World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1702
We exit together, stayed is not quite good in this ship, limits too felt that especially in this Spirit Fire Forest, the thing that cannot the earliest possible time induce to approaching.” White Tiger said. The people leave the cabin living room, arrives fully is in the forest of roaring flame. Here flame is very fierce!” Shen Xiang arrives by a floret, the unfaithful combustion fierce flame, he in finger thorough unfaithful, unexpectedly induces the finger to be somewhat burningly painful. He with fire expert, fleshly body also was very strong, can be burnt burningly painful by a floret, this makes him exclaim. So long as moved will not burn!” Shen Xiang pulls that floret, carefully is observing, he discovered that this floret contains a special energy, so long as fuses together with another energy, combustion flame. Forest of Life is not really simple!” Jiang Sheng also carefully observes in this plant of combustion flame. The first barrier is Violet Leaf Forest, these purple plants are also unusual, Cold Wind Forest inside ice cold strength, can breed one to have profound cold Evil Emperor formidable Poisonous Beast in large numbers, but this Spirit Fire Forest is unusual, combustion fierce flame that this inside plant can keep all the year round. The flame that in this casual floret or the grass release, enough burns Sacred Realm expert, thinks to make one feel surprised. Mischievous ghost appeared, you carefully, this type of thing, although is not strong, but entangles the person very much, if not pay attention, will also get a cut.” White Tiger knit the brows. Shen Xiang they had not discovered that but after White Tiger reminded, they looked at all around, saw only the branch on all around big tree, stood with the thing of person same size, the whole body is burning the flame, the contour likely person. What thing is this? Our unexpectedly had not discovered.” Shen Xiang said. Fire Demon, because they are here flame breed, the aura and here environment merge into one organic whole, to discover that naturally is not easy.” White Tiger said: Do not pester with them, we a bit faster leave, here should be their domains.” White Tiger takes the lead to dash about wildly, Shen Xiang they follow close on, but they have not walked several steps, these Fire Demon throw from the tree, throwing of blotting out the sky strikes. Shen Xiang to the airborne fist, is making one to shake strength, but also is smuggling the intermittent strong winds, a fist shakes powder dozens Fire Demon. However his attack does not have the big effect, the flame of these dispersing meet again quickly together, especially falls in these of ground, after turns into Fire Demon newly , to continue to fire into them to launch the attack.

Quite hot!” Jiang Sheng shouted, he puts out a jasper bottle gourd, inside has a very strong suction, more than ten Fire Demon that all of a sudden swooping attracted. Shen Xiang sees this, hastily puts out Suppressing Devil divine tower, receives directly these Fire Demon. Jiang Sheng this magic treasure are most, for quick solution these Fire Demon, he puts out that Divine Cauldron, gathers Fire Demon, is only all of a sudden, here Fire Demon reduced. Was good, then we can a bit faster leave!” White Tiger said: We, so long as pays attention, do not enter the territories of some fierce fellows, will not meet any great war.” White Tiger is quite familiar with this Spirit Fire Forest, since meets these Fire Demon, he becomes more careful, avoids these formidable fire beast in this, directly soars the Vermilion Bird territory. What Vermilion Bird territory is a very big short mountain, she lives in mountain side, but on this mountain full is some diminutive trees, these trees are also burning the flame. After entering mountain side, inside did not have that type of flame, but feels uncomforting burning hot. Arrives here, Shen Xiang puts Dongfang Xinyue, rebirth Vermilion Bird, the strength is very strong, perhaps also has Godhead, after arriving here, the people think more relaxed, even if that Ba Langshen appears again, they were not afraid. In mountain side is a small palace, in this only then Vermilion Bird, she sat in the hall waits for Shen Xiang they. Vermilion Bird is a rude and unreasonable female, before this is Shen Xiang, knows that but he has not thought that Vermilion Bird seems unexpectedly is a very adorable moon-face female, seems somewhat is gentle and charming, imagines that rude and unreasonable barbaric image to be completely incompatible with him. You have not died well.” Vermilion Bird said with a smile lightly, her hastily walked, looked at Dongfang Xinyue, was worried that on Dongfang Xinyue had the wound, afterward her slightly frowned looks at Shen Xiang. Vermilion Bird wears a red skirt, face is round, very delightful attractive, saw that not like Long Xueyi said rude and unreasonable, at least she gave the Shen Xiang first impression to be very good. You are Shen Xiang, stirs the person who endless Heaven territory and world of Nine Heaven overturns the heavens.” Vermilion Bird transferred around Shen Xiang, then said with a smile tenderly: Pupil surpasses the teacher wins Yu Lan, can toss about compared with Qi Shi!” Long Xueyi haughty smiles: This is the affirmation, who also does not have a look is directs him in the back. Small fire bird, many years does not see, you probably changed fat.”

