token, protecting that erupts Lord divine light to be fierce, can in very short cannot move instantaneously. Heard, so long as fuses seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, I can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Shen Xiang low mumble said.

Best not to attempt, Nine Heavenly Devil Palace happens, in this time words, definitely dead large quantities of expert! Now endless Heaven territory has approved world of Nine Heaven, the preparation and world of Nine Heaven establishes passage, when the time comes endless Heaven territory and world of Nine Heaven are interlinked, once knows Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to appear, many expert will go to have a look because of the curiosity.” Lu Zhen seriously said: Goes in inside person, in ten thousand that can come out does not have one, you best are the discrete use.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, nodded, he really had the impulsion that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace summoned a moment ago, because he heard that died some Gods in inside, these Gods definitely had Godhead, moreover Godhead was very fierce, if can obtain in inside...... Good fearful evil strength!” The Lu Zhen complexion sudden change, hastily leaves this ship. Shen Xiang has not induced, his hastily awakens Long Xueyi! Although Jiang Sheng is resting, but he controls this ship, knows that some people exit, immediately walks from the room. What's the matter?” Jiang Sheng asked that he has not induced to evil strength that Lu Zhen said. Does not know that Senior Lu said very strong evil strength.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: But I do not have the induction to say.” Jiang Sheng hands over Qi Shi, then their several people arrive at outside. Lu Zhen stands in the bow, knits the brows to look at the front, is serious. What thing is so fierce, is more fearful than Prince of Hell?” Shen Xiang asked. Prince of Hell, although is fierce, but he is also the fellow of fearing death! If runs into the fellow who does not fear death, then we troubled.” The Lu Zhen sound is very dignified. What thing can be?” Jiang Sheng looks around, he has not induced to a wee bit evil aura Qi Shi had not induced, but continues to go along with this ship forward, his complexion gradually changed, becomes very ugly. Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng are bewildered, only then they have not induced. Long Xueyi comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, stands in the bow, the complexion is somewhat ugly, she is looking at the front: Really is that fellow? How to appear here!” In this Cold Wind Forest originally cold, at this time also flurry, cold wind bone-chilling cold, saw the Long Xueyi's complexion, Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng cannot help but hits one to tremble.

If before is, Prince of Hell that faces, has Lu Zhen, Shen Xiang they are more relieved, but now Lu Zhen is also this complexion, making the Shen Xiang secret heart be startled. Senior Lu, your Hell Devil God coped, what thing but also there is able to make you so anxious?” Shen Xiang also feels one very depressing atmosphere, but this came from Long Xueyi their panic-stricken facial expressions. Lu Zhen looks at the front, in the look reveals a fear, persuaded: In Hell, the Devil Lord demon Prince anything, is not too fearful, even if Hell Devil God, I can also cut to kill, but now the fellow, I could not cope.” Was Infernal Demon Emperor comes?” Jiang Sheng said. „It is not Infernal Demon Emperor, but is a fellow who in tenth layer Hell detains, named Ba Langshen! Is a wolf, has the Godhead evil beasts, moreover is Gods above, commits a crime above too, finally gets rid to grasp by audiences Gods takes, detains in tenth layer Hell.” Qi Shi said that he by Guan Guo in Hell, he inmate in mouth was also understood many Hell matters from these. This fellow within the body has my Godhead, in the past how did I lend your Godhead in his there?” Although Long Xueyi does not know any Ba Langshen, but she has an induction to her Godhead, through that induction, knew that the front that monster after is fearful. My soul was possibly brought to feed this fellow! Since this fellow can come out from Hell, I think that should be Infernal Demon Emperor makes him. This is also good, you have opportunity to make your Godhead.” Qi Shi said. Makes? This fellow is so fierce!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted: Now what to do?” Infernal Demon Emperor has offended rule seriously, but does not have the powerful evidence, he said at most this Ba Langshen is runs, even if investigates that Infernal Demon Emperor will not receive any heavy fine.” Lu Zhen has pinched the fist. Shen Xiang said: I use space power to leave......” He just said that the complexion changes immediately, because he is unable to open together the space crack, but space not by the barrier anything's reinforcement. What's all this about?” The Shen Xiang complexion is ugly. Useless, this Ba Langshen strength is so fierce, he does not need any barrier, can release a domain, the space in his domain, is unable to open.” Lu Zhen said. Qi Shi said: Ba Langshen was suppressed in Hell that many years, although his Divine Power does not have the peak to be so fearful, but his good and bad is a god, even if his only remaining 10% strength, are not we can cope, now we must do is finds the way to run away!” Shen Xiang somewhat worries: „Do you also here do?” Lu Zhen shook the head: Running is useless.”

You very understand actually my.” The sound appears in the people behind. Shen Xiang their hastily turns head, sees only a whole body furry guy to stand in them behind, on the face full is the fierce smiling face, this is Ba Langshen. „Are you Shen Xiang? Many thanks to you I have the opportunity of being delivered from oppression, Ha Ha...... So long as has killed you, I thoroughly was free.” Ba Langshen said while loudly laughing. Lu Zhen eyes dodges, the chest presents circular formation, flies to dodge toward that Ba Langshen. Suppressing Devil divine formation!” Lu Zhen bellows, that divine formation suddenly increases, turns into several, from all directions cover to Ba Langshen. At this time, Jiang Sheng received his ship, will otherwise be made rottenly. Lu Zhen Suppressing Devil divine formation, is the Suppressing Devil Qi Formation enhancement version, wants to be fiercer, Shen Xiang they see this, in heart secret one happy. Snort!” Ba Langshen coldly snorted, both arms, unexpectedly his Suppressing Devil divine formation shakes completely these packages. Lu Zhen Suppressing Devil strength was very formidable, but this Ba Langshen is fiercer, this is one and Gods equally formidable fellow, will otherwise not be called Ba Langshen. You are Punishing Demon Summit, is a little strength, but copes with my words, but also missed far.” Ba Langshen sneers several, opens mouth, sees only in his mouth to emit red light, the people realized that red light after being very terrorist, but actually already late. Ba Langshen sprays from the mouth red light, must rumble to hit shortly in Shen Xiang on them, but suddenly in front of them presents the wall that black Qi turns into together! White Tiger appeared, he uses dark strength, has blocked the attack of Ba Langshen.