World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1715
Shen Xiang does not have what favorable impression to Tai Zong Guan and Peng Renyi, if not for his a little ability, his here definitely danger(ous), these two people will not pay attention to his life, now sees him to have the use value very much, so will be good to him. After Shen Xiang and Tai Zong Guan walked long journey, left the Plentiful God bank range, at this time Peng Renyi this fatty suddenly braved from a corner. Peng Renyi extremely cared to the Shen Xiang's matter that he also stays in this city, every day will wait for that Tai Zong Guan spreads the Shen Xiang's news, he must understand whether Shen Xiang can be competent their plans, if not good, they must move Shen Xiang as early as possible eliminate a potential informant. But now, Peng Renyi knows that Shen Xiang does splendidly, sees Shen Xiang, smilingly said: I had said before, sold you are is good to you, you get to know the benefits of now!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, but in his heart actually very approves of the words that Peng Renyi spoke, Peng Renyi said well, gets so far as in him Plentiful God bank, making him obtain very huge advantage, this is Peng Renyi and Tai Zong Guan does not know. He must buy something here, you go with him, you are an expert to this aspect comparison.” Tai Zong Guan gives Peng Renyi Shen Xiang, then returns to Plentiful God bank. Peng Renyi knows that Shen Xiang can obtain hitting of Yu Fan to enjoy every day, more than ten days obtain 20,000 many silver coin, regarding Shen Xiang this strength, are very good income. „Do you want to go shopping? I am a merchant, I can convenient sell to you.” Peng Renyi is building the Shen Xiang's shoulder, happily said with a smile: Is so ripe with you, I will definitely give you a good price.” More ripe more pit, Shen Xiang does not believe this set. You lead me to visit here shop first, expensive of if really compared with you selling, I buy your thing again.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Great Merchant Peng, the present is to examine your price is the minimum time.” Peng Renyi also hit Suankeng Shen Xiang one, now has malingered, the Shen Xiang that ghost essence, he had asked for advice before, he also keeps thinking about Shen Xiang that now Divine Blade, but he thinks that he knows over the next several years, Shen Xiang can definitely help him and Tai Zong Guan gets so far as massive silver coin, that may be much better than Divine Blade. What thing do you want to buy?” Peng Renyi asked.

„The refiner material, best to refine sacred tool, how many silver coin does this need generally?” Shen Xiang did not know about here quotation that but Peng Renyi as a profiteer, definitely understands these, making Peng Renyi lead him to go shopping is also good. „Aren't you only alchemy? Also understands refiner!” Peng Renyi also thinks that Shen Xiang must purchase alchemy herbs, has not thought that unexpectedly is refiner. Does not understand, I want to buy here, then takes reselling.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You have not known when can go back, now is thinking matter of buying cheap and selling dear, was too early?” Peng Renyi said: You now how many silver coin?” Altogether more than 130,000.” Shen Xiang said. Before Tai Zong Guan, gave Shen Xiang hundred thousand silver coin, Peng Renyi also knows that this matter, in addition hitting of Yu Fan enjoyed, was almost this number. Peng Renyi said: Refines the sacred tool material to have, but not convenient, generally is by the Jin, is quite ordinary, needs one thousand silver coin one jin (0.5 kg).” Regarding Shen Xiang, this very convenient. Good point?” Shen Xiang asked. sacred tool is divided into low-grade middle-grade High-Grade generally, the Sacred Level refiner material is also so, the low-grade material generally is one thousand silver coin one jin (0.5 kg), middle-grade is 2000, High-Grade 5000, are good a point on over ten thousand silver coin one jin (0.5 kg).” Peng Renyi said: What's wrong? How you do not think expensive, this very convenient?” Shen Xiang said: Not?”

Peng Renyi thinks that later Shen Xiang can do to more than 100 million silver coin every month, obtains two also 2-3 surely, this truly very convenient, when the premise is Shen Xiang starts fight. Liu Meng'er said: Temporarily buys middle-grade, we are used to practice acquiring a skill, when skilled then buys some well, refines High-Grade sacred tool.” Xue Xianxian said with a smile: When the time comes refines one set is not the issue.” Hopes that outside all peace, then my here dull a period of time, while convenient gets so far as the Divine Level material, making you be familiar, starts to refine Vermilion Bird Soul Bow and that again can shunt huge ship of tracing incantation.” Shen Xiang said. Peng Renyi brings Shen Xiang to arrive at a rural fair, here is many of spreading one's wares on the ground for sale, when is some people take risk everywhere obtains some Heaven and Earth Treasure, then brings here to sell from a stand. Shen Xiang arrives at one piece to sell the stone with Peng Renyi specially the place, here has all kinds of stones, these majority are the refiner materials, including much is the Sacred Level materials. In this Divine Prison, resources are rich, will otherwise not have that many Black Saint Iron, the Sacred Level material is not here rare, so long as there is silver coin, generally can buy, quite scarce is the Divine Level material. What do you need?” Shen Xiang inquired Hidden Jade Ring inside Liu Meng'er. fire attribute, we, although Ice-Fire cultivates, but comes the merit with the fire generally, guards with the ice! Builds the weapon words, with fire attribute, if manufactures the defense magic treasure or is soft armor, uses to ice attribute.” Liu Meng'er said. Shen Xiang arrives in front of a stall, here pendulum some heat steaming fiery red stones, were understanding at a glance that is the good Sacred Level fire attribute refiner material. How does this type of stone sell?” Shen Xiang works same place, although only then apple size, but more than ten jin (0.5 kg), inside is also containing a terrifying quantity of heat, Shen Xiang determined, flame strength that inside releases, certainly is Sacred Level.

This is middle-grade saint flame stone, 2500 hundred silver coin one jin (0.5 kg), here has 12 jin (0.5 kg), the words that you want, 27,000 sold to you.” The old man who that sets up a stall said. Shen Xiang said: 2100 jin (0.5 kg) words, I have bought your here saint flame stone completely, your here altogether has more than 50 jin (0.5 kg)!” That old man had considered, nodded: hundred thousand silver coin takes away!” Shen Xiang has given hundred thousand silver coin, buys these 50 jin (0.5 kg) saint flame stone! Refines sacred tool time, can add on a Sacred Level material to be good, but sacred tool that now 50 jin (0.5 kg) saint flame stone, in addition other Sacred Level materials, refine is very absolutely strong. Peng Renyi said with a smile: You have used all of a sudden up hundred thousand silver coin, you now only then a point, could not buy many.” Then you come Hua Hua taking advantage of my several hundred thousand, I will give back to you next month.” Shen Xiang said with a smile to Peng Renyi. Low key, you just came to here shortly, hundred ten thousand silver coin, definitely will arouse suspicion.” Peng Renyi said that his suddenly was worried after Shen Xiang, had silver coin, will spend freely everywhere, will bring when the time comes certainly to the attention of Plentiful God bank. Shen Xiang suddenly glimpses in a stall to have a bulk black stone, inside has the space of faint trace to fluctuate, looks like with Mysterious Space Iron very much, but he affirmed that this is not Mysterious Space Iron, but compared with Mysterious Space Iron must better one material that has space strength.