World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1705
The town prison health/guard is not practice evil strength Evil Devil, moreover itself also understands use fierce town prison Divine Fire, even if no Ba Langshen to be so fierce is not good to cope, compelling Shen Xiang to go to Dark Region, although does not know to enter in whether safe, but he also can only give a try first. I can rely on is space strength!” Shen Xiang to narrow the distance with that town prison health/guard, has to enter in the tyrannical space first, then shuttles back and forth from inside, spreads out farther with that town prison health/guard. Can't hide in tyrannical space?” Xue Xianxian asked. Can yes, but cannot long time stay, because inside situation is complex, must maintain the highest vigilant condition every time, otherwise one will not pay attention to meet greatly troublesome, will consume strength, will go to hide.” Shen Xiang said: Does not need to be worried my, I have other methods to avoid running into that fellow.” Shen Xiang braces oneself at this time approaches that Dark Region unceasingly, two days later, front he sees to present a black fluctuation the wall, looked at the past in the distant place, probably was the gas range that the black fog formed, went nonstop to the place above, covered inside that mysterious Dark Region. To, inside is Dark Region, is really not simple! Here looked that feels very depressing strength.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: „In very strong space seal strength, it seems like enters not to be definitely easy.” Temporarily do not enter, has a look to have any means to cope with that town prison health/guard in this outside, I also somewhat fear that Dark Region now, is really very fearful.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has not continued to go forward, he thought that one step, will make him very uncomfortable again forward, that strange feeling is very difficult to talk clearly, but this is front that Dark Region brings. What town prison health/guard use is the flame, you find the way to suppress his flame, could be more relaxed.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looked at all around, sighed: Around this is this type of strange flame, if that town prison health/guard can control these flame, will then be fiercer! Even if cannot, this environment also be for him advantageous.” Some Soul Eroding Powder also how many?” Long Xueyi said: With Soul Eroding Powder, Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, uses all strange poison, does not believe unable to take this fellow.” Shen Xiang clenched teeth, said: Good, can I one time use up all my storage quantities, look have some effects!” strange poison that he stockpiles also calculates, now what is used to cope is a town prison health/guard from Hell, these town prison health/guard are Gods above has practiced expert, although does not have Godhead, but the strength does not allow to look down upon. That town prison health/guard has not come, Shen Xiang while the present all thing refined into same places, waits to facilitate the use. If he flees in all directions here, that town prison health/guard cannot overtake him, but this is not the means that now only then town prison Wei to come chases down him, if could not have killed him, perhaps Ba Langshen also will come here, or is Infernal Demon Emperor calls many expert.

While the present, only then a town prison health/guard, compared with is good to cope killing, will then gain with every effort opposite party that formidable Divine Soul. Now he must do constantly strengthens own Divine Soul, had Emperor Soul by oneself, then expands own fleshly body, becomes true Emperor Level expert by oneself, when the time comes depends upon these divine tool again, does not need to fear Infernal Demon Emperor expert that sends from Hell. „Don't you run? In I?” Big tree suddenly split open, inside goes out of one to wear the red robe, the whole body is burning the valiant middle age of flame, he double is carrying with the hand two great blades, above arrogance spout, on that giant tool bit has two fierce Evil Devil statues, looks very fearsome. Shen Xiang has not thought that this town prison protects quickly, him refines the speed very rapidness of strange poison luckily now, he has refined together many strange poison, Soul Eroding Powder is other, because both mix together, strange poison will be perished by Soul Eroding Powder. You very come quickly!” Shen Xiang is self-poise, smiled to town prison health/guard: Looked that your appearance should not likely for the person who Infernal Demon Emperor works oneself to death.” Town prison Wei Shuangmu spout flame, coldly said: Right, but I need Godhead. I cut to kill you, obtains Godhead, this is very fair transaction, I have not worked oneself to death for him.” My present value how many Godhead?” Shen Xiang sees the opposite party to enter step by step, his also slowly retreat, the town prison health/guard that two burn a ghost great blade that blushes, is really extremely scary, results in not the small pressure to Shen Xiang. Four!” The town prison protects loudly shouted, double blade chops, two fierce columns of flame spew out, turn into two making threatening gestures Evil Devil, grins fiendishly is plunging Shen Xiang. unexpectedly liter four Godhead! Shen Xiang want to hand over to trade that four Godhead oneself, this was really too attractive, this was really makes one be hard to resist, he also has the headache now, if he did not have absolutely the formidable strength, later he was the goal that many expert chased down! Do not think that four Godhead are so good!” Shen Xiang stamps the feet, the ground presents primal chaos formation diagram that flame turns into, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade from his hand flashes before, emerges primal chaos formation diagram of ground, revolves along with primal chaos formation diagram, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade turns into innumerably emits from the ground, along with formation diagram crazy revolving, twists crazily. That two fierce flame that the town prison health/guard releases, was twisted the powder instantaneously, the town prison health/guard sees that primal chaos formation diagram the time, jumps on hastily, otherwise he definitely will be twisted the whole body now is the slash. You are so fierce, does not need to hide!” Shen Xiang sneers, his suddenly that primal chaos Divine Blade vanishes, then suddenly appears by the town prison health/guard, was covered the town prison health/guard by own blade. A blade crazy rotation, several Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade are similar to several Azure Dragon is ordinary, moves crazily around Shen Xiang, is similar to Tornado is ordinary, but the thing that was curled, was twisted the fragment. Broken!” The town prison health/guard roars, the body blows out blood red flame, shakes one to burn hot qi wave, sweeps across eight sides, destroys the big piece to burn the great tree of flame.

