World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1701

Walks quickly!” White Tiger to Shen Xiang their sound transmission, the domain that Ba Langshen releases also became less crowded, Shen Xiang promptly opens space passage, bringing Jiang Sheng they to leave rapidly. White Tiger that suddenly arrives , they have competed for very precious opportunity to Shen Xiang, can avoid having the fierce battle with Ba Langshen. The place that Shen Xiang they present is sheet ice above, here Cold Wind Forest. How also in Cold Wind Forest? I shuttled back and forth very far being away from.” Shen Xiang looked at all around: Does not know that White Tiger Senior he how, that Ba Langshen is really fierce.” This does not need to be worried but actually that Master he can break the Ba Langshen domain, even if cannot hit Ba Langshen, must run, we a bit faster enter Spirit Fire Forest, will be safer in.” Qi Shi said. Spirit Fire Forest inside flame as well as that heat, can very good destruction domain strength, Ba Langshen emit his domain, not our in dire straits!” Lu Zhen nodded: I also want to take a look at this Forest of Life third barrier.” When they just must move, the front presents one group of black fog, atomizes the turn into a human shape black, this is White Tiger. Master, that Ba Langshen?” Qi Shi sees White Tiger to overtake them, in heart one happy. This fellow was used dark strength to surround by me temporarily, how long but that could not continue.” White Tiger sighed, on the face brings to wipe dignifiedly: This Ba Langshen is fierce, if not my sensibility to the Law of Darkness has broken through, today we are definitely more unfortunate than fortunate.” I use Law of Darkness inside strength, making Ba Langshen fall into a dark world, his strength is very strong, quick can break.” Lu Zhen said: How long does he need to come out probably? If we enter Spirit Fire Forest, can be safer.” These days enough we entered Spirit Fire Forest, we will be safer in Spirit Fire Forest, at least he is unable in Spirit Fire Forest to display in these Evil Devil strength that Hell obtained, Spirit Fire Forest inside flame, was the same with your Suppressing Devil strength, has to purify the Evil Devil effect.”

White Tiger smiled to Lu Zhen, he knows that the Lu Zhen strength is very strong, they had not exchanged before, but they have certain understanding mutually. „Did big white cat, you see Vermilion Bird in inside? Has not thought that your unexpectedly is all right!” Long Xueyi chuckle said. Naturally saw her, was her allows me to come your...... She worried that is called the comfort of Xinyue girl.” White Tiger looks to Shen Xiang, he knows Dongfang Xinyue in Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring. Jiang Sheng puts out his ship, said: We a bit faster go to Spirit Fire Forest, best to go to a flame quite fierce place.” Driven by Jiang Sheng, the speed rapidness of that ship, they were away from Spirit Fire Forest to be quite near fully, now has used more than three double-hour, sees the front flame to be exceedingly high, these flame are the thousand feet (333 m) high great tree send out. Dongfang Xinyue had said that Spirit Fire Forest inside flowers and plants trees are unusual, can year to year burn very fierce flame not to extinguish, moreover burns fiercely, means that the vitalities of these flowers and plants trees are exuberant. „The Old Jiang head, can your this ship withstand inside flame? A strength, has not entered inside Saint Beast to turn into the ash.” White Tiger said. You felt relieved that this ship is I refines, has almost only selected from divine tool, that flame how.” Jiang Sheng induced to front these fierce flame, he is Refining Master, is sensitive to the flame, sees inside to have the so unusual flame, in his heart is somewhat excited. Shen Xiang asked: Does not know that inside where flame is fiercest, Ba Langshen should too not be willing to go to that place!” White Tiger said: This must ask Vermilion Bird, she for a long time, had known about Spirit Fire Forest here.” The Jiang Sheng ship drives into Spirit Fire Forest fast, although is away from thick Mysterious Space Iron, but in cabin inside person, can still feel warming up, this from the burning hot that the Spirit Fire Forest flame releases.

Good fearful flame!” Shen Xiang exclaims: Is Saint Monarch perhaps cannot come in!” Fire-resistant ability, if not fireproof, even if Saint Venerate comes, must vanishes in puff of smoke.” Jiang Sheng appears very excited: These flame are good, I want when this dull a period of time, to have a look to have the means to make my Fire Spirit have the characteristics of this type of flame, like this after me, copes with Evil Devil, can twice the result with half the effort.” Lu Zhen said with a smile: I can teach your cultivation technique, the named Suppressing Devil fierce flame Secret Art, you coordinate yourself to practice Fire Spirit cultivation technique, I think that should be able to absorb these flame to change your flame the characteristics, thus has stronger Suppressing Devil might.” That was deeply grateful!” Jiang Sheng laughs, this makes him happier. Qi Shi said: Master, did you also concentrate Godhead? How suddenly becomes that fierce, Ba Langshen this fellow was blocked by you.” White Tiger said with a smile: You are my apprentice, in the past is fiercer than me, moreover had Godhead, I do not have the Godhead words now, my rebirth wasted?” Regarding dying time White Tiger, has been able to congeal now the become god standard, looks like not strange in Shen Xiang, let alone White Tiger also has Law of Darkness profound bead, this can be helpful to his condense Godhead. Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Big lion, my Godhead on that Ba Langshen, you blows away that fellow, can give back to me Godhead.” „Haven't I given your some Saint Snow Pear?” That can only be the interest, I do not investigate you at most temporarily, but I had not said does not let you, if possible, you must give back to Godhead my.” Long Xueyi spits the tongue. Shen Xiang said: If Ba Langshen also enters Spirit Fire Forest, we collaborate, cuts to kill him to be easier?”

White Tiger frowned, has pondered half sound, said: Is will be easier, but does not represent us to have ten tenths assurance, perhaps also will be injured, the fellow is very fierce, he should be a god, but the strength was weakened! Since once were the god, was only his divine body, was not we can shake easily.” The Lu Zhen nod said: divine body is formidable, even if there is Divine Weapon not to have is so relaxed, but must have considerable strength to coordinate Divine Weapon to break the defense of his divine body.” Jiang Sheng asked: Vermilion Bird? If adds on her again!” This is not I can convince, after I found her, by her both beating and cursing, the air/Qi had been disappeared much, but does not represent me to persuade her to handle that the danger(ous) matter.” White Tiger shook the head. Made me say that I had the means!” Long Xueyi has the confidence: Handles her not to be easy!” Kills Ba Langshen, Long Xueyi can take back own Godhead, in addition her supreme Dragon Vein, later she can practice the body of Divine Dragon, she was worthy of the reputation Divine Dragon, when the time comes the strength was more formidable, can the god of duel Ba Langshen this rank, she think somewhat to be excited. In Spirit Fire Forest, is such flame is day and night exceedingly high, the flame that here flowers and plants trees, release every time is the same degree, is mysterious, but as the Forest of Life third barrier, Spirit Fire Forest is not only flame strength, various danger(ous) that this inside hides.