World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1706
The town prison protects suddenly to feel that own body is somewhat soft, moreover is somewhat cold, another two strength are fleeing in all directions in his blood. This town prison health/guard is really extremely formidable, after he knows is poisonous, immediately uses oneself that formidable strength to suppress Primordial Strange Poison. This many Primordial Strange Poison!” The complexion of town prison health/guard is even more ugly, he felt that the toxicity has several, moreover is fierce, is the Primordial Strange Poison ranks. Are not many, five types!” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile: What's wrong? Has feared, you are not invincible? How I must have a look at you to get rid of these five Primordial Strange Poison but actually, before you at the point of death, can enjoy that many Primordial Strange Poison, perhaps is the first person in history, your luck is good!” Shen Xiang enters within the body before the Primordial Strange Poison conceal that these was gentle, puffed out a grain of poisonous pill in spitting blood. Town prison health/guard short of breath, sank to roar, he does not dare to yell that was worried initiated poisonously changes. You leave happily are too early! The truth told you, we were a squad come, our altogether four people, currently I have other three companions on the road, although Primordial Strange Poison was fierce, but I can also support, so long as my companion returned to Hell me, I had the means to drive the toxin.” That town prison health/guard sits in ground, closes the eye to suppress these Primordial Strange Poison. Shen Xiang sneers: You also planned has sole possession of a moment ago four Godhead, but now shouted that they for companion, you had not thought of these companions a moment ago!” Your present wound is so heavy, you honestly lie down there wait for death.” The town prison health/guard opened the eye to stare Shen Xiang one, this time whole body was the perspiration, because these Primordial Strange Poison were really too strong. Shen Xiang also feels inconceivable, Devil Decaying Death Qi, Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison and spell blood orchids, Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison and permanent these five Primordial Strange Poison mix together . Moreover the quantity so is big, this town prison protects unexpectedly to be able anti-, if other Saint Venerate, perhaps now already died miserably. Three town prison health/guard come, it seems like I must enter that Dark Region now!” Shen Xiang induced to the aura of other three town prison health/guard.

My companion came, you must die today.” That town prison health/guard relaxed, he does not dare to use strength now casually, now he is also the crucial moment, cannot be careless. Just said that the town prison protected suddenly to think own body was moving! „Are you doing?” The town prison health/guard looked at all around, discovered one lands unexpectedly that he and Shen Xiang are is moving rapidly, is moving toward front that Dark Region. Naturally is going in inside! Heard that is fearful, in any case I and you are dying now, might as well die in inside.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile , he although lies down there has not moved, but his Divine Soul has not received anything to damage, moreover Divine Power is vast, can use space strength, displays to be similar and shrink the technique same space magic arts, making the ground transfer. Bastard, stops quickly, don't you know in that really fearful?” That town prison health/guard was anxious, the complexion is ugly, at this time distance that Dark Region is getting more and more near, can clear seeing flutter to outside black Qi, so long as across that [say / way] giant blanking bar, even if entered Dark Region. I do not know, no matter is fearful, my two both die in any case, might as well draw you to make the pad back.” Shen Xiang smiles very with ease. You......” do not know that the town prison health/guard is air/Qi cannot speak, was frightened cannot say. Suddenly, Shen Xiang and town prison health/guard puts on that blanking bar, the inside jet black piece. How long but jet black has not continued, they saw some luminously, afterward they felt they are crashing downward.

Space is changing!” Shen Xiang frowned, they are advances, but actually suddenly falls down now, and right now left. Can be able to go back?” Long Xueyi asked. Has not known that here space change is very strange, even if I have Law of Space is very difficult to find out.” Shen Xiang said: It seems like strength that isolates here, besides space strength, another Power of Law, these two strength fuses together, carries on various inversion mixes again, therefore is very difficult to familiarize.” What strength another is Power of Law?” Liu Meng'er curious asking, except for Long Xueyi, his her females does not know Shen Xiang this time pitiful condition. Should be Law of Time! Time strength has been very mysterious, I am not clear, in brief the space confusion adds on the time to be chaotic, therefore forms a very strong barrier, after coming , to exit is very difficult.” Shen Xiang said. After the moment, Shen Xiang and town prison health/guard again has not moved, they lie down in a place, here has the aura of soil, they went to a quite normal place, but here dim piece. „The blood-colored nine stars, nine disaster inflictions from god, ended, all ended......” that town prison health/guard to look at the airborne nine blood bright formations, these nine stars platoons became a straight line, sent out the blood-colored ray to cover the earth. Airborne only then these nine blood-colored stars, the earth was illuminated blood red dimly by these nine stars, is very strange fearful, but all around bleak, is passing that dim blood light, can see dim red losing plant mountain tops, has added several points of strange atmosphere to here. What nine disaster inflictions from god?” Shen Xiang asked. Snort, had been killed by you, does not have enough strength, we are unable to leave here!” That town prison health/guard is looking angrily at Shen Xiang: You should better give me now a happiness, making my soul a bit faster under Hell...... look at your this appearance, does not have that ability to kill me!”

The skeleton of Shen Xiang whole body broke to pieces, but he active, he can be seeped the four limbs by his Divine Power, then replaced the skeleton to enable itself with Divine Power to move flexible. „Didn't you fear before very much? How now sharply to be dying?” Shen Xiang is very puzzled. If you a bit faster did not die, so long as nine stars revolve, when the time comes you want dead cannot die, you will be suffered the next nine stars become a straight line from the new platoon.” A town prison health/guard face gains ground frightened, looks that airborne that is sending out the red light nine blood-colored stars: That is the infliction from god, punishes Gods strength specially, receives the highest penalty in Gods, will be lost here, suffers nine rounds to let out continuously, each wheel nine plagues, altogether are 9981 times.” Shen Xiang exclaims: Said that here does have other Gods?” This place is the place of ancient Gods penalty, dust-laden was very long, strength that but revolves still , will therefore be sealed here, in this did not have Gods. Here was suffered 9981 times to depart, but before this is, in situation of use, currently does not use, even if were suffered 81 times, will not have Gods to pick you.” Town prison health/guard whole face despairs: However when the plague arrives, you will not die, because this place must make you bear the inexhaustible pain every time!”