World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1710
This dim . Moreover the place that was only covered all day by the blood, sees like having the love, fishy actually similar, moreover at present this fellow on mouthful nonsense. I only think to exit now.” Shen Xiang said: You is a merchant, so long as can pay the price, you should help me exit.” Peng Renyi is smiling the nod: Truly is this, so long as can pay the price, I can help you exit, but I stayed here for 100,000 years, has not gained the book that suffices, therefore have not thought that honest stay here! Here suddenly are many a young blood, we very much welcome certainly your.” Shen Xiang has gawked staring, at present this fatty unexpectedly stayed here for 100,000 years, cannot exit. I remember before , resembles some people to come, moreover exited, your have lied!” Shen Xiang said that before Vermilion Bird had come, moreover exited smoothly. That...... The fellow truly a little way, at that time she can exit we is very accidental, afterward we discussed several months, thinks that she is the luck is good, but you do not have this luck, we do not have.” Peng Renyi said: Relax, here and your outside world is similar, is only the population are quite few, moreover your devour others' devil art do not abuse, our places have the love very much, does not hope that saw some people dead, otherwise will be very bored.” Shen Xiang curled the lip: You are very bored, how many people does here have?” Only then 500,000, but majority are very fierce, your present strength, here can only set the base.” Peng Renyi said with a smile: You do not need to be worried that will not have bullied your, here person is very good.” Shen Xiang some do not believe: „If the good person, how to be closed into the place of this infliction from god?” Peng Renyi shakes the head sighs: Said, we were closed majority, here is equal to a prison cell, only then minority the bad luck egg like you astrays here unable to exit, we were closed not to think us to be bad, because a worse fellow worried that we will destroy their good deeds, therefore threw us.” Good, I for the time being believe you.” Shen Xiang thought that this fatty is not very at present simple, the strength is very definitely strong, will otherwise not be quietly stared at his more than one year, moreover is very bored, unexpectedly , etc. he made noise wants the thing the time suddenly appears. Big brother Renyi, if must exit, what needs to make?” Shen Xiang compares to exit, although Peng Renyi said that here has the love very much, but this death Qi heavy place, making the person not want to be dull. You only needed to get so far as 1000 divine coin that's alright!” Peng Renyi puts out two to send out the light silver light the circular money. Shen Xiang carefully looked, the surface looks like very smooth, but if penetrates to look, will discover that in smooth surface, there is very thin a very thin trace, that is one type carves thin spirit pattern very much . Moreover, the complete conformity on the small money, understood at a glance that builds not to be easy.

Other side Peng Renyi crossed, above writes one ancient god character, this ancient character is Long Xueyi teaches Shen Xiang's, but this character also forms with massive complex spirit pattern, but this side also has the strange chart mark that floats, is spirit pattern forms. „Did this money, how many energy put to build? It is necessary? What use can this money have?” Shen Xiang puts out a hand with one, carefully is watching, this money not before him saint stone immortal stone that uses, can absorb inside energy practice. Hehe, little brother your eyesight is good, sees this divine coin fierce place, if to the material you, you can build exactly the same comes?” Peng Renyi asked with a smile. Cannot, be extremely complex. Even if, needs to practice repeatedly, in addition the massive time, possibly reluctantly, the material of consumption possibly are many, moreover first must use very much time to remember these spirit pattern.” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that thinks that complex working procedure, he has the headache. This thing is who makes?” Shen Xiang thought that the refiner level of this person, is definitely fiercer than Jiang Sheng. This person, but Gods God of Wealth, this thing is he tosses about, here has old fellow, has used three hundred thousand years, successfully makes surface to come.” Peng Renyi sighed: However if we want to exit, made 1000 this thing to Heaven Punishment God that's alright, this divine coin I also had more than 50.” After Shen Xiang hears, cannot help but was startled, afterward he gave back to Peng Renyi that divine coin in hand. Peng Renyi comes here 100,000 years , can only get so far as more than 50, obviously this divine coin is precious, but he is looked to Shen Xiang naturally that explained he trusts Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang also gives back to him divine coin, this has also given the Peng Renyi good impression. 1000 can make? Some here how many this divine coin?” Shen Xiang asked: If divine coin is few, that does have the matter that robs to slaughter frequently? How can this place have the love?” Peng Renyi he he smiles: I just came in also how to think that but after this divine coin drop blood, so long as were robbed, your mind moves can return to your hand, if you were killed, divine coin also meets vanish from sight.” Is so fierce!” Shen Xiang exclaims: No wonder builds so will be complex!” old fellow has used three hundred thousand years, copies one side, if the other aspect can also make, then at least also three hundred thousand years, six hundred thousand years build one, think to think the terror. Naturally, this is God of Wealth builds, Gods God of Wealth that is very fierce fellow! But this divine coin is distributes by him, recycling, what it is said is responsible for building is only his several apprentices, every year causes much.” Peng Renyi said: This place can regard as is Divine Prison, detains Gods specially some human and animals harmless fellows, the fellows of doing all kinds of evil in Hell.”

