World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1707

Forest of Life Dark Region unexpectedly is the place of penalty Gods, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi they feel surprised, now they intrude here unable to exit, but here penalty strength has not vanished, means that penalty strength will also continue, so long as this inside will have the life to start.

Shen Xiang tried to use space strength, a point with did not have, here space and time were strange, Law of Space that he grasped was not here suitable. You want dead do not resist the toxin in within the body, making these toxins spread you to die.” Shen Xiang is actually very calm, at this time he uses Divine Power to pick up his body, toward town prison health/guard little in the past. Incorrect, if these strange poison destroy my fleshly body, here will be born strength, infiltrates in my fleshly body, repairs my fleshly body, but my Divine Soul forcefully will also be pulled fleshly body by strength , to continue to withstand the penalty.” The town prison protects coldly snorted: You want to kill me now, you also killed undying I.” Person resurrect that this place also fierce places, can let, otherwise outside Forest of Life will not be strange , because comes under the influence of here that life strength.” Shen Xiang laughed: „Do I kill undying you? If I have killed you, do not regret...... Naturally, the deceased person cannot regret.” Although comes!” Town prison health/guard very self-confident Shen Xiang kills undying he. The skeleton of Shen Xiang whole body broke broken, the muscle also receives very serious damage, however his Divine Power is very formidable, he can make Divine Power be attached to his four limbs, then drives the fight foot to move through Divine Power, but a little will be sore. I first thanked you!” Shen Xiang hey has smiled one, puts out a specially-made wooden box, after turning on the wooden box, inside is some white powder. Thank me? What in your hand is what thing?” The town prison health/guard knits the brows saying that in the Shen Xiang hand has many strange poison, he thinks that this possibly is a very fierce toxin. Can the thing that wants you to assign!” Shen Xiang falls on wooden box inside powder the body of town prison health/guard: This thing is called Soul Eroding Powder, you should......”

„” The Shen Xiang words have not said that town prison health/guard on rave one, his body is braving Qi mist, was being corroded. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Thank your Divine Soul, can obtain your this formidable Divine Soul, I by that serious wound also value!” He revolves Engulfing Devil Art and Grasping Soul Devil Curse, extracts fast Divine Soul of town prison health/guard, devour to own Divine sea, puts in Godhead. fleshly body of town prison health/guard turned into Qi mist to dissipate, Divine Soul also by Shen Xiang devour, thoroughly died! This punishes the Gods place, did not have that town prison health/guard saying that fearfully in the Shen Xiang eye, was such. Enters Forest of Life, cuts to kill Prince of Hell, harvests Prince of Hell Godhead and Divine Soul, Hawk Emperor and other Beast Emperor Divine Soul, in addition Dragon Emperor Divine Soul, at this time also obtains the town prison health/guard, his harvest is rich. Starts therapy, then digests Divine Soul that for serveral days devour arrived at well! If these Divine Soul can shift is good.” Shen Xiang wants to give Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian these Divine Soul. This is not quite good, Divine Soul cultivates to be quite good, or breeds auxiliary through other ways, for example Fiendgod Cult that method, makes own foundation Divine Soul not to be good with others' Divine Soul.” Long Xueyi said: Others' Divine Soul is only suitable to be used to treat as practice.” Shen Xiang said: „The Fiendgod Cult founder initially had been searched the memory, I know that they practice the Divine Soul secret, when I leave this damned place, I return to world of Nine Heaven, when the time comes helps Xianxian and Sister Meng'er breeds Divine Soul to come.” You hurry to refine Mysterious Space Iron, returns to the world of Nine Heaven words, if wants safe also to depend upon magic treasure that Mysterious Space Iron refines.”

Liu Meng'er they several female bustle about at this time in Hidden Jade Ring, forgave that many Mysterious Space Iron, but big project, if in Spirit Fire Forest, in addition the Jiang Sheng entire Divine Craftsman help, will be simpler. Shen Xiang starts to practice, the airborne nine blood-colored unlucky stars do not have what sound, explained that temporarily will not have any danger(ous), moreover does not know when starts to move. Builds up these Divine Soul with Heaven Refining Technique, should be quicker, when my Divine Soul is formidable, goes to build up Prince of Hell Godhead again integrates in my Godhead, making my Godhead stronger.” The Shen Xiang heart said. Now what puzzles his issue is fleshly body, his fleshly body contrasts Divine Soul cultivation base to be small and weak, has Godhead cultivation base by him now, in addition, cultivates Emperor Soul, he at least must have jade bone to be balanced. But body cultivation is difficult, the quite quick way is to pass high level pill, for example Saint pill! Past Pill Saint was the dependence eats Saint pill to practice formidable jade bone, can have formidable fleshly body regarding future, Shen Xiang was very self-confident, so long as he can refine Saint pill, and found to strengthen fleshly body Saint pill herbs. Shen Xiang has Godhead, so long as he can stabilize the practice, quick can build up Divine Soul that these devour come, becomes by own Divine Soul formidable. In his devour Divine Soul, three are quite formidable, Prince of Hell, Dragon Emperor and Divine Soul of town prison health/guard, is formidable, is not good to build up, Shen Xiang coordinates Heaven Refining Technique to add on Godhead, has the distinct progress, even if so, needs a period of time to complete. During the practice, could not feel that passing of time, especially Shen Xiang studies diligently Heaven Refining Technique, while practice time, during him, not and Hidden Jade Ring inside female exchanges, they have not disturbed Shen Xiang, therefore Shen Xiang can very wholly-absorbed exercises martial arts. Passed for one year, in the place of penalty this blood-colored star light covers only then a Shen Xiang person, all around deathly stillness, does not have the sound, but here fills very rich Life Force.

Before severely wounded Shen Xiang, even if he did not have voluntarily therapy, here lay down a period of time also to be restored to health fast, this point said with that town prison health/guard was the same, here was very difficult dead. Finally built up these Godhead!” Shen Xiang opens the eye, implored one breath, on the face is somewhat disappointed. Hasn't practiced Emperor Soul?” Long Xueyi asked that if so, she can understand that Shen Xiang's was disappointed. Shen Xiang shook the head: No, strength that Divine Soul of these fellows can absorb are too few, other when building up to turn into the impurity to be built up, is Divine Soul of these fellows is not very mainly pure.” Prince of Hell and Dragon Emperor Divine Soul, although is formidable, but the evil ingredient are too many, these are nonabsorbable, therefore Shen Xiang devour Divine Soul, although are many, although is strong, but only little partially can absorb. Don't be discouraged, where cultivates Emperor Soul to be so easy? Past Emperor Level expert, least also needed over ten thousand years to practice.” The Long Xueyi comfort said: if wanted do I help?” Help that Long Xueyi said that cultivates Spirit Gathering Technique!