World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1718
Peng Renyi gives the Shen Xiang very good impression at first, making Shen Xiang trust him, but the good impression of Peng Renyi thoroughly to ruin now. Later has the opportunity, must make him see my fierce!” Shen Xiang continues to start alchemy. Yu Fan gave his a day of vacation of putting, quick must pass, he must make the best use of the time, if refined this solid Divine Pill, was familiar again, he can promote step 9th level Immortal Dan, then be Saint pill! In the morning, outside the small house has many birds chirp to call, Shen Xiang opens the door, stood deeply has inhaled morning fresh air in the small courtyard, looks at these colorful flowers, the mood was good immediately, but he has also succeeded to refine solid Divine Pill. Although these solid Divine Pill can succeed to refine, refinement herbs duplicates with Peng Renyi these, therefore he does not dare to eat. Shen Xiang arrives at silver coin warehouse, he is also early today, but that Yu Fan comes early, he gets to the entrance time, saw Tai Zong Guan to call a meaningful glance in the distant place him. He understands immediately, that Tian Hao in warehouse! His hastily takes down Tai Zong Guan to his storage ring, puts in Hidden Jade Ring, as for Hidden Jade Ring, he does not know that this conceal where, he always thought Hidden Jade Ring will also be discovered. Puts in Divine sea! Although your Divine sea is only the spirit, but there can put in Godhead and Divine Soul even is Saint pill this type of thing, Hidden Jade Ring can also put in inside, but cannot too for a long time, will otherwise cause Hidden Jade Ring not to be unstable, we will have danger(ous).” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang hastily does according to Long Xueyi's, the intention rotation, controls Hidden Jade Ring to enter in his Divine sea, this move really effective, he can feel clearly the stealth Hidden Jade Ring vanished from his finger. In walking into warehouse that at this time he felt relieved. Yu Fan in inside, tall and thin the middle age side Yu Fan, has looked like very ordinary, but to a Shen Xiang very big constriction, lets in the Shen Xiang heart secret panic-stricken, in his opinion, this person may be much more formidable than at present Ba Langshen. Before Tai Zong Guan had said with him, Tian Hao is true Gods, Shen Xiang is only in Ba Langshen this type regarding the concept of Gods strength, but now he asked for advice fierce of this Gods, that feeling thinks really one can be pinched at any time with ease by the opposite party. Has seen two Sirs.” Shen Xiang hastily salutes, in the heart is very anxious, this on that invisible pressure lane by Tian Hao. Yu Fan nodded with Tian Hao, their this to master and apprentice is the same, never has other expressions, is a faint facial expression, looks like very indifferent, but is actually not, Shen Xiang thought that this is related with cultivation technique that they practice. This is today's duty.” Yu Fan has given Shen Xiang 100 storage pouch, today's matter is not many.

Shen Xiang received storage pouch, arrives by piece of silver coin, now borrows him 100 gallbladders, he is not at all a Gods front to play the pattern. Tian Hao sees the Shen Xiang very earnest work . Moreover the speed is not very slow, nodded, he knows that Yu Fan was arranged here, is not a good assignment, but this is not he can take responsibility, Yu Fan can find a good person to help him complete these arid work, can find the time to practice, this but actually also good. Master, you go back earlier, I cross here am good, your old man does not need to be worried my.” Yu Fan said. Tian Hao sighed one: Infernal Demon Emperor was really lawless, unexpectedly must run to come to here to make an arrest, does not know that he must make into any appearance here, you were certainly careful, do not have the conflict with him.” „Only the God of Wealth founder can deal with this fellow, but if not the important matter, how the God of Wealth founder will not manage.” Yu Fan understands the meaning of Tian Hao, if he were bullied by Infernal Demon Emperor here, he cannot be what kind, only if he were massacred. When the time comes our does if wanted help Infernal Demon Emperor make an arrest? Quite makes him a bit faster leave?” Yu Fan asked. Does not use, because Infernal Demon Emperor governs Hell this mess, therefore above many everybody show due respect for the feelings him! Otherwise does Infernal Demon Emperor, must some people go to Hell to take over, no one wants to go! So long as Infernal Demon Emperor does not go too far, everybody will not say his anything.” Tian Hao said. After Shen Xiang hears, in the heart shocks incomparably, Infernal Demon Emperor unexpectedly has the means to come to here! Infernal Demon Emperor is unable to enter world of Nine Heaven and endless Heaven territory, if he goes personally, under that offended Gods on to agree after meeting the rule, that was the final bottom line. However enters this Divine Prison to be different, he will come to here not to break any rule! What provokes Infernal Demon Emperor is what fellow? unexpectedly makes Infernal Demon Emperor go to the expense that many, bribes Heaven Punishment God, then comes to here to make an arrest personally.” Yu Fan said after a sigh, this Divine Prison tranquil was so long, finally must live it up. Tian Hao said: Infernal Demon Emperor does not meet after the wedding originally, comes to this place to make an arrest like Gods of this strength, the influence is too big, but he can send under to come, these are very under strong.” Shen Xiang was very a moment ago anxious, but was now more relieved, so long as is not Infernal Demon Emperor comes personally, he will be safer. No matter when the time comes the Infernal Demon Emperor person proposed anything to request, what condition pledged, do not comply to help him make an arrest, my Master has told, no matter other bank how he, but the Plentiful God bank person did not allow to have any connection with Infernal Demon Emperor absolutely.” Tian Hao very serious urging Yu Fan.

