World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1720

Shen Xiang shook the head, but in his heart had a guess. Yu Fan said: My Master told me, was mainly because you have practiced Heaven Refining Technique!” This guessed with Shen Xiang's is the same, really because of Heaven Refining Technique, White Tiger had warned him before, making him not come out Heaven Refining Technique exposed, but afterward he could not control, was exposed. In the past Qi Shi was so attacked by Infernal Demon Emperor, because of this Heaven Refining Technique. I am not clear, isn't cultivation technique? Is Infernal Demon Emperor so why anxious? I cultivated this cultivation technique people should be unable to threaten him.” Shen Xiang said. This you can threaten him actually, but is he hopes that can obtain Heaven Refining Technique, or does not hope that Heaven Refining Technique has the second person to practice! This Heaven Refining Technique in Gods above is also very precious cultivation technique, Heaven Refining Technique, but the alchemy master long-awaited precious book.” Yu Fan said: Infernal Demon Emperor, if obtains Heaven Refining Technique, he can manage Hell with Heaven Refining Technique, eats to him Hell Evil Soul refined into pill completely.” Right, is truly easy to achieve with Heaven Refining Technique, especially cultivates the profound level time.” Shen Xiang nodded. Before he has caught a fellow, has practiced Heaven Refining Technique, but he cannot obtain, finally Divine Soul of that fellow has still dispersed in Hell, afterward he knew that you also practice Heaven Refining Technique, therefore stared at you!” If you died, according to quantity that you kill people, under your definitely meeting Hell, to there, whatever Infernal Demon Emperor butchers.” That fellow who Yu Fan said that is Qi Shi! Shen Xiang thinks that continues to ask: How then Heaven Refining Technique is spreads from Gods?” Yu Fan shakes the head saying: I also want to know, this Gods how the precious book will spread that place.” Then before , in Gods, what fierce character has to practice this Heaven Refining Technique?” Shen Xiang also asked. Only then a fellow, but he did not have the news many years ago, why I he is not clear, only knows that he understands Heaven Refining Technique.” Shen Xiang suspected that Godhead that he fuses, is that person, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Refining Technique are in that Godhead. Sir Yu, you lead me to come to here, is not because said these!” Although this Yu Fan looks like icy, but Shen Xiang has not felt any hostility from him now, is more reasonable than Tai Zong Guan and Peng Renyi this fellow to the feeling of person.

Good! My something want to chat with you, but you could rest assured that I will make you pass to me Heaven Refining Technique, cultivates this Heaven Refining Technique to kill me.” Yu Fan said. I am not worth being have a liking, I only want a bit faster to leave here now.” On the Shen Xiang face is worried. I only want to make you help me work, when the time comes I give you thousand divine coin, even more advantage!” Yu Fan lightly smiled. What can I help your? Number these silver coin?” Shen Xiang self-ridiculed that smiles. You should know that God of Wealth is my founder, I also make the divine coin craftsmanship with my Master in the study, but that craftsmanship is not that easy society, even if my Master, every day output also miserable.” Yu Fan said. Why then needs that many silver coin every day?” Shen Xiang asked. to seal|confer Shen is my teacher's teacher, but I have not seen one side him, my Master has requested him to be the master 100,000 years, the time of but being together altogether is less than ten days.” Heard Yu Fan saying that Shen Xiang understands immediately, Plentiful God apprentice very! How many does the Plentiful God apprentice have?” Shen Xiang asked. I do not know, in brief disciple child grand disciple, only then emerges, can obtain regarding as important of Plentiful God, becomes his favorite, learns are also more! The Plentiful God apprentice, daily duty is to go all out to refine divine coin, on then hands over Plentiful God there, finally Plentiful God will also give the God of Wealth founder some divine coin.” Yu Fan looks at Shen Xiang: I was sent, is quite bad luck, is far away from my Senior Brother younger brother, does not have that study atmosphere, comes across the difficult problem also to solve, this way, I will be only getting more and more backward other Senior Brother younger brothers.” Shen Xiang nodded: This I understood, but you and I said these, for what?” Yu Fan said: I need massive divine coin, has massive divine coin, can make up for me to fall behind others' disparity.” „Can you make me help your enlarging quantity divine coin? With warehouse inside silver coin exchange?” Shen Xiang thinks that thought that only then this means can help Yu Fan, Yu Fan cannot trade with warehouse silver coin. Yu Fan shakes the head saying: That were too few, how many divine coin warehouse can silver coin trade? How many hundred thousand? Several million? These divine coin are insufficient!” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye has twitched: „Do you want? Several ten million? Hundreds of millions?”

