World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1709

Shen Xiang refines eight 9th level Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill, regarding Long Xueyi is just between -meal snack, to help above the practice, that Saint pill is good. If you can refine Saint pill . Moreover the speed is quick, when the time comes certainly is your world.” Long Xueyi thinks to think excited, because Shen Xiang has created many astonishing miracles in the alchemy aspect. Pill Saint in world of Nine Heaven and endless Heaven territory is also few, but these Pill Saint majority lack massive Sacred Level herbs, moreover alchemy technique is mostly the same except for minor differences, is use tedious Refining Simulation Technique. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I have not thought must fight for state power, I want to build up to be many some high level pill, seeks for many high level herbs, can make me and side important person stronger, can explore to suffice in all directions, my ambition is not big.” This actually, you later can refine big group of Saint pill casually, definitely thought that kills everywhere will be very bored.” Long Xueyi thinks that said with a smile: All day eats and drinks extravagantly quite comfortably.” Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace has been very stable, Shen Xiang first time uses this Sacred Level spirit fire alchemy, has not thought that will have such accidental effect. All are very smooth, refines six seven Immortal Dan like me! It seems like these eight Saint Beast Pill are very easy.” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised: Is because this is the Saint Beast Pill reason?” Saint Beast Pill is pill who he refines, although refines high level Saint Beast Pill to need high level Saint Beast Fruit, but the characteristics he is clear, in addition the spirit fire of stability, he so will be smooth, this is not strange. Does not know how refines Heavenly Dragon pill!” Shen Xiang suddenly anticipated refines other eight Pin pill very much with this type of Sacred Level spirit fire. Refines smoothly, refines some.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Although does not have the what help to my practice, but this pill is very delicious, eats a point not to have any fault to me.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: All day knows to eat, they have not had a bad effect on Xianxian, if they also study you same to think eating all day, I was painful.”

At this time heard the Xue Xianxian euphonious tender laughter: „The unfaithful big radish, we must eat your end of hills and rivers, the Xueyi elder sister said that eats a lot, can become stronger.” Xianxian, do not listen her, she to eating the understanding and you are different!” Shen Xiang the face was saying painstakingly: I raised a small greedy dragon to suffice, do not mess about.” Gets what one deserves, who makes you be a womanizer everywhere, you do not have that skill, initially was forgiving on elsewhere, as far as I know...... My later sisters will perhaps crowd here, humph, humph.” Xue Xianxian tenderly snorted and said: Later makes Xueyi much eating the skill teaches, I must have a look at you to have that strength but actually to control that many women.” Hears the Long Xueyi that to rejoice in other people's misfortune laughter, Shen Xiang to want her to clutch very much, then binds her, places big bunch of delicious things the front, makes her unable to eat, can definitely suffer her. Actually this does not have anything to be good to fear that when the time comes I definitely dealt with.” Shen Xiang suddenly becomes has self-confidence very much, because he has thought a person can help busy of this aspect, is Lu Qilian! When elixir and Lu Qilian that elixir his condense comes out mixes together, is fierce, moreover after he and Lu Qilian, has adolescence, perhaps will be when the time comes fiercer, can help him duplicate many high level alchemy herbs absolutely. Good!” Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, this is eight Saint Beast Pill, but Shen Xiang not great sense of achievement, because this Saint Beast Pill refinement difficulty was too low. Has used two double-hour, refines four grains! Very fierce, good good, if tries harder again, can refine a furnace with a double-hour.” Long Xueyi tastes eight Saint Beast Pill that Shen Xiang is refining, approves the mouth unceasingly. Although Long Xueyi likes eating very much, but she is also very natural, she has given Kong Bailing and pearl separately, they are the beasts, can eat this Saint Beast Pill. Then is Heavenly Dragon pill with Saint Beast Pill is the same, is smooth.

In order to experiment that Sacred Level spirit fire, he refines immortal eight Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill repeatedly, refines dozens grains to stop, he has promoted the speed, can a double-hour furnace! Eight Immortal Dan quite famous only then solid Divine Pill, is mainly used for stable Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang raises head to heave a deep sigh: If initially can get so far as is good.” Eight Immortal Dan are Saint Immortal or Saint Monarch eats generally, but this rank mainly cultivates Divine Soul generally, can early practice Divine Soul, and person who melts the Saint is few, generally after is melts the Saint, in Saint Immortal late stage or Saint Monarch this rank cultivates Divine Soul, at this time paid great attention to practice Divine Soul. Therefore immortal seven jade Divine Pill and immortal eight solid Divine Pill have pill of very big help to Divine Soul, sells is also expensive. Young fellow, do you want solid Divine Pill refinement herbs?” After Shen Xiang sighs deeply, sound suddenly transmits together, had a scare him, this inside unexpectedly also has other people. Who is?” Shen Xiang fierce standing up, looks all around, anything cannot see. He stayed here for more than one year, although has not met any danger(ous), but he is still maintaining very high vigilance, but has not discovered any person in more than one year, now suddenly has the sound to transmit, was really too strange. Relax, I am a person, will not injure your.” It looks like somewhat fat middle age, carried on the arm a black burden to walk, the complexion was having the smiling face of narrowing the eyes, looked like looks like the profiteer that type rip-off did not blink stares at prey to be the same. „Are you a person? Do you do here?” Shen Xiang asked that the fist pinched closely, he on the alert the opposite party.

I am a merchant, here person needs anything, I can bring anything to him!” That fat middle age said with a smile: I called Peng Renyi, others called me Renyi my dear generally.” Shen Xiang looks at his deceitful smile, whispered: Sees likely is a profiteer.” „Can you here? Isn't this place the place of infliction from god?” Shen Xiang has referred to the airborne nine blood-colored unlucky stars. Peng Renyi said with a smile: „Before this, truly is the place of infliction from god, but that was very long beforehand matter, you came to here to have a period of time, what disaster did you come across? Obviously does not have, because of this that nine unlucky stars already by seal.” We return to the subject, you said a moment ago needs to refine solid Divine Pill herbs is right! I can help you get so far as!” Shen Xiang said: I want to exit, can you help me? Do you come in? This place is not the place of infliction from god, where is that?” You do not need to know where this is, after you do not need to be worried cannot exit, in brief your dull a period of time, will understand here. You come to here to be so long, everywhere hasn't passed through?” Peng Renyi said with a smile: This place that is said by the fellow who you killed that fearfully, here compared to have the love.”