so that's how it is!” Shen Xiang looked at the sky nine unlucky stars, asked: Then I must purchase solid Divine Pill herbs from your hand, needs to be used to buy? I just came, may not have this divine coin.” You can trade thing by the thing, you are the alchemy rare talent, refines immortal eight Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill, that speed is much faster, the fellow who here detains although majority are Gods above, but many are not strong, the beasts have, your Saint Beast Pill give the words that I operate, I ensure does not owe.” Peng Renyi said. Solid Divine Pill herbs has difference, the sapphire ginseng and palm are colored, how many grain of Saint Beast Pill do you need to receive in exchange?” Shen Xiang asked. 20 grains of Saint Beast Pill, 20 grains of Heavenly Dragon pill how?” Peng Renyi said with a smile: This was very sincere.” Five grains of Saint Beast Pill, five grains of Heavenly Dragon pill.” Shen Xiang curled the lip: My ten grains of pill is eight Pin pill, moreover quality excellent, but you only need to me different eight Immortal Medicine, you have gained greatly.” Shen Xiang does not miss Saint Beast Pill, but he is not willing to suffer a loss, let alone the opposite party so is blacker. Good!” Peng Renyi smiled: I am a merchant, institute thinks one seek higher interests is very normal, please do not mind.” I understand, your such person I have also met much.” Shen Xiang puts out 20 grains of Saint Beast Pill and 20 grains of Heavenly Dragon pill, this must come from Long Xueyi there. Later much cooperates, my channel is quite broad, your pills quite many words, I can help you sell.” Peng Renyi is quite satisfied to this transaction. Shen Xiang asked: „Does here trading mode trade the thing by the thing?” The divine coin currency value is very big, a divine coin value is very high, the thing of purchase is that type is very definitely precious, if the ordinary thing, definitely not only trades the thing by the thing. Here many Black Saint Iron, carry on these Black Saint Iron hammers repeatedly, finally can make with the divine coin same material quality god silver iron we becomes silver coin, we trade with this type of silver iron generally, you just came, in the hand surely does not have silver coin.” Peng Renyi puts out one with the divine coin size silver coin, the difference of these silver coin and divine coin is above has not carved to draw any spirit pattern, but the surface makes very smoothly. This silver coin is not fond of playing jokes, immortal eight Saint Beast Pill, need five this silver coin to buy one grain, but this silver coin, needs ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) Black Saint Iron to build, some experts also take one month to make one to come.” Peng Renyi said: silver coin that builds, can give God of Wealth, after God of Wealth they recycle, can be used to build up the become god money.”

Shen Xiang somewhat understood: Said, to obtain divine coin, but can also trade with these silver coin? How many silver coin needs to trade divine coin?” Hundred million silver coin can trade divine coin to God of Wealth!” Peng Renyi saw Shen Xiang to be frightened, laughed: Is very surprised? However I told you, in my hand had 30 divine coin such to trade!” 30 divine coin, trade with 3 billion silver coins, thinks not to think that easily, but must leave here, needs 1000 divine coin to be good, Shen Xiang's suddenly has somewhat hurt, this is truly difficult! Where does Black Saint Iron have?” Shen Xiang asked: How haven't I seen?” That is because you do not have to walk everywhere, the place that you are at now is very bleak, was already dug, you gain ground to have a look, that nine stars that rays are weakest.” Peng Renyi asked. Begins this.” Shen Xiang has referred. Now most people on this stars, above are very big, you had a look to know.” Peng Renyi said with a smile: You best to be familiar first run all over the place again, on these unlucky stars also many danger(ous).” These unlucky star unexpectedly can come up!” Shen Xiang is very surprised. Naturally, you went to know to above, to above, all was normal! I must go back now, while convenient leads you to come up, if you must fly, needs long time.” Peng Renyi puts out a disc, stands with Shen Xiang above, then he controls the disc to rise fast, has been suddenly far away from the ground. This abandoning the place of infliction from god, unexpectedly turned imprisons Gods specially the above prisoner, Peng Renyi said that these prisoner majority were good, this made Shen Xiang think that Gods the above ruling circles were not the good thing. But here biggest use, is used to produce that silver coin, then delivers to Gods to process into divine coin, in Gods circulation.