Now Plentiful God bank is the Yu Fan management. Yu Fan nods again and again: Teacher's teacher and Infernal Demon Emperor have enmity this matter I also to know that I will certainly remember.” Tian Hao Master is Plentiful God, is the Yu Fan teacher's teacher, unexpectedly and Infernal Demon Emperor have enmity! In the Shen Xiang heart thinks funny, he stays in Plentiful God bank now, if Infernal Demon Emperor wants them to associate with people, they do hand over do not hand over? Tian Hao said: This actually because of Master and Infernal Demon Emperor enmity, other factors! Is Infernal Demon Emperor is mainly unpopular! Although he cleans up very well Hell this mess, but he also rapidly promotes his strength using Hell similarly, now god heart are worried about him some day, has enough strength, meets commander Gods.” Yu Fan knits the brows: „Did the gods have plan to his fight?” Tian Hao said: Is only the department loses concentration, this matter I not am quite clear, in brief Master he has warned us, do not have any connection with Infernal Demon Emperor, otherwise later Infernal Demon Emperor die, is good with Infernal Demon Emperor relationship, will be criticized!” Shen Xiang has not thought that Gods above is also chaotic. Infernal Demon Emperor sent for! The fellow who comes definitely is the Infernal Demon Emperor regular army, is different from Ba Langshen this fellow!” Although Infernal Demon Emperor has not come, but the Shen Xiang's pressure same is very big. Although Infernal Demon Emperor domain only in Hell, but Gods definitely also has his subordinate, perhaps is also not practice evil strength, when the time comes he copes more difficult. If can a bit faster get rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation to be good.” Shen Xiang this here, Law of Space strength is unable to use, if before, he can also hide into the tyrannical space to hide, but now was impossible. „Before Infernal Demon Emperor, sends out the Hell demon armed forces, his son, Ba Langshen, the town prison health/guard, to compel into this Divine Prison me! For me, this Divine Prison is hopeless situation.” Shen Xiang thinks carefully that suddenly felt is panic-stricken. Before the Hell demon armed forces appeared outside Forest of Life, made him feel that Infernal Demon Emperor did everything possible to prevent him to enter the Forest of Life deep place, was Prince of Hell appears, finally was Ba Langshen and town prison health/guard! If is really this, then this Infernal Demon Emperor made very big sacrifice, but all these for him for example this hopeless situation, then dead pigeon! Infernal Demon Emperor posts a reward him with Godhead for a long time, has not caught him, at that time many people thought Infernal Demon Emperor not any means. But Infernal Demon Emperor now actually little plans him, allowing him to enter this Divine Prison!

old ginger is hotter than young ginger, this Infernal Demon Emperor is not really simple, now I have had no way out.” Shen Xiang starts to try to find the solution, will deal with Infernal Demon Emperor to capture to him from now on, this Divine Prison will not be big, where he will not have hides. That Tian Hao comes to here from Gods, to tell Yu Fan this matter. Tian Hao leaves, Yu Fan enters in the jade room to practice immediately. Now Shen Xiang does not have the thoughts along walking silver coin, because a giant crisis must arrive quickly, once when the time comes his status exposed, he is unable to work here. It seems like tonight must try to find the solution!” Shen Xiang rapidly completes the work. After returning to own room, Tai Zong Guan comes immediately, after he Tai Zong Guan sends, lies on the bed good is good to think how to deal with chasing down of Infernal Demon Emperor, he thinks arrived here to be safe, but has not thought that the Infernal Demon Emperor eyes direct access to the highest authorities, unexpectedly can also have the means to deliver here own strength. It seems like a bit faster leaves here, a bit faster gets so far as thousand divine coin!” So long as returns to endless Heaven territory or world of Nine Heaven, he uses space power in these places, Infernal Demon Emperor cannot catch him, but here, his space power expired, he ran away does not run away. Long Xueyi said: „Isn't Godhead very valuable? If gets so far as Godhead here, then hands over to sell out, did not strive for trading many divine coin, sufficed thousand that's alright.” Godhead is expensive, even if quite disappointing formed Godhead, sells very much expensively! If there is Godhead, buys Yu Fan is best, because he and Gods have the relation, his body should have divine coin.” Shen Xiang said that this is can get so far as the divine coin method at present only fast, but the premise is, he must get so far as Godhead. Peng Renyi!” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi simultaneously think the fatty who this black heart, Peng Renyi definitely has Godhead, his strength is very strong, moreover is also very astute, to kill him is not easy. Does not know when the Infernal Demon Emperor person comes, to hope not to be quick, like this I have enough time.” Shen Xiang planned that long kept the plan of Divine Prison also to malinger, now must from draw up one to become a fugitive the plan newly.