World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1714
Shen Xiang kindly accepted that hundred thousand silver coin, although he has not known that is used to buy anything, but enough makes him purchase to eight 9th level Immortal Medicine here, even can buy including Sacred Level herbs, his suddenly thought that Peng Renyi sells to come here him is not a misdemeanor. If you can make Yu Fan more satisfied, perhaps he meets comes out to play to you every day, he was sent to come to here to have more than 50 years, but has not rested, can find the person who is competent his work, the speed is also fast, is not quite easy.” Tai Zong Guan said. „Aren't you good?” Shen Xiang asked. I naturally, but his agree does not make me help him, because my strength is quite strong! But your cultivation base is low, he does not have any scruples.” Tai Zong Guan said. Tai Zong Guan must walk, in the Shen Xiang heart also the issue, he thinks, asked: Tai Zong Guan, Peng Renyi looked to help the Yu Fan person before, afterward how?” Afterward they went to very far place.” Tai Zong Guan said with a smile, but Shen Xiang actually knows that definitely eliminated a potential informant by him and Peng Renyi. Peng Renyi and Tai Zong Guan unexpectedly was not worried that he told Yu Fan this matter. Tai Zong Guan gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: You should know, the matter that if you cooperate three of us had said Yu Fan hear, he first will definitely kill you, but I and Peng Renyi can run away in the quickest time! Naturally, you is a smart person, you definitely understand, silver coin that you gain here definitely.” Out Shen Xiang delivers to Tai Zong Guan, in heart relaxed secretly, that Tai Zong Guan gave his pressure very big a moment ago, obviously this Tai Zong Guan is also a very strong fellow, Ba Langshen is the same with he has met. Shen Xiang can only stroll in this Plentiful God bank inside small villa, must go to the silver coin warehouse words, but must wait till tomorrow dawn, he takes advantage to use Life Slaughtering Technique concise elixir in the room these days, he buys solid Divine Pill refinement herbs from Peng Renyi there, the sapphire ginseng and palm are colored, he must duplicate is used for alchemy. Next morning, Tai Zong Guan looks for Shen Xiang, took to that silver coin warehouse him, Yu Fan already in inside. After Tai Zong Guan leaves, Yu Fan closes the warehouse front door, then puts out magic treasure, changes a room of jade system. Today needs to pack 150 storage pouch, completed has knocked my door.” Yu Fan gets the Shen Xiang's physical exam once more, having a look at him to carry other storage equipment, then gives Shen Xiang wicker basket storage pouch. Actually this type is very exactly simple, but requires some time, moreover needs very trustworthy talented person line, therefore can only Plentiful God send for the supervision personally, or is lets do personally. So long as this Yu Fan found one to make his satisfied person, he was responsible for inspecting that's alright every day, other time can practice. Yu Fan enters that jade system in house, Shen Xiang does not know that he does do in, he does not dare to investigate, was worried that after Yu Fan discovered that he is expelled, when the time comes definitely will eliminate a potential informant by Tai Zong Guan and Peng Renyi.

happily said with a smile of Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring: This was also too easy, that Yu Fan unexpectedly not careful inspected your storage equipment, so was lax, he does not know that had storage equipment to hide?” Liu Meng'er said: This he does not know actually, when is Shen Xiang comes, across invisible barrier, that barrier can inspect storage equipment that hides! storage ring that however Hidden Jade Ring and Tai Zong Guan give had not been inspected.” Dongfang Xinyue said: „The Hidden Jade Ring refinement technique is wise, is much fiercer than that Tai Zong Guan gives, Tai Zong Guan and Peng Renyi definitely that ring that uses many divine coin to buy.” Shen Xiang also wants according to the instruction of Tai Zong Guan, first well does for 1-2 months, but he sees to be so easy to go well now, he could not bear. This warehouse is huge plaza, silver bright silver coin piles up, piles everywhere is, Shen Xiang estimated that here must have several hundred hundred million these many, moreover every day unceasingly is still increasing. Shen Xiang starts to work, starts to load storage pouch silver coin, he when installed to start fight to more than 70 storage pouch! He uses Divine Power to cover big piece of silver coin, the careful point 11 million come, then transfers these silver coin, prepares to load storage pouch time, he uses the small method, is the camouflage. It seems like enters that storage pouch, million silver coin entered in Hidden Jade Ring actually. Then, cannot by that Yu Fan consciousness. Now also more than 70 storage pouch must install, he uses this method 25 times, moreover is suitable for two million silver coin each time, such one, he today is suitable for five surely silver coin! divine coin needs hundred million silver coin to exchange, he has gotten so far as half today! Sir, I completed!” Shen Xiang is knocking the door of that jade room gently. After Yu Fan opens the door, Divine Power sweeps near the Shen Xiang foot 150 storage pouch of that wicker basket, he has inspected repeatedly several times, discovers not to have the mistake, then satisfied nod, and waves to grasp, made small box silver coin to give Shen Xiang: Does well, later continues maintains!” Shen Xiang received that box silver coin, a face was happy that then expressed gratitude hastily. Naturally, this is he installs, he has gotten so far as five surely silver coin today, he cannot have a liking for this. Henceforth can also see that Yu Fan can use these silver coin here at will, but silver coin does not have what use to him, divine coin is useful, he possibly did not have the strength to process the become god money silver coin. Now Shen Xiang can also affirm, this warehouse inside silver coin not concrete number, so long as did not make other people carry off that's alright from here, but entered here person to have Shen Xiang and Yu Fan. Yu Fan has not affected with silver coin anything, but Shen Xiang was supervised by Yu Fan, therefore Yu Fan very much felt relieved now.

