World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1713
Shen Xiang was brought to this Plentiful God bank underground, with under is a very huge silver coin workshop, after he was brought to below, was informed, he every month only then a day can exit . Moreover the range can only around Plentiful God bank. Workshop inside many people at this time in using a black thing feel some silver coin, slid that's alright the silver coin polish, here population had over ten thousand, silver coin that manufactured were also many, Shen Xiang in the side of visible warehouse on, piles up, waiting final processing silver coin. Definitely not only this person manufactures silver coin, this place should be the final working place, other places should have, does not know how here person will make you coordinate to steal silver coin.” Long Xueyi said. You are newly arrived, comes with me!” A middle age walks, looks at his wear, should be here compares the status, he gives Shen Xiang in secret sound transmission: You are Peng Renyi bring? What did he have with you have said?” Yes, he and I said that after arriving here, how some people will teach me to do.” The Shen Xiang response said. Shen Xiang follows behind that middle age, that middle age said: I am here manager, you called Tai Zong Guan that's alright, your work was responsible for taking inventory silver coin, then put in storage pouch.” Peng Renyi planted agent unexpectedly here has the so high authority, the casualness can arrange him to do this work, on this link, should better make silver coin. However Shen Xiang now is not a little clear, this Tai Zong Guan why do not do, if only then Tai Zong Guan and Peng Renyi, they can 55 divide up money, does not need to give 20% him. Peng Renyi leads into a very spacious brutality Shen Xiang, inside piles up many silver coin, on the wall is having many, processes good silver coin to come out from inside continuously, falls into this warehouse, here the youth, is putting in batches of silver coin storage pouch. Tai Zong Guan gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: You must pay attention to a point that person, the fellow is to seal|confer Shen sends, be not discovered that I will tell you that person of detail, you are familiar with here this month, will wait for next month again fight.” Now Shen Xiang understands why Tai Zong Guan do not do, once because was discovered that the fate is very definitely miserable. If he, when the time comes was caught, Tai Zong Guan was blamed at most, will not have the major problem.

Shen Xiang despises Peng Renyi and this Tai Zong Guan secretly, they do not need to make anything, respectively obtains 40% silver coin, but he 20%, but must brave life danger(ous). These two bastards, no wonder my name did not ask that it seems like they have regarded as me is a deceased person.” In Shen Xiang heart coldly snorted. Tai Zong Guan has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Does well, if you display, perhaps later can arrive at my this position.” After Tai Zong Guan leaves, the person who that Plentiful God sends walks, gives storage pouch of Shen Xiang wicker basket. On you doesn't have storage equipment?” Although that person such asked that but he up and down is actually sweeping the Shen Xiang's body with a very swift and fierce look, he does not wait for Shen Xiang to reply that nodded. So long as does not have storage equipment, is hard to steal silver coin from here, therefore that person does not need too to be worried about other. Here has 50 storage pouch, each storage pouch installs surely silver coin, do not miscount!” That person of icy saying, then he gave Shen Xiang to demonstrate, put out storage pouch, then Divine Power put, big piece of silver coin float. After the moment, he takes inventory surely silver coin, these silver coin are similar to running water is ordinary, crash-bang crash-bang flies, enters in storage pouch. You should know how to do!” That person said that arrives at the corner of distant place, lies down on that couch, he anything does not need to do now, so long as watches Shen Xiang, do not let him steal silver coin that's alright. In the Shen Xiang heart sneers: Such one, this fellow can goof off, anything not need to do, like this is just right!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Peng Renyi this fatty underestimated you, he does not know that you have fierce Hidden Jade Ring.”

This warehouse is huge, all around has over a hundred holes, will fall to process good silver coin to come in every time, but here is also piling very many silver coin, these silver coin have not counted, this very convenient Shen Xiang steals silver coin. Has not started quickly, today you must install these 50 bags.” In that person of yelled of corner, the expression and manner are not good, but Shen Xiang does not care, what because gains finally is big is he. If his sincerity must do, he can pack these 50 bags all of a sudden, but he intentionally slows down the speed now, he must observe here well. After he installs one bag, that person walks, took inventory in the silver coin quantity, then nodded: Every day installed 100 bags to exit to rest.” Shen Xiang has used more than three double-hour, installed 50 bags, that person also calculated quite, is taking satisfied these storage pouch, left this warehouse with Shen Xiang. This deposits silver coin warehouse to be wrapped solid by various barrier, even if that Tai Zong Guan does not have the authority to open, the talented person who only then that Plentiful God sends can. Shen Xiang was brought to a Plentiful God bank mountain scene village, he very small houses, he just did here shortly, that Tai Zong Guan came. This is that person of detail, you have a look first, concrete we discussed again.” Tai Zong Guan to Shen Xiang sound transmission, but on mouth is actually some words of inquiry work, this is to avoid being listened secretly to begin to have suspicions. Shen Xiang looked at that to be responsible for managing warehouse the material of person, had a scare, that person of unexpectedly was an efficient subordinate of Plentiful God apprentice, named Yu Fan, was powerful, had Godhead, but also was not Gods. On me does not have storage equipment, before that Yu Fan, has inspected me, he looks very tightly to me.” Shen Xiang gives Tai Zong Guan sound transmission.

He and I said that you do well, compared with former that several good.” Tai Zong Guan smiled: Before that several were also Peng Renyi looks, but was awkward, they have not started fight, was expelled by Yu Fan! You make the good impression on him now, later does well, can definitely get so far as many silver coin.” Tai Zong Guan gave Shen Xiang storage ring, sound transmission said: This is Peng Renyi and I pays storage equipment that the soaring price buys, can hide, will not be discovered by Yu Fan, before that several fellows went are discovered that but you with silver coin time must be careful, Yu Fan was fierce.” Shen Xiang received that storage ring, looked at inside space, is smaller compared with Hidden Jade Ring, but can put over a billion silver coin. Takes your time should not be anxious, we have are the time!” Tai Zong Guan is satisfied to Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang obtains the appreciation of that Yu Fan, can long time keep there work. Shen Xiang takes that ring, he has to admire to refine Hidden Jade Ring that Refining Master now, unexpectedly is looked by Yu Fan. You some day time can leave Plentiful God bank every month, outside you when the time comes can go to walk, I think that you definitely will not give up here good work.” Tai Zong Guan to let Shen Xiang helps him and Peng Renyi steals silver coin, has given Shen Xiang hundred thousand silver coin very much naturally.