World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1719

Shen Xiang works every day as usual, not having Tian Hao this young god to watch, he starts to take silver coin boldly. He finds from Tai Zong Guan there that in one month this, Plentiful God bank must carry out a stricter management, he guessed that is very likely the person who to deal with Infernal Demon Emperor sends, said that he also has one month. If can get so far as enough silver coin from this warehouse this month, did not need to try to find other solutions.” Shen Xiang 20 hundred million silver coin, are equal to 20 divine coin now, if he wants to sufficiently collect thousand silver coin in one month, every day more than 30 silver coin are at least good. At this moment, Shen Xiang can only wait till for one month later did to plan again, the Infernal Demon Emperor person has not come in any case, he was steadfast here, if some massive silver coin, when the time comes perhaps had very big help to him. Really is not when the time comes good, can only sell Sacred Fruit! Sacred Fruit should be very valuable here.” After Shen Xiang stops work for the day, arrives on the downtown, eavesdrops on here Sacred Level herbs price. My Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade should more than dozens divine coin, definitely be Peng Renyi intentionally says the price lowly.” Shen Xiang does not certainly want to sell Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he thought that Peng Renyi was really too a bastard, the surface looked like good, but thinks carefully that unexpectedly is always thinking planned him. Here Sacred Level herbs is quite valuable, but also can only sell to more than ten million silver coin, only if that high rank Sacred Level herbs. Sacred Level herbs that Shen Xiang grasps now is most low level that but this actually gave him to be many to earn the silver coin path. „After it seems like , the risk was good.” Shen Xiang decides to take some silver coin from that silver coin warehouse every day, perhaps one month later can sufficiently collect. Every day after working, the unnecessary time he has not been idling, he in concise elixir. „If only Sacred Level herbs, price is very definitely low, but if Divine Level, that most disappointing Divine Level herbs, can sell to a good price.” Shen Xiang looks at a grain of fiery red bead, this is Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit seed, confirmed after him that Earth Core Divine Fruit is Divine Fruit of genuine goods at reasonable prices, just in Divine Level herbs is quite disappointing that.

How now he has not known the price, so long as he makes, when the time comes found the good buyer, can definitely gain one greatly. Infernal Demon Emperor, do not think that I have had no way out, we wait.” Shen Xiang racks brains, finds out several means to be possible for him to gain silver coin finally, if gives him to be many again some time, he is not anxious. 20 days passed by, Shen Xiang altogether took 300 hundred million silver coin in warehouse, and he uses the time after work, rushes about, will exchange the become god money, now he had 300 divine coin! In such a short time, can get so far as so many divine coin, it may be said that is amazingly quick, many people stayed here have counted the hundred thousand year, did not have him to get so far as that many. Naturally, this must give credit to that makes the silver coin underground palace. Although he had many divine coin, but distance 1000 this numbers. Self-disciplined, Shen Xiang arrived on the street, his suddenly saw on a wall to have his portrait! That posts a reward his posting a reward command, altogether is three ten thousand divine coin! Three ten thousand divine coin regarding Infernal Demon Emperor were a drop in the bucket, Infernal Demon Emperor before posted a reward Shen Xiang four Godhead to be called big talent radically, Godhead can sell in Gods to a very high price, that three ten thousand divine coin and four Godhead contrasted, anything was not. But here, three ten thousand divine coin, can make 30 expert form a squad to cope with him! That posts a reward to make also the request, must grasp exactly, this little is possibly difficult. I was too negligent, if initially turned into another appearance, I do not need a headache now.” Shen Xiang regretted initially to enter this local time very much, has not changed external appearances only, causing him to use the actually appearance continuously to the present, otherwise he did not have too to worry.

Thought one month, but unexpectedly has been ahead of time now for ten days, now he cannot return to Plentiful God bank! Three ten thousand divine coin here are not a small number, was detained the person in this place, the poor its life, to sufficiently collect thousand divine coin leaves here. Possibly only then the person of Yu Fan this rank, cannot have a liking for these divine coin, but Peng Renyi and Tai Zong Guan were difficult saying that especially Peng Renyi, Shen Xiang thinks that he definitely everywhere is seeking for him now. Shen Xiang sees to post a reward his portrait, immediately changed own appearance. He turns around just about to leave, actually sees Yu Fan to stand in him behind! Yu Fan looks at his both eyes, then looked at that to post a reward his portrait, then said to his sound transmission: I know that you are Shen Xiang!” Sir Yu, you should not for that three ten thousand divine coin catch me.” Shen Xiang response. „If four Godhead, I will consider, but I, if, for four Godhead catch you, perhaps I will be expelled Master Men, you come with me.” Yu Fan turns around to walk toward Plentiful God bank. Before Shen Xiang, has heard Yu Fan and talk of his Master Tian Hao, Plentiful God and Infernal Demon Emperor has enmity, Yu Fan definitely does not dare to help Infernal Demon Emperor make an arrest. This matter passes on quickly, Plentiful God bank many people know Shen Xiang, Tai Zong Guan now with Peng Renyi together, searches high and low Shen Xiang, actually does not know that Shen Xiang returned to Plentiful God bank with Yu Fan.

The Yu Fan residence in the Plentiful God bank quietest place, Shen Xiang sits in him opposite, looks that his Jing Jing (quietly) drinks tea. Sir Yu......” Shen Xiang wants to speak, was actually waved to break by Yu Fan. I know your present situation...... Actually you have from warehouse these days go to silver coin, right!” Usually icy Yu Fan, smiled to Shen Xiang, he smiles is not very ugly. Shen Xiang silver coin exchanges divine coin time, changed an appearance, he believes firmly that is not known, even if Yu Fan saw that he steals silver coin from warehouse, definitely does not know that has many. Sorry, I am compel to have no other choice, I want hastily to leave here.” Shen Xiang sighed. Yu Fan is not stupid, he knows that Shen Xiang previous time hears him and Tian Hao dialog in warehouse, knows that Infernal Demon Emperor will come here matter. You take away many No problem from warehouse! These silver coin I cannot have a liking.” Yu Fan indifferently said, looks at Shen Xiang with a look of carefully examining: Infernal Demon Emperor once posted a reward you with four Godhead, but afterward you rushed to this place, he cancelled that to post a reward, now wants with three ten thousand divine coin, can make large quantities of expert send out!” This makes Shen Xiang think that Infernal Demon Emperor to compel him enters this Divine Prison. Shen Xiang, you know that Infernal Demon Emperor this rank Gods, why will wage a war to chase down you?” Yu Fan asked.