Today Shen Xiang only uses five double-hour to complete the work, Yu Fan has also been able to leave here earlier, his not accidental Shen Xiang can do that quickly, he knows that Shen Xiang's Divine Power is not weak, later is gradually familiar, the speed can also be faster. Shen Xiang is holding a box, in high spirit going out warehouse, other worker here sees all the way, one face project, because that is hits to enjoy, at least over a thousand silver coin, this generally is others works for one month to gain. Shen Xiang is the happiness of sincerity, because he has gotten so far as five surely silver coin, later he operates well, a day can make 100 million is not the issue. This manufactures the silver coin speed to be really quick, every day can pile up that many, although takes part every day.” Long Xueyi exclaims: „Does Gods above cook with divine coin?” Liu Meng'er said: I thought fiercest should be these fellow who silver coin processes the become god money, their day can manufacture that many, worthily is Gods, that strength is not we can imagine.” Four bank are making silver coin to escort to Gods, today Plentiful God bank has selected 1.5 billion, if four bank are this number, that is 60 hundred million divine coin, Gods above every day not only can manufacture 6 billion that complex divine coin, but can also consume that many, thinks to think the terror. Has the opportunity to make divine coin to show us, wants to know that comes the refiner effect to be what kind of really with divine coin.” Xue Xianxian said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Relax, is quick I to get so far as.” Returns to the room, Tai Zong Guan knew that Shen Xiang has been hit to enjoy, immediately comes. It seems like Yu Fan is good to you, perhaps after you, mixes compared with me fortunately, but hopes you to remember that you are make money, even if you are high in the Plentiful God bank status, gains forever has not cooperated with us that many.” Tai Zong Guan gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang does not certainly believe this nonsense, like Tai Zong Guan this strength, silver coin that here gets so far as are definitely many. I give your storage ring, most can install 100.02 million surely silver coin, if you can one year pack, we also will apportion when the time comes you more.” Originally Tai Zong Guan and Peng Renyi only hope that Shen Xiang makes more than ten million silver coin every year, but he sees Yu Fan to be so good to Shen Xiang now, he upper limit promotion of actually to 120 million! Such one, he and Peng Renyi one year almost gets so far as half divine coin, compared with before them found the way to earn silver coin everywhere quickly, they can sufficiently collect 1000 divine coin quickly, then left this damned place. I will make contribution.” Shen Xiang will not tell at present this fellow, he has made five surely silver coin today, his later every day must make that many, in any case his Hidden Jade Ring greatly. Following more than ten days, need to install 200 bags every day, this more convenient Shen Xiang along walking silver coin, this matter he more does is more convenient, exceed has not taken into consideration, short several days, he gets so far as ten hundred million silver coin, but Yu Fan had not discovered that this warehouse inside silver coin that many.

It seems like you were getting more and more familiar, later you work every day, can visit outside, your wages I will issue you, every day two thousand silver coin.” Yu Fan this for many years, first time felt that was sent is that crisp, his is happy, gives Shen Xiang box of silver coin every day, this command many people envy. Finally did not need to be closed in Plentiful God bank, Shen Xiang went out of the underground workshop, went out of the bank front door directly, arrived at outside street. Shen Xiang comes out, first is goes to these to sell the weapon magic treasure shop, in Hidden Jade Ring several females, is interested in these things, he wants to make finds relief to them. Buys to select the refiner material, here should have many world of Nine Heaven not to have! Can the words, buy a good point refiner cauldron furnace again, like this we refined Mysterious Space Iron to be quick.” Liu Meng'er told Shen Xiang. Um, what but also there is? Several woman'ses.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I must eat.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Delicious that's alright.” Sister Meng'er helped me say.” Xue Xianxian said: Youlan, you? What has to want?” Leng Youlan thinks: Temporarily does not have, I do not lack now.” Dongfang Xinyue, Kong Bailing and pearl do not have the need thing, but Dongfang Jing is still closing up, fuses that Vermilion Bird inheritance fruit. Shen Xiang just went out of Plentiful God bank shortly, Tai Zong Guan pursued. Fang Yu, you are not ripe to this outside, I lead you.” Tai Zong Guan said with a smile. Fang Yu is Shen Xiang tells Tai Zong Guan and Yu Fan fictitious name, Tai Zong Guan possibly does not know that Infernal Demon Emperor posts a reward his matter, perhaps but Yu Fan knows. „The Old Tai brother, you came happen, I happen to need to buy a thing, I too did not know about here quotation.” Shen Xiang patted had feared that his shoulder, these more than ten days, Tai Zong Guan will look for him every day, looked like their relationship is very good.