Hundreds of millions!” The Yu Fan corners of the mouth select, looks like ambition is very big. Shen Xiang has not stayed in Gods, but knows that hundreds of millions above are also a very huge number, has the people of so many wealth, above is strength very strong that. After took a deep breath, Shen Xiang asked: How do you want me to help you?” Since Yu Fan and he discussed that then explained that he can help Yu Fan get so far as these many divine coin. Sells Godhead!” Yu Fan said: I was sent, but I cannot here the fight murder, if were discovered that even if the God of Wealth founder acts, could not save me.” Shen Xiang understands immediately: You must make me kill people, after obtaining Godhead, give you, after you, returns to Gods to sell? Right!” Right, I could not kill here, but you can! Moreover some people do not know that you are helping me kill people to take Godhead, now others only know that you were being chased down, and left Plentiful God bank.” Yu Fan said: Relax, I will not treat unjustly your!” Shen Xiang some do not understand: How many divine coin can Godhead sell in Gods? I heard that the ordinary forming, can sell more than ten million divine coin!” 10 million that was the beforehand price, now most disappointing formed Godhead, on value two surely divine coin, you, so long as helped me make 20 Godhead that's alright.” Yu Fan said. Since sells Godhead to gain? Why then you murder don't take Godhead in Gods? Said that Gods above many people do do this deal specially?” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that sells Godhead also very to gain. Yu Fan shakes the head saying: This you have made a mistake, in Gods, so long as cultivates to form the Godhead person, generally will join Temple, gives loyalty to Gods. Can establish a very marvelous relation with that Temple, so long as this person of dying, Godhead were taken, Temple knows that afterward to having that Godhead the person chases down. The serious point words, Temple Gods personally will also get rid!” Therefore, in Gods, seeks the Godhead matter to be few, only if determined that person has not joined any Temple. Moreover, some places is very strict in Gods, will not have the situation of slaughtering, if breaks the rule under limits of Gods, then by penalty Temple seizing, finally will be closed into this place.” Was closed into here prisoner, Godhead breaks to relate with Temple, because major Temple do not hope own Temple inside person is a prisoner, therefore seeks Godhead here, can gain one greatly.” Shen Xiang the hand was also itchy at this time, if he collects some Godhead secretly, later goes to get rid to Gods again, can he be rich? You did not fear that was discovered?” Shen Xiang thought that this Yu Fan was too bold.

So long as were not investigated by other Temple, where my Godhead comes, no one can manage.” Yu Fan said: Actually I have very big limit, I first cannot leave Plentiful God bank to be too far, moreover my majority of strength when I come, by the Heaven Punishment God seal, but my within the body has wisp of his strength, so long as I receive life danger(ous), Heaven Punishment God will save me.” Heaven Punishment God is so fierce, he has not thought you will make here person help you capture Godhead?” If Shen Xiang is not clear these understanding, he does not want to participate, so as to avoid when the time comes makes a bigger matter. Yu Fan said with a smile: He has certainly considered this matter! Actually, so long as was infiltrated this Divine Prison person, continues to kill people to here, then, was more difficult to exit, will also be infiltrated Hell! When entering Divine Prison, Slaughter Qi of everyone by record, when exiting Slaughter Qi is too heavy, then must have bad luck. Hell the fellow from here also has.” In this regard, penalty Temple has many means to know that you killed people! However you are different, you are run to come to here from other places, therefore penalty Temple not your beforehand record, even if you kill some people nothing.” Here, although is Divine Prison, but lives is good! If together with human body under Hell, that may live to might as well livingly together die! As far as I know, here kills a person, will receive the extremely serious penalty, only if there is means to evade the examination of penalty Temple.” Shen Xiang he he smiles: If fight does not kill personally, will not accumulate Slaughter Qi.” Yu Fan shakes the head saying: Takes Godhead time always needs to destroy completely the soul of opposite party first, otherwise the soul of opposite party will complain! Extinguishes the soul time, will accumulate Slaughter Qi.” It seems like this Divine Prison has very rigorous rule!” Now Shen Xiang understands why that Peng Renyi said here is very safe, but he believes that Peng Renyi affirmed has died cloudy many people. Good, I help you! However my present situation is not very wonderful! Infernal Demon Emperor has gotten down tracing incantation to me, he can momentarily know position that I am.” Shen Xiang said: If you can help me solve this problem, I think that I can be smoother.” This somewhat is truly troublesome.” Yu Fan said: Your cultivation base is not high, but I know that you definitely have Godhead that the means get so far as me to need!” This is only somewhat troublesome, but you do not need too to be worried! Here has isolated with outside, although Infernal Demon Emperor knows your position, but he cannot inform his subordinate immediately, but I believe that he will have the means that therefore you move from the beginning should better a bit faster.” Yu Fan puts out flying disc, gives Shen Xiang: This is I accidentally obtains in Gods, nobody knows that I have this thing, this thing is quick, can help you to avoid chasing down of these people.”