World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1716

Shen Xiang wants to cast off Peng Renyi very much, then trades an appearance, here wantonly purchases the refiner material, this will not be discovered. Old Peng, then you first help me pay money, this always!” If not for there is this Peng Renyi in side, his price is disinclined to chop. Shen Xiang squats, touches that black stone, the water jar is so big, but holds unexpectedly to have 2-3 jin (0.5 kg). This refines the storage equipment material!” Shen Xiang asked. Good, but this and refines the storage equipment material to be different ordinary, other these materials cannot enter the person, but this type, this type of stone is called space divine stone, when refines storage equipment, increases points, internal storage space can with interlinked of outside, be able to absorb life Spirit Qi, moreover is stable.” That sells the middle age of stone saying: In addition, this space divine stone also has the opening space ability, currently in has a space, outside Wang Quan cannot induce, was much better compared with Mysterious Space Iron.” This need how much money?” This is the Shen Xiang need, that ship that he refines, not only needs Mysterious Space Iron, but must add on other things. Here has three jin (0.5 kg), internal space is not small! When is refines divine tool, integrates, can make divine tool have the ability of reduction, as for price...... This is the Divine Level material, one jin (0.5 kg) more than three hundred thousand silver coin, my these three jin (0.5 kg) sell your million silver coin.” That middle age said. Peng Renyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: „After , buys again, although this type of stone are not many, but after you have silver coin, can purchase.” Shen Xiang responded: Helps me buy, I will give back in any case your! You suspected that my ability is inadequate?” Sees Shen Xiang to be so earnest, Peng Renyi can only clench teeth to help Shen Xiang buy. Shen Xiang puts in that space divine stone Hidden Jade Ring, Liu Meng'er their several somewhat are excited, wishes one could to start to refine divine ship now, but the materials in other aspects have not arrived. Then we refine very huge divine ship, can hidden enter in a space at any time, but was not discovered.” Liu Meng'er is holding appreciatively that space divine stone. What type material also needs?” Shen Xiang asked: I took advantage one time to buy now entire.” Xue Xianxian said: Most is easy to buy some anti- attack ability strong Divine Level materials, on that divine book has mentioned, quite good is one type when thing that is called peak heaven stone, refinement joins ten jin (0.5 kg), was fierce.” Dongfang Xinyue adds: Buys some Spirit Soft Iron again, this is also the Divine Level material, refines the formation plate good thing.” After Shen Xiang takes down, inquired nearby Peng Renyi: Old Peng, does here have peak heaven stone and Spirit Soft Iron?” After Peng Renyi hears, the body has shaken.

„Aren't you really alchemy?” Peng Renyi suspected that Shen Xiang is a refiner madman, will otherwise not keep thinking about this Divine Level material. Naturally is, I do not mean, I must bring a point to go back to sell.” Shen Xiang said. Here has certainly peak heaven stone to sell. However you know that peak heaven stone is different from that space divine stone that you bought a moment ago, although is the Divine Level materials.” The Peng Renyi complexion enforces, understands at a glance that peak heaven stone not convenient. „Is there different?” Shen Xiang pursues asks. divine tool quite sells is weapon and against has, but so long as these two type divine tool add peak heaven stone, will become very firm, will be hard to destroy, has not joined this thing divine tool, will be hundred divine coin following goods.” Peng Renyi said: peak heaven stone is discusses two to sell, 121 hundred divine coin, one jin (0.5 kg) on thousand divine coin! Here also has several two.” Xue Xianxian added a moment ago must make ten jin (0.5 kg), that need over ten thousand divine coin! Needs trillion silver coin to be good! Is so expensive!” Shen Xiang had certain concept to divine coin at this time, moreover knows that on his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade does not have peak heaven stone, perhaps does not have including Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. This naturally! Joins peak heaven stone divine tool more expensive, because peak heaven stone easily did not build up.” Then Spirit Soft Iron?” Shen Xiang also asked. This refines the formation plate thing, here compares convenient, one jin (0.5 kg) five hundred thousand silver coin! Sufficed to portray several formation plate.” Peng Renyi said. Dongfang Xinyue said: Three two Spirit Soft Iron, can pull a courtyard to be so big, enough engraves very strong divine formation, bought several jin (0.5 kg) that's alright.” Shen Xiang under the leadership of Peng Renyi, found Spirit Soft Iron, has bought four jin (0.5 kg), has used two million silver coin, this is also Peng Renyi leaves. Similar, my silver coin are not many!” Peng Renyi knows that again and Shen Xiang strolls, he will sooner or later go bankrupt, the thing that Shen Xiang buys is very expensive these Divine Level materials. Good!” After Shen Xiang plans to go back, oneself come out to have a look again, this rural fair does not quit work in any case in the evening. Peng Renyi relaxed, then returns to Plentiful God bank Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang enters Plentiful God bank shortly, also come out, this time he has traded an appearance, in his hand has ten hundred million silver coin, in this place was also small nouveau riche, he in the warehouse work of silver coin, all spent in any case took from there again.