Shen Xiang's primal chaos Divine Blade was also shaken the powder, his whole person was blown by that qi wave, fleshly body and Divine Soul felt that burning of stabbing pain burns. This is town prison Divine Fire! You and Hell inside Evil Devil is different, suffers to death!” The town prison health/guard grasps a thick black shackle, above is burning the blood red raging fire, he moves the shackle, toward Shen Xiang brushing maliciously in the past, the flash pulled out to strike on Shen Xiang, that speed rapidness, probably reduced the space was the same. Bang! Shen Xiang was selected the chest by the shackle, has a fierce explosion, the ground is blown out a very big pit, that flame is turns into the intermittent great wolf like that the mighty waves are turbulent, enormous and powerful sweeping across forest. „The strength of town prison, can it be that can your this every body bear? At the point of death before , can enjoy well also calculates well, this is in Hell these famous Evil Devil can ask for advice.” Sees Shen Xiang to pull out by him all of a sudden flies, moreover spits blood get lost, the town prison health/guard thought one have victory in the hand, haughty laughs. Bang! Bang! Bang! The town prison health/guard pulls out Shen Xiang crazily continually, pulls out Shen Xiang times flies! He stands there has not moved the body, Shen Xiang pulls out flies too, he tying down will tow with the shackle, then continues to brush! First pulls out your hand!” The town prison health/guard is skilled, grins fiendishly while strengthens strength, aims at the Shen Xiang's arm, maliciously pulls out to strike the shackle, violent flinging on the Shen Xiang's arm, will put in order an arm to pull out at will can be curving, looks like very painful. Shen Xiang clenches the teeth, is bearing pain, has not shouted! Here! Ha Ha......” town prison health/guard is excited at this time, because Shen Xiang was suppressed by him stubbornly, strength that has not revolted against, he guessed correctly that before Shen Xiang is weak, will otherwise not escape, now really so. Shen Xiang's another arm, after being brushed, immediately breaks off, dripping with blood, even though is very firm golden bone, at this time completely has also disrupted, the flesh and blood of entire arm has exploded, bruised and lacerated, looks like very scary. Then is the leg!” The town prison health/guard continues to move in his hand that thigh thick fiery red shackle, looks like, although huge heavy, but is in his hands clever, he moves is accurate, can always brush in the place that he wants to hit. Bang! Bang! The Shen Xiang's two thighs had pulled out, but he has actually clenched teeth, does not utter a word, is bearing the huge pain!

Preparation can return to Hell, does not know that goes back the live belt, can obtain a better monetary reward.” The town prison health/guard was very happy that arrives at side Shen Xiang. At this time the Shen Xiang four limbs were bruised and lacerated, the skeleton crushes completely, covered with blood, the abdomen splits Great Dao hole, the rib of that separation has gripped, can see that clearly is the golden skeleton. The town prison health/guard mentioned Shen Xiang, has pounded several fists in his face maliciously, disdained saying: Was not smelly little rascal, unexpectedly value four Godhead, Infernal Demon Emperor also makes a fuss over a trifling matter.” But this just right convenient I, four Godhead, Ha Ha......” I!” Shen Xiang aims at town prison health/guard that big mouth, maliciously bah a big blood, is spitting the town prison health/guard in the mouth. Courts death!” The town prison health/guard is angry, a palm of the hand pulls out Shen Xiang flies. Shen Xiang is similar to a beach mud lies down in the ground, but he actually sends out lunatic laughing wildly, smiles acts like a madman. Ha Ha Ha Ha......” the Shen Xiang body is very painful, the time of laughing is also bringing painful yelling, sounds very strangely. You smile anything, died to being imminent!” The town prison health/guard just wielded the shackle in hand, the complexion suddenly changes, he discovered that his strength unexpectedly is draining fast. Dies to being imminent who who has not known!” Shen Xiang suppresses the pain, said while loudly laughing: Blood that I spat a moment ago, the flavor is good!” Town prison health/guard complexion one white: Virulent...... Is Primordial Strange Poison!”