World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1717
Infernal Demon Emperor is also a god, moreover quite famous god, because just governs Hell, therefore he gives the impression of person is not good, Shen Xiang and Infernal Demon Emperor, although has not met, but they are actually the sworn enemies. Shen Xiang posted a reward four Godhead by Infernal Demon Emperor, Shen Xiang was worried that this matter passes to Gods, but his appearance will also be known, now the Plentiful God apprentice comes to this place, making in his heart worry, if were recognized, is disadvantageous to him. Is, the fellow who this time comes is a god of genuine goods at reasonable prices, the strength is powerful, was suppressed in Hell many years of Ba Langshen is more formidable, Shen Xiang was worried that own Hidden Jade Ring was looked. This Plentiful God apprentice named Tian Hao, in Gods is a young god, is not strong in Gods, but regarding us is actually very fearful fellow, you when the time comes must be extremely careful, had better be able control own idea, perhaps this fellow can know that others think anything, discovered that you hid the intention here to trouble.” Tai Zong Guan urged Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang stern-faced nod, in his heart also very worried that young god who called Tian Hao. Next day, Shen Xiang arrives at that silver coin warehouse entrance long time ago, today he comes early compared with Yu Fan, therefore Yu Fan arrives, in the heart is very satisfied, although his surface is icy, but he has the good impression to Shen Xiang. Tomorrow my Master will come, when the time comes you must pay attention, left multi- speech that's alright.” Yu Fan said. Shen Xiang nodded. Today 200 bags.” After Yu Fan opens the warehouse front door, entered has given some Shen Xiang storage pouch to inside. Yu Fan thinks, has given Shen Xiang wicker basket storage pouch, said: Makes 200 bags again, tomorrow's also has made, tomorrow my Master must come, when the time comes I can also entertain him, you will not need to come to here tomorrow.” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, can make him avoid seeing that Tian Hao, wishes for earnestly.

Good!” Shen Xiang begins immediately, Yu Fan with is ahead same, puts out a jade system the hut, then in enters exercises martial arts. My yesterday's massive hemorrhage, has bought Divine Cauldron, with more than 500 million silver coin, must make up today!” In Shen Xiang heart dark happy, but has separated for night, here silver coin increased, above these holes, will fall every time silver coin, this at the same night begins. Shen Xiang not lenient, some of his worries were also seen through the status by that Tian Hao, later does not have the opportunity, therefore with many point words, later does not have what regret today. Has several days ago emboldening, now Shen Xiang along walking silver coin, very crazy. He stops work for the day, is suitable for 1.5 billion, sufficiently collected 2 billion, he was satisfied at this time. Makes that many all of a sudden, Shen Xiang somewhat is also flustered, but that Yu Fan has not looked, received Shen Xiang's storage pouch, knit the brows to go out of warehouse, even has not given Shen Xiang silver coin, he can each time Shen Xiang thousand silver coin. This also makes Shen Xiang was hanging feeling at ease decide, today 400 bags, was 40 hundred million silver coin, emptied many to be also normal all of a sudden, Yu Fan has not gotten suspicious. This fellow definitely was a bottleneck, was sad, but his Master will come tomorrow, should be able to direct him.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Tomorrow can be everywhere natural.” Shen Xiang low snort|hum said: Is natural your head, I also want alchemy, so long as I can refine Saint pill, can open and aboveboard gained silver coin.” Liu Meng'er said: If you sell massive Saint pill here, definitely will cause Gods the attention, can refine Saint pill's Pill Saint not to be many, when the time comes can make the unnecessary trouble?”

This did not fear actually that I traded appearance that's alright! Right, do you progress what kind of? Does that stove use fortunately? But has used my five hundred million silver coin.” Shen Xiang asked. Progress is very smooth, not long, therefore Mysterious Space Iron can refine!” Leng Youlan said: „It is amusing! Brother, you best are find the way to make some peak heaven stone, many makes many, otherwise does not know when can start to refine.” Dongfang Xinyue said: Actually this does not use too anxiously, the hand of Infernal Demon Emperor cannot extend here to come, but our refiner levels also wait for improving, first handles High-Grade sacred tool, then refines some quite ordinary Divine Weapon.” The Xue Xianxian nod said: Had the perfect assurance, starts to refine divine ship again, these materials are precious, if were defeated, will lose many! If refines divine ship to succeed, we almost can start to refine Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, when the time comes you can collect Four Beast's Divine Weapons!” Good, I also diligently practice, when the time comes has enough strength, can control fierce Divine Weapon! Four Beast's Divine Weapons collected, definitely becomes fiercely, does not know that what will turn into.” Shen Xiang anticipated. He returns to his room, has arranged some barrier in the room, then starts to refine immortal eight solid Divine Pill, can refine, can purchase 9th level Immortal Dan herbs, he was away from Saint pill to be getting more and more close. Refines solid Divine Pill not to refine Heavenly Dragon pill, Saint Beast Pill to be so simple, the difficulty was bigger. The Shen Xiang's time is quite tight, because he must go to the warehouse work every day, cannot close up alchemy like before continuously, therefore he refines solid Divine Pill at this time time is careful. He built up five double-hour, for him, so discrete alchemy is so long, generally speaking will succeed, but this time was actually defeated, does not explode the furnace, when concentrates pill, that group of Qi mist diverged bewilderedly. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, deep breath these herbal Spirit Qi, discovered that these herbal Spirit Qi are not right.

Peng Renyi this bastard, he sold to my herbs to have the issue.” In Shen Xiang heart dark anger, if not these herbs has the issue, perhaps he must succeed. Shen Xiang puts out several other to duplicate good herbs, after the inspection of his most double-hour, discovery also one is not good, when these are the duplications initial two. Inside mixes the thing!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: What thing is this?” Also undergoes a careful research of his more than double-hour, unexpectedly discovered that inside thing is one very unusual spiritual strength. This fellow!” Shen Xiang was angrier: „Does he want to control me with this spiritual strength?” Long Xueyi said: Has the possibility very much, although this fellow laughs all day, but is actually not the good thing, you must be careful that a point he, that Tai Zong Guan is better than him.” I knew.” Shen Xiang inspects other herbs again carefully, has not discovered other issues. If refines with Refining Simulation Technique, ten have ** will succeed, does not know that will eat will be what kind of!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: This fellow possibly does not think that I will refine, but he keeps Heart Eye, first increases something in inside, if I have succeeded, after eating up, whatever he will organize.”