peak heaven stone is really the good thing, if refines Divine Weapon, inside joins massive this thing completely, to be fierce?” Shen Xiang wants to do peak heaven stone very much, but here also has several two, he cannot afford. Has not thought that expensively! If your later divine ship joins several jin (0.5 kg), did not fear that was attacked.” Xue Xianxian sighed one: It seems like after only then, went to get so far as to Gods.” Shen Xiang strolled two double-hour in the rural fair, the second largest pile of Sacred Level refiner materials, in that several Queen refiner to Hidden Jade Ring have found relief completely. Now I look to sell herbs.” Shen Xiang present Divine Soul is unable to promote is Emperor Soul , because his fleshly body was too weak, he must make strong fleshly body Saint pill urgently needed. Immortal Dan here is not very valuable, because here majority are the people of Saint Venerate strength, has 9th level Immortal Dan to be quite expensive. Eight Immortal Dan are here highest also sells ten silver coin, Shen Xiang has bought big pile of Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill eats to Long Xueyi. 9th level Immortal Dan quite many people eat, therefore the price is quite higher, needs three thousand silver coin one grains, what making Shen Xiang quite happy is, here has 9th level Immortal Dan herbs to sell, like this he did not need to be worried. Here also has Saint pill, but the Saint pill's price and Immortal Dan contrast, day place, Shen Xiang has inquired, a Saint pill of grain of worst quality can sell to five surely silver coin here! Here the Saint pill's quantity are not many, can refine Saint pill's Pill Saint almost not to have, in Gods, can refine Saint pill's Pill Saint is also very honored, generally will not be infiltrated this Divine Prison. Here Saint pill, is some can travel between Gods the person brings, for example Yu Fan this type! Is, some itself carry Saint pill, was infiltrated Divine Prison, to obtain silver coin, here will sell. If I can refine Saint pill, divine coin that gains is equally quick.” Shen Xiang is very confident to oneself, here does not have Sacred Level herbs, before he can also depend upon him, acquired duplicates. I think from warehouse with comparing satisfying.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. This is natural, I must take many, exchange are many some divine coin, later goes to be perhaps useful to Gods.” Shen Xiang thought that here gains divine coin is very quick, he can get so far as hundred million silver coin every day, quite and divine coin. Shen Xiang arrives at one to get rid specially magic treasure and weapon shop, as soon as he comes to see the storekeeper behind to suspend several small cauldrons. Before he had heard, these shops had to get rid to refine the material fast the cauldron furnace. Black Saint Iron, majority starts to gain silver coin here time, is seeks for Black Saint Iron to build, is laborious, but afterward when to saved to certain silver coin, can purchase cauldron furnace computer aided manufacturing silver coin. That several cauldron furnaces that Shen Xiang sees, have this function.

These cauldron which good?” Shen Xiang inquired, he bought do not build silver coin, but for refined Mysterious Space Iron from many stones, this can reduce Xue Xianxian their work load, did not use that laboriously. This best, so long as you have enough flame to pour into inside, the interior can complete the refinement automatically, can refine Black Saint Iron fast, or other Sacred Level materials.” The storekeeper puts out a silver-white small cauldron, this small cauldron can increase. Here Black Saint Iron is also the mixture in many stones, needs to carry on the refinement to obtain purest Black Saint Iron, there are these cauldrons to help, can quicker manufacture silver coin. Can quick?” Shen Xiang asked. „A time can put in 1 million jin (0.5 kg) variegated rock, the moment finished up, suffices quickly! Not is only is used to refine, is used to make furnace refiner to be also good, this is Divine Cauldron!” The storekeeper said. How many silver coin?” Shen Xiang was excited, one 1 million jin (0.5 kg), can refine ten jin (0.5 kg) Mysterious Space Iron, if Liu Meng'er they with the stove that oneself bring, does not have is so quick, refines that divine ship, at least needs over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) Mysterious Space Iron, he variegated rock that gets so far as from the tyrannical space, can refine favorable balance of trade over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) Mysterious Space Iron. This...... Five divine coin, you must use silver coin, is 500 million.” The storekeeper said. This cauldron is divine tool, really has this value, Shen Xiang puts out several storage pouch, gives that storekeeper. Your several.” Shen Xiang said. The storekeeper counted quickly, then with a laugh gave Shen Xiang that silver cauldron, the customer who has not bargained, the storekeeper most liked. Naturally, can such agily put out five hundred million silver coin people not to be many! Shen Xiang thought that these silver coin came simply, therefore he was not rare and precious, several days came back in any case, the thing that let alone bought was very useful. Returns to Plentiful God bank, Tai Zong Guan to wait for him outside the Shen Xiang's house. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang sees the Tai Zong Guan expression non- nature, hastily to ask. These days you, the Plentiful God apprentice must come to here carefully, you should better also pick that ring, the Plentiful God apprentice is also a god, perhaps will be looked.” Tai Zong Guan gives Shen Xiang sound transmission.