World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1703
In Dark Region very danger(ous), here, only then Vermilion Bird has entered inside, therefore she most opposed that Shen Xiang goes. I and you go together, I believe that you will certainly be all right.” Dongfang Xinyue clenched teeth, she wants to go with Shen Xiang very much, she thought that this can give him a spiritual support. Vermilion Bird sighed: Good, you must come back the Xinyue belt, hopes you come out, can have the strength to get rid of Ba Langshen, we will also try harder, can look a bit faster promote the strength, when the time comes could add on you busily.” Then I walked now, here is too dull long, will put to trouble to you.” Shen Xiang momentarily will be located by Infernal Demon Emperor, so long as he stays in a place is too long, quick will have large quantities of expert to pursue. Long Xueyi and Dongfang Xinyue enter Hidden Jade Ring, after Shen Xiang and Jiang Sheng Qi Shi said goodbye, leaves the Vermilion Bird cave, arrived at outside sea of fire world, spun to go toward Dark Region. Although Spirit Fire Forest inside fire beast is formidable, but does not have Ba Langshen such terror, can block all around domain, is quite easy to cope regarding Shen Xiang, at least he can use space strength to leave fast. For the non- off-range direction, he is runs long journey, shuttle space long journey, this can make him be far away from the place that Vermilion Bird is at the extremely quick speed again, he was too long in Vermilion Bird there stay before, if Ba Langshen must pursue, perhaps is away from him to be close. Time was really too urgent, who knows that suddenly emitted Ba Langshen, otherwise we made Old Jiang refine a that type of isolation space ship with Mysterious Space Iron here, can avoid the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation.” Long Xueyi was somewhat helpless, sighed one. Dongfang Xinyue said with a smile: „Does the Xueyi elder sister, you underestimate me? I can also refine here, but does not have Senior Jiang to be so skilled fast!” Shen Xiang said: Xinyue, can that type of ship get rid of the tracing incantation really? So long as hid in inside that's alright?” Should, if is Mysterious Space Iron builds, in addition formation spirit pattern of some spaces, can cause in that ship is an independent space, is not connected with endless Heaven territory and world of Nine Heaven, but can actually moves in endless Heaven territory and world of Nine Heaven, the tracing incantation could know you that position in that ship, but where actually does not know your ship.” Dongfang Xinyue said. Must obtain Mysterious Space Iron, but must refine from that many stones, this is the big project, if the Old Jiang head, he will use here flame to refine quickly, but now only then you make in Hidden Jade Ring, has not known when must get so far as.” Long Xueyi mumbled: It seems like I must help, refines Mysterious Space Iron!” Shen Xiang suddenly stops, said: Or I they called Xianxian Meng'er! I can open space passage, sound transmission give them, making them come, like this I did not use.” He does not have chapter of world of Nine Heaven, does not want to direct world of Nine Heaven to go these troublesome, there present needs the calm and steady development. That a bit faster, they should in Hundred Flowers Palace!” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang opens small space passage first, by own Divine Power in the past, entered in Hundred Flowers Palace. Who?” Shortly, Shen Xiang felt that Divine Power was almost broken by together the sound, this is Lu Qilian Divine Power, unexpectedly becomes so formidable, making him be surprised. Sister Qilian, your father did not say that you are closing up?” Shen Xiang hastily responded, so as to avoid being shaken by Lu Qilian disperses Divine Power. I am closing up, but I must pay attention to outside situation frequently! You now how? Heard that Infernal Demon Emperor posts a reward you with Godhead! You where? How to run into my father?” Lu Qilian suddenly has a big string question. Is a long story, now Infernal Demon Emperor has posted a reward me with three Godhead, I in Holy Water Heaven Territory Forest of Life, I here run into your father, was lucky that his suddenly appears, I can escape! Meng'er and Xianxian in your there? I need them to help me select busily!” Shen Xiang anxiously said: Youlan, Jing'er and Ling Ling, they in Hundred Flowers Palace?” Meng'er, Xianxian, Jing'er and Youlan, Ling Ling were brought back to by Huishan ice Dragon Clan, her body had some conditions, concrete you asked Meng'er they!” Lu Qilian listens to him to worry from the Shen Xiang's expression now, were not many says anything: I make Xiao Lizhi look them, your present situation how? if wanted do I help? I can go out to help you immediately!” Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian had a period of time not to relate, but Shen Xiang here situation is not very optimistic, in the Lu Qilian heart has been worrying, she discovered that she has been deeper and deeper to the Shen Xiang's sentiment, is hard to get rid, after all she had practiced a period of time Spirit Gathering Technique with Shen Xiang, their Divine Soul had carried on intimate blending, that inexplicable emotions of having are very difficult to cut off. Temporarily does not use, you give your Godhead using Senior Lu well! Me also be considered well.” Shen Xiang said: You make Xiao Lizhi bring them to a peaceful spacious place, I receive them!” Good! I heard that Xiangyue and Qianqian found the Dan Emperor trail, to study wiser alchemy technique, they set out to seek for Dan Emperor, not here.” Lu Qilian said. Um!” Shen Xiang saw Liu Meng'er hurriedly their several females with whom Xiao Lizhi arrives in a forbidden land spacious place. He strengthens space power immediately, opens big point Space Gate! Me has very strong flame, you come time pays attention to some, possibly will be quite hot.” Liu Meng'er they hear Space Gate to broadcast the Shen Xiang's sound, nodded, then steps into Space Gate.

