World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1712

Peng Renyi loosened the hand, no longer holds down the Shen Xiang's shoulder, indicates own manner. I had said before, divine coin cannot snatch secretly, because after divine coin drop blood owner recognition, only then the master can use! However silver coin is different, silver coin!” Peng Renyi laughed: I arranged the person in bank, after you went, so long as coordinated inside person, can help me steal massive silver coin! Naturally, a time cannot take too, can only come little, this will not be discovered.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Why do you look for me? You so are trustworthy I, did not fear that I did tell the bank master?” Peng Renyi said: I believe that I look at the vision of person, little rascal that you rush by mistake, moreover anxiously exiting, you want to bring in money quickly, only then works with me! If you told bank Village Master, he could not give your many! I do not know that your outside world is any world, but you should be very clear, the master like bank this place, majority is the miser, is the stingy ghost.” A Shen Xiang face despises: You added that before here is the comparison has the love place, I also think that so is really harmonious!” Peng Renyi happily said with a smile: „Does this to not deceive you come? However this unlucky star was very good. Also, the places of some people, had the darkness, has the rule, isn't this very normal? Young heart in the old days, even if the god is also a type, will otherwise not have God of Wealth this fellow. But that fellow has the strength to formulate the rule, therefore does not use that laboriously, if some day the rule helps them cross not well, they will formulate the new rule.” Shen Xiang breaks him: Rubbish, concrete told me! If I were held, what fate will have?” Held words, ten have ** will be chopped the hand, then beats savagely one to lose, the poor life will not have the matter generally.” Peng Renyi said with a smile: You felt relieved that if your hands and feet were cut, I use pills to help you continued from above am.” If I coordinate you, how many silver coin can obtain probably?” The Shen Xiang comparison cares about this, if were inferior that he buys pills to make money, he is disinclined to take this risk, Peng Renyi, although said that will be chopped the hand, but could not do well the poor life lost, this place detained the Gods place, this strength here was a dregs. If coordinates well, one month million silver coin. That is one of the four big bank, that bank Village Master is a God of Wealth apprentice, that bank silver coin will enter Gods finally, then gives the God of Wealth apprentice to build the become god money.” Peng Renyi said. One month million silver coin, this may have a scare Shen Xiang! „Isn't this does? bank that the God of Wealth apprentice opens we steal, was discovered only to be chopped how possibly the hand?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. Actually four big bank are the God of Wealth apprentice here opens, moreover these apprentices have many other apprentices, is responsible for building divine coin, the God of Wealth whole family is richest in Gods, Gods all divine coin from here.” Peng Renyi said: Like Gods consumption divine coin speed, one year at least also 10 billion high and low!” divine coin are getting more and more, is divine coin unworthy more and more?” Shen Xiang to Gods the divine coin system operation is quite curious.

This actually, after divine coin revolves, generally will return to the God of Wealth hand, or grasps in other powerful Gods hands, then these Gods borrow again divine coin, but will be majority of also used to build Divine Weapon, Black Saint Iron fining from now on silver coin, is one type the good material that refines Divine Weapon, after especially to engrave spirit pattern, can save many working procedures.” Peng Renyi said. Thus it can be seen, in Gods on, is a very complex world, must with the fist speech, if God of Wealth is not fierce, who divine coin that uses him to manufacture? Hehe, in Gods, some people to obtain divine coin, can mortgage Godhead, is used to go shopping taking advantage of divine coin, sometimes to obtain Godhead, loans divine coin bank, will send for obstructing others to earn divine coin in secret, the mortgage time crosses, Godhead turns over to bank.” Peng Renyi said with a smile. Peng Renyi from starts flying disc newly, carries Shen Xiang to descend toward below that vast land. One month steals million silver coin, won't this cause the discovery?” Some Shen Xiang worries. „, When the time comes you will not know, the God of Wealth apprentice little comes to this damned place, silver coin that so long as delivers every month sufficed certain amount that's alright, we took away the unnecessary that part.” Peng Renyi said with a smile. The front distant place has a city, is huge, construction massive big grand stone building, the city does not have no formation to protect, inside lends the aura of gangs of robbers once for a while, inside is gathering many expert. Person are many, five hundred thousand people who not only you said are so few!” Shen Xiang said. Said that was deceives your, Gods earliest had the world of life, there existed many years, originally in the person who above Divine Prison detained, was sent here, the light was these 1 million years, every year dozens were sent here, the quantity were many.” Peng Renyi said: Gods is a very huge world, every year offends the rule grasped fellow are many.” Peng Renyi brings Shen Xiang to enter the city, this city is ancient, these constructions looked like very much have the year, filled great changes, but was firm, these many year of unexpectedly not decayed. Arrives at this unlucky star place, here unexpectedly can see the sunlight, perhaps if to the night, can see all over the sky the stars, but is away from other this very near eight unlucky stars, a unexpectedly point cannot see. Here has to sell Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang suddenly asked. No, people who because of being able to afford not here, but the refinement Spell Bound Pill fellow, possibly has not appeared in this place! Grain of most disappointing Divine Pill, sells over a million divine coin, some these many divine coin, early can exit.” Peng Renyi said that he made 50 divine coin to use the hundred thousand many years.

