World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1708
Temporarily does not use, this place is not quite suitable, I take advantage to duplicate to be many now some strange poison!” Shen Xiang beforehand Primordial Strange Poison has used up, he must refine some, provides against contingencies. Duplicates strange poison, refines again, this has used his three months, but in Hidden Jade Ring progresses is also slow, after refining Mysterious Space Iron, they must further carry on the fining, can make the Mysterious Space Iron quality change high, magic treasure that otherwise refines meets not well. Shen Xiang stayed here for more than one year, has not met any danger(ous), the airborne nine blood-colored unlucky stars as always, arrange a straight line, without any sound! Although is very so far safe, but in Shen Xiang heart compares to worry that only what can make him feel at ease, he will not die here, but from the description of that town prison health/guard, will live to might as well die. What do you currently have to plan?” Long Xueyi said: Now did not have no danger(ous), possibly again crosses a period of time evidently, here will revolve, you can also continue to practice, should better build up to melt that Godhead.” Shen Xiang asked: If my Godhead becomes formidable, cultivates Emperor Soul to me helpful?” Long Xueyi replied immediately: Naturally is helpful, you do not believe to give a try, Godhead formidable to cultivating Divine Soul the advantage you are not does not know, if you do not have Divine Soul, you think that you do build up Divine Soul that these devour come to be so quick?” Naturally does not have, but I felt that I must practice Emperor Soul to be difficult, is different from other people!” This is not the Shen Xiang's misconception, some Long Xueyi also this feelings, because Shen Xiang present Divine Soul was very formidable, wants to be fiercer than some Emperor Level expert Emperor Soul, but his Divine Soul actually is also not Emperor Soul. Long Xueyi said: This is the good deed, explained that your Emperor Soul will be very fierce! However extremely do not worry that your Emperor Soul ability, should be related with alchemy, in brief will have to help that's it to you.” Um, I start to build up that Prince of Hell Godhead now, you also leave in are so tired, I have not thought in any case now the means exit.” If because of this place danger(ous), he will not make these females come out, then narrated to chat well. Shen Xiang starts to practice, builds up that Godhead! In his Divine sea presented a cauldron furnace, this is he displays Heaven Refining Technique to transform, has one in that cauldron furnace fully is Tai Chi Diagram of spirit pattern constitution, that Godhead float on Tai Chi Diagram, along with Tai Chi Diagram revolving, Godhead unceasingly spout some black Qi, the Godhead evil consciousness is compelled, if fused these to realize evilly, will have very tremendous influence.

Infernal Demon Emperor, no matter you are how formidable, I will not lower the head to you, gives me just wait! Sooner or later one day, I will make you know that my fierce, do not think hid can have no more worries in Hell.” In Shen Xiang heart firm, the fist grasps, that Prince of Hell Godhead in Divine sea breaks to pieces immediately, turns into clear, completely by his original Godhead absorption. After his Godhead absorbs these powder dust, really becomes fiercely, at least he felt that he is keener to the induction of strength, can use oneself stronger potential. Before Lu Zhen has said that if he wants to become stronger, but must work from fleshly body, only then fleshly body became formidable, Godhead Divine Soul can be formidable, after being balanced, can mutually stimulate most formidable strength. „The present is body cultivation! The words that my fleshly body cannot follow perhaps, I am unable to practice Emperor Soul to come!” Shen Xiang devour builds up some Divine Soul each time, although felt that oneself has very obvious promotion, always felt that own was away from Emperor Soul not to be far, but was so long, he is still not able to practice Emperor Soul. Therefore, he decided that cultivates strongly now fleshly body! In Heaven Refining Technique has God Refining, there is Body Refining, now I am used to give a try!” Shen Xiang stands up, the both legs open slightly, grip tightly the double fist, steady standing in ground, revolution Heaven Refining Technique Body Refining. Under his both legs presented one circular chart, Divine Power portray mysterious spirit pattern has sent out intermittent dazzling golden light, appeared along with innumerable spirit pattern, red light suddenly spout, wrapped his body. The Shen Xiang's body was wrapped by red light, red light is similar to the arrogance is ordinary, the unceasing beat is winding around the Shen Xiang's body, in red light also some tiny spirit pattern, look like very strange. At this time Shen Xiang only felt that own body has all kinds of feelings, clarity that was hard saying that in brief was is very uncomfortable, the clearest feeling thought that own body was pulled probably, probably was melting, skeleton probably in split open, but was not very painful, was only some acids is itchy, occasionally follows a weak stabbing pain. He uses Heaven Refining Technique body cultivation, is consuming in his Divine sea unceasingly that vast Divine Power, these Divine Power consumed also to practice, these Divine Power can have this use, making him feel that has not wasted. Naturally, only then in this case, he dares such to use Divine Power to practice. With Heaven Refining Technique quenchings the body time, consumption Divine Power is fast, is only quite a while, Shen Xiang felt that oneself that very abundant Divine Power lost 80%!