Chest that Vermilion Bird meow a Long Xueyi that has stood tall and erect: And you too!” Jiang Sheng happily said with a smile: Sir Vermilion Bird, you entrusted my matter in the past, I have only completed half, but also please excuse me!” No problem, my beforehand skeleton they refines Vermilion Bird Soul Bow to be also good to Xinyue! However you were also too useless, you have not died, live were so long, is that weak.” Vermilion Bird curled the lip: Does not need to fear my, the Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk matter, I did not investigate you!” Jiang Sheng laughs: This...... Has not thought after Vermilion Bird your rebirth, the temperament improved, strength also become stronger, I am waste residue, for many years wants to break the head not to know how to practice Godhead to come, your are not the fellow of person are good, casual can cause Godhead.” Long Xueyi, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird must have Godhead, if Qi Shi undying, currently definitely also has in the past. That is you are useless, others Senior Lu is also a person, can practice Godhead to come.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Lu Zhen smiled, said: I thought that we also first discussed how to cope with Ba Langshen, this fellow ten have ** pursues.” Vermilion Bird knits the brows: „Do you want to deal with Ba Langshen this fellow? Do you want to collaborate to kill him here?” The Long Xueyi nod said: Really is so, if you join, we can definitely take him, on this fellow has my Godhead!” Do not count on me to get rid, Ba Langshen is not good to cope!” Vermilion Bird said: I, although continuously here, but I to Hell and Gods the matter quite understood.” Why? Here flame can weaken his strength!” Long Xueyi said that the Vermilion Bird temperament was good, this stemmed from her anticipation, but she has not complied. Vermilion Bird said: „It is not I do not want to help you put back into Godhead, but is Ba Langshen is not the ordinary suppressed fellow, causes the fellows of that many important matters like this type in Gods, should take away Godhead, then destroys fleshly body, suppresses the soul! But he does not have, fleshly body soul Godhead.” Now he top a condition not good body to cope with you, he has not been suppressed in Hell now, in addition his terrifying restoration speed, can restore many strength not long, here flame how him.” Lu Zhen slightly took a deep breath: Good, the Ba Langshen evil reputation is very famous in Gods, properly speaking should receive very heavy penalty, but now looks like he is actually not the important matter, this means that some people helped Ba Langshen reduce the penalty in secret! But now puts Ba Langshen, this is equal to releases him in disguised form.”

„The Hell situation is very complex, therefore Infernal Demon Emperor can act in a self-serving manner, Ba Langshen, will have second, our present strengths add, top the moment.” Vermilion Bird sighed one: Must cut to kill him, recaptures Godhead more difficult.” Dongfang Xinyue low voice asking: Then Ba Langshen can quick come here? Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, your here position exposed?” Does not need to be worried that I stayed here that many years, already wants to walk everywhere, exposed No problem.” Vermilion Bird to Dongfang Xinyue lightly smiled, she is good to Dongfang Xinyue. Said how we should find the way to get rid of Ba Langshen now?” Jiang Sheng said: I also planned to practice the practice here.” White Tiger and Vermilion Bird look at each other, nodded. In Spirit Fire Forest only advantage, can prevent his domain release, he is unable to block with formidable strength, even if runs into him, must run away.” Vermilion Bird said. After Shen Xiang thinks, sighed: „The Ba Langshen goal is I, everybody is not necessary to take risk with me, I and Ba Langshen socialized that's alright.” This is how good, you have also seen Ba Langshen, the fellow is fearful.” Qi Shi said: „The words that you face, can definitely danger(ous).” Vermilion Bird said: Ba Langshen definitely has the backstage in Gods, so long as he completes with the transaction of Infernal Demon Emperor, after you kill, Infernal Demon Emperor will definitely help him return to Gods, but Gods to help him escapes the crime, will give him certainly to support in secret, now you face may not only be Ba Langshen, behind Ba Langshen strength.” Shen Xiang said: I want to enter the Forest of Life deep place, third barrier following Dark Region, but I will stay in the edge first a period of time, waited for Ba Langshen to find me, I directed him.” „It is not good, this danger(ous), that region was very too fearful!” Vermilion Bird hurriedly said: Xinyue is linking with your life.” Untied master and servant contract that's alright.” Shen Xiang said: „In I want to enter have a look, if cannot come out not to need to be worried, so long as my strength is enough, utilizes well to space power, later can come out.” Shen Xiang thought if one do not have the means to cope with Ba Langshen, finally has Primal Chaos Fire Token, Primal Chaos Fire Token is not good, he makes Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, makes Ba Langshen!