Quick, Shen Xiang sees several beautiful figures to arrive in this flame world, sees these beautiful women, in his heart is happy. This where? Good heat!” Leng Youlan shouted, on her face full is the smiling face, because Shen Xiang this time led her to take risk finally. Were not many said that I am being chased down now, you should know that went to a safe place first!” Shen Xiang was saying, leads into several females Hidden Jade Ring, lets Long Xueyi and Dongfang Xinyue well to the matter that they speak him to experience these days. Shen Xiang, what helper do you also need?” Xiao Lizhi inquired Shen Xiang by Space Gate, she knows that Shen Xiang introduced many formidable female expert came . Moreover the sentiment that was hard to talk clearly to the Shen Xiang one type, she to the emotion that Shen Xiang a little could not say. Temporarily does not use, if needs me to look for you again!” Shen Xiang should say. Um, then all careful!” Xiao Lizhi knows that Shen Xiang by the matter that Infernal Demon Emperor posts a reward, this matter world of Nine Heaven already put on noisily. Shen Xiang closes Space Gate, only need hurry to toward Dark Region, if were not worried that now that Ba Langshen chases down, he must certainly well and several females narrates to chat. Xueyi, is Vermilion Bird Divine Art you passes to me?” Liu Meng'er asked that at that time Shen Xiang came across crisis, the mysterious females to her to pass on merit laws, she think that now was Long Xueyi. „It is not I......” Long Xueyi cracks into a chuckle: Is another elder sister, she compared with me knew that little rascal also early many, is they leads to say little rascal.” They?” Xue Xianxian has touched some brows lightly. Yes, they are very fierce, but was injured...... This is a long story, I said slowly.” Long Xueyi said that now Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's matter, has not needed to conceal. After listening, Leng Youlan their several females sobbed, because of Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, follows Shen Xiang to experience that many matters, but also witnessed various matters that they and Shen Xiang had. Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er's face is somewhat red, because they were the Shen Xiang's people, especially Liu Meng'er, frequently by Shen Xiang dreadful teasing, but other this three females are looking, but well was the female. Has not thought that is missing many years of Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, continuously and little rascal together, if they can restore the strength, is very definitely strong!” Xue Xianxian emotionally said: They have given the little rascal that big help, is good has not disappointed their expectations because of little rascal.”

Leng Youlan said with a smile: „To see them, they have witnessed the process that I and brother knew, definitely gave me to help in secret much, I must thank these two elder sisters well! Heard that Bai Youyou is very difficult to hit, moreover is a Slaughtering Heart very heavy woman, I want to dispute with her.” Youlan, when the time comes ensure you will not be disappointed, although Sister Youyou is usually icy, but she very combative.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, has stroked her long hair: You are the white hair time looks like aggressive, but this is also good, compared with having female human appearance.” Dongfang Jing said: Fellow elder sisters, we should start to refine Mysterious Space Iron, a bit faster helps the elder brother refine a ship, such we can with elder brother together, I unable to see him now.” Dongfang Xinyue touches the head of Dongfang Xinyue, said with a smile: Jing Jing (quietly), do you their there learn many abilities from Meng'er? The hand was itchy, wants to try hand, is right?” Kong Bailing and pearl practice at this time, sees here also two women, Xue Xianxian and in the Liu Meng'er heart tenderly snorted, under the Long Xueyi's introduction, they knows Kong Bailing and pearl fierce place quickly. Especially Leng Youlan, shouts must taste the pearl tears...... If that scorpion elder sister, her will be very definitely happy that she most liked this strange poison.” Xue Xianxian looks at Kong Bailing head that attractive white plume feather, said with a smile. That scorpion elder sister, does not have one to hang the long braid of chest, in the braid terminal also hook, the eye is the purple, moreover looks like the icy appearance.” Long Xueyi asked. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian shook the head. We only know that she is called the purple scorpion, usually she is Meng face brings the bow cap, she is quite fearful, I do not dare to ask her to fight, but she is very polite to us.” Leng Youlan said.