Divine Weapon?” Shen Xiang also asked that the Divine Pill price made him be surprised, moreover was the most disappointing that type. Inferior Divine Weapon definitely has, generally in five ten divine coin below, reforger does not have, second-hand, was detained here Sir, passes Sir's day, has to sell out to trade the comfortable day Divine Weapon.” Peng Renyi sighed: If I have that idea, I can moisten here crossed on many years.” Shen Xiang very wants the knowledge from the Peng Renyi mouth to be many some Gods the matter, because after that is him, place that tracing needs to conquer. Old Peng, said that Gods also did have Godhead to sell? Is the price what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked. Forming generally about, is surely good a point several million to have, but is good a point has been short, because there is a very good Godhead fellow, is the strength is very formidable, has no need to pawn trades divine coin, can gain many by the strength.” Peng Renyi said: What's wrong? Do you want to buy?” Shen Xiang shook the head, asked: „If Infernal Demon Emperor, he must purchase four Godhead, for him is the pressure big?” Peng Renyi knits the brows: „Did you ask this doing?” Infernal Demon Emperor posts a reward his matter not to transmit here, this makes Shen Xiang relax, after all here is the God of Wealth domain, Infernal Demon Emperor does not dare to offend first of the rich and powerful people Gods. Anything, I have not asked.” Shen Xiang said. Infernal Demon Emperor is mainly the dependence sells soul to gain divine coin, four most convenient Godhead, for him but are actually not anything, he in Gods the wealth is one that the comparison sets the base, but also has billions and billions divine coin.” Peng Renyi said. Now Shen Xiang understands, four Godhead regarding Infernal Demon Emperor, but also is really not anything, but can actually let world of Nine Heaven and on endless Heaven territory many top rank expert under the mountain of sword sea of fire chases down him. Richest should not be alchemy?” Shen Xiang asked: Divine Pill definitely sells above very much expensively!” Refines the Divine Pill fellow not to be many above, generally can refine tall Pinsheng pill, understood that refines the Divine Pill alchemy master, majority are itself has other aspects to earn divine coin, otherwise who can sell these divine medicine to come alchemy?”

Peng Renyi said with a smile: „Should you not be will plan alchemy becoming rich?” Drew near?” Shen Xiang alchemy for by own become stronger, or is receiving in exchange are many some to his useful thing, regarding grasping massive divine coin, he does not have any interest, only if Liu Meng'er they need divine coin to come refiner. Peng Renyi referred to signing that although was short, but actually very huge construction, looked like square, the place that but covered was very broad. Is there, named Plentiful God bank, Plentiful God is the God of Wealth three apprentices.” Peng Renyi said that then he gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: How must steal silver coin specifically, you went in knew, some people will teach you, fellow who when the time comes I and in attached respectively 40%, you 20%!” Is 20 ten thousand silver coin?” The Shen Xiang response said. „Is this insufficient? One year at least has dabbler hundred thousand, 200 years 500 million, suffice to receive in exchange for five divine coin, in 2000 50, my hundred thousand year have gotten so far as 50.” Peng Renyi ill-humored saying: little brat, too greedy is not good.” Shen Xiang calculates, if according to this speed, he at least is better for tens of thousands years to get so far as 1000 divine coin, when the time comes he can exit. He cannot dull so be here long, here stayed for hundred years to make him depressed, let alone tens of thousands years. Peng Renyi leads into Shen Xiang Plentiful God bank, comes out to greet his person is the bank storekeeper, is a tall and thin middle age, he and Peng Renyi are very ripe, they met talk at random to chat the moment. That bank storekeeper has sized up Shen Xiang, a face satisfactory nod: Good, the body board is very solid, is the material of working. Ten years, two ten thousand silver coin!” The storekeepers to Peng Renyi two ten thousand silver coin, then said to Shen Xiang: Young fellow, just came, you can come to here to work, can only say that your luck is good, others want to come unable to come, suffices well dry for ten years, understanding this place, when the time comes you can while convenient the exiting wanderer.”