If ordinary, he loses that many Divine Power very much difficultly all of a sudden! Now he stops cultivating, eats up some restores Divine Power Immortal Dan auxiliary, using two double-hour to restore, afterward continued with body cultivation. So repeatedly carries on for more than ten days, Shen Xiang felt that own fleshly body has the remarkable promotion, but is quite slow, this body cultivation way, in does not eat under high level pill quickest, but still requires the massive time to promote, he thought that at least must take several hundred over a thousand years to see the best effect. Does not have the means that if wants a bit faster to make fleshly body formidable, only then Saint pill, it seems like I need to learn refinement Saint pill here.” Shen Xiang said. You refine Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill, this is herbs that in your hand can evolve unceasingly.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang had understood that refines seven Immortal Dan jade Divine Pill, but following eight and 9th level, he does not have herbs in this aspect, therefore had not carried on. Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill's refinement herbs, can evolve, if not really good, builds up the hand with these also yes, but does not have is so good, but more or less can be used to step up the level. Only can try, so long as my time are many, refines eight 9th level Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill, tastes trial system Saint pill again unceasingly, I am not good unable to refine.” Shen Xiang has planned to boil a period of time here, endures him to refine Saint pill. Refines Saint Beast Fruit and Heavenly Dragon pill, even if rank has promoted, when the refinement difficulty will not be big, because builds up the law is such, needs to modify is the control of crucial moment, therefore has refined these two pill's words, lets the Shen Xiang familiar refinement at most ** when Immortal Dan crucial moment control , to promote not many in other aspects. So long as the promotion of crucial moment control, refines Saint pill to be helpful to him, what after all his alchemy use is Heaven Refining Technique, is not Refining Simulation Technique! If Refining Simulation Technique wants to step up the level, must result in passes through disciplines is good, for example present Shen Xiang only understood that refines seven Immortal Dan, to refine eight, must result in Refining Simulation Technique refines many seven Immortal Dan to be good, familiarizes to seven Immortal Dan various aspects on one step. But God Refining Technique does not need, so long as there is a certain experience, Divine Soul and flame are formidable enough, know when refines seven Immortal Dan flame effort that's alright. Your Sacred Level herbs are many, some are to fleshly body helpful, takes the refinement alone is also Saint pill, if the quantity is big, if you want formidable fleshly body fast are not the issue.” Long Xueyi said.

Meng'er, do you need to eat to select the high level Immortal Dan promotion?” Shen Xiang asked: You can on hand one side places exactly, I anxiously am not wanting that ship in any case now, your strengths can be increased are I compare to care.” This does not use for the time being, our daily refiner are also practice, if you can refine Saint pill, our progress slow point also does have why not?” Liu Meng'er said with a smile: You had Saint pill, if when the time comes we want to be a bit faster formidable, to be easier? Cultivated to be much better compared with the present with hardship!” Good, if when the time comes had Divine Soul that to be better again, your well alchemy, a bit faster refined Saint pill to come.” Xue Xianxian chuckle said: „The Xueyi elder sister gives us every day delicious that many, which to does not go compared with these Immortal Dan difference, does not need to be worried my.” This is good, was laborious you.” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly wells up an inexplicable warmth. With our polite anything.” Dongfang Xinyue tenderly snorted and said: Too did not work as person on one's own side us!” Shen Xiang and several females chatted a while, then starts to refine immortal eight Saint Beast Pill. Immortal eight Saint Beast Fruit put in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, Shen Xiang uses Saint Fire to heat up, starts to smelt, he currently also had a deeper sensibility to Heaven Refining Technique, when he thinks later alchemy will be more relaxed, will have very big help to him. Now refines Saint Beast Pill, really thought simply! Before , he to build up herbs, needs to attack the herbs internal spirit with Divine Power unceasingly, simultaneously controls the powerful big flame to burn down. In he had a deeper understanding after Heaven Refining Technique, when he currently uses God Refining Technique, has made the improvement, is building up the start of herbs, did not have to be so difficult, but he needs to release one type the flame that had intelligence, this type of flame released through Heaven Refining Technique some methods, although looked like, only then such dot, but consumed Divine Power to be quick. The advantage of this type of spirit fire can stabilize quickly builds up herbs, now Shen Xiang on the strong and weak of control spirit fire, found a conjunction the temperature, can build up Saint Beast Fruit fast, although starts to need to adjust the fumble little, once found the conjunction point, he can rapid smelts herbs.