World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1711
Before Shen Xiang, thinks that nine unlucky stars are the energy groups, has not thought that unexpectedly is the real stars, moreover is huge, are revolving leisurely, sends out the blood red multi-colored sunlight, but this multi-colored sunlight is not these forms oneself to release, because outside is wrapping an energy barrier formation. The disc flying speed rapidness of Peng Renyi, approaches that first unlucky star all of a sudden. Brother Peng, your this magic treasure very fierce, if my full speed flight, is far from your this flying disc being fierce.” Shen Xiang carefully looks at spirit pattern in flying disc surface, discovered that these spirit pattern are not ordinary, with that divine book above abstrusest is the same. I am a merchant, must run frequently everywhere, speed quick thing, can make me more economical the matter! Words that you want, I can help you make one, the price say.” Peng Renyi said with a smile: My flying disc value two divine coin, are others gives to me.” Although is only two divine coin, but Shen Xiang understood after divine coin is hard-won, knows that this is very big number. Said that this thing was divine tool?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is, a divine coin above thing, is divine tool, just has advantages and disadvantages, in Gods, value thousands ten thousand divine coin divine tool has.” Here, the Peng Renyi whole face looked forward to: If there is divine tool of that rank, in Gods is also very fierce.” Value surely divine coin divine tool! Shen Xiang does not dare to imagine that is what kind, in brief these two divine coin flying disc were fierce. Like my this blade value how many divine coin?” Shen Xiang takes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. After Peng Renyi receives, almost lets go, because sank. „A good blade, has not thought that your unexpectedly has this type of good thing, I look at least value more than ten divine coin! Where do you come? Properly speaking this divine tool should not appear in the place outside Gods.” Peng Renyi is somewhat surprised, he carefully looked, said: 20 divine coin should some people want.”

In world of Nine Heaven and in the endless world, this Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is very fierce Divine Blade, but here is more than 20 divine coin things, but in Gods above, value divine coin Divine Weapon, can be fiercer than surely time Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? Shen Xiang admires Jiang Sheng at this time, worthily is Divine Craftsman, not having Godhead, unexpectedly to refine this quite fierce Divine Weapon. How long 20 can divine coin gain generally?” Shen Xiang asked: Is speed that the average person gains.” My hundred thousand many years have made more than 50, this is quite good! The words of average person, must make 20 probably to take 100,000 years.” Peng Renyi thinks: divine coin is not fond of playing jokes, many person silver coin are not enough to spend here.” silver coin needs massive Black Saint Iron to build, here is Black Saint Iron a without owner? Can mine at will, what can occur to conflict?” Shen Xiang asked that he also wants to try to build some silver coin, or they made to Dongfang Xinyue Liu Meng'er, they were this expert in aspect. If in No. 1 unlucky star, absolutely will not have the conflict, No. 1 unlucky star is orderly, you should better because of No. 1 unlucky star are staying that's alright, on other eight unlucky stars was not quite harmonious.” Peng Renyi said. Shen Xiang knit the brows, deceived feelings: You did not say before here has the love very much?” Peng Renyi has coughed several: What I said is only No. 1 unlucky star, I ensure you will stay in No. 1 unlucky star will definitely not have the trouble, other unlucky stars...... Was difficult to say.” „Does dead fatty, what matter you also conceal my? I felt that must be sold by you were same.” Shen Xiang stared Peng Renyi one. flying disc has flown into No. 1 unlucky star in red energy shield, under in the air can see to have a big piece ** sea, but on the land, there are many piece by piece greens, should be the plant.

Good, I truly must sell you. However you could rest assured that I very conscientious, I will sell a good price you, then divides your half, fellow who if meets other black hearts! A your money does not have.” Peng Renyi has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: I suffice Renyi!” Renyi your Sir!” Shen Xiang wants to trample very much this goods, has sold others, but also is righteous, but also thought that has helped others busy. I must walk, I do not sell to you!” Shen Xiang must leave, by a Peng Renyi holding down shoulder, he immediately could not actually be moved, this Peng Renyi strength surpasses him. Little brother, you do not need too to be worried that I sold you am good to you!” A Peng Renyi face is earnest. This is I have listened to rottenly the funniest reason, how you did not say that has sold me, is that the good fortune that my three generations cultivate?” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. I just want to say!” Peng Renyi laughed: Good, told you honestly, I sold to bank you, there was produces specially manufactures silver coin, I sold there you, you wanted there work that's alright, will not be maltreated, the wages took.” Peng Renyi suddenly lowers the sound: Actually...... If you hands and feet is agile, but can also steal some silver coin, this is a golden opportunity, although you look like the comparison dish, but you are very fierce, I believe that you can certainly mix many silver coin there.” Shen Xiang lowered the head to ponder, if delivered to him bank, truly can a very good opportunity do massive silver coin to him. Actually I have not sold you, recommends you to go to there work, but that work few people do, therefore they to me the recommendation fee, altogether will be two ten thousand silver coin, I will give you 10,000.” Peng Renyi was saying, puts out storage pouch, gives Shen Xiang: You have a look, this is silver coin, your eyesight is good, should be able to see the genuine and fake.” Shen Xiang puts out several, above silver is bright, truly comes out with the Black Saint Iron fining.

„It is not right, you did not say that before one month can hit silver coin? You give me 10,000, said that I at least do take 10,000 months in that bank work?” Peng Renyi said: That is seeks for Black Saint Iron in a person independently, in the situation that the independence builds, takes one month to hit one, but in bank different, that is a troop person, they use various fierce magic treasure assistances, quick can cause silver coin to come.” How long in that bank then I do need to work?” In Shen Xiang heart very wants to go to that bank. Ten years, moreover every year will have thousand silver coin, ten years were 10,000, in addition I gave you 10,000 am 20,000, you came here ten years, can get so far as two ten thousand silver coin, this was not easy, if you can steal in inside, will be perhaps more! You must know that looks like your this strength the little rascal head, one year is also only dozens silver coin.” Peng Renyi is still pressing the Shen Xiang's shoulder, does not make him run away. Shen Xiang coldly snorted: Wants hundred million silver coin to trade that divine coin, my alchemy words, compare bank to work quickly.” Good, I all told you, I sold in you bank, another goal! I look in you quite trustworthy share, I allow you to participate, I know that you are not simple little rascal, otherwise you will not have that Divine Blade.” Peng Renyi receives the smiling face, is serious.