World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1721

Before Shen Xiang, has seen Peng Renyi flying disc, that flying disc speed is quick, he thinks that he exhausts fully, is unable to overtake Peng Renyi that flying disc, but that now Yu Fan gives, looked like compared with fierce of Peng Renyi. Shen Xiang immediately without hesitation accepts this type of escape sharp weapon, this is flying disc of divine tool rank. I will supply the person information that facilitates you to kill! Naturally, I let the fellow who you kill, is not the good thing, under this Divine Prison, there are many to want Hell, but the luck is quite good.” Yu Fan said. Shen Xiang thought that Peng Renyi is, does not need Yu Fan to provide the candidate, he must first kill Peng Renyi. Matter I am quite curious, I know that in warehouse has been short of some silver coin, I am not a blind person, I also know that is you takes, I want to know how many you did make?” Yu Fan smiled. For serveral days, I only got so far as 50 divine coin.” Shen Xiang awkward saying. He little said several times, but also made Yu Fan feel surprisedly, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can make that many silver coin under his nose. What method that you use?” Yu Fan sees the Shen Xiang whole face to be awkward, says with a smile: You do not need to be worried that isn't 50 hundred million silver coin? So long as above does not know that will not have any matter, for me, but is some junks.” 50 divine coin are not anything in the Yu Fan eye. Shen Xiang puts out Tai Zong Guan to his ring, said: Some people arrange me to here intentionally......” He said that this, Yu Fan understood. It seems like this Tai Zong Guan was the first candidate!” Yu Fan said with a sneer: This fellow also asked a moment ago I do have to see you, said that wants to ask you to drink! He should want to grasp you, then takes away to trade three ten thousand divine coin.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile cloudy: Then Sir Yu, you helps me approximately come out him, best is his one, like this I can kill him with ease!” He has Godhead, the strength is not weak, your having confidence?” Yu Fan puts out a small jade box, hands in front of Shen Xiang: This is Divine Talisman, value 400-500 divine coin, enough you killed that Tai Zong Guan.” Shen Xiang looks that palm of the hand is big, the faint yellow paper, above is outlining spirit pattern of very complex sending silk size, intriguing, but looks like and is not chaotic. Is only a light paper, unexpectedly contains so formidable strength!” Shen Xiang can feel this Divine Talisman formidable energy clearly. This is not a light paper, the producuction process is very complex, although can only use one time, but the price be more expensive than some good Divine Weapon divine tool.” Yu Fan said: Regarding other people, this perhaps is quite expensive thing, but in my eyes is not anything, when I make divine coin, must carve to draw compared with this complex many spirit pattern, this symbol is also I does.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Said that your manufacture talisman did sell cannot? What divine coin also makes?” Yu Fan shakes the head saying: You do not understand, I manufacture this symbol the speed to be truly quicker than divine coin now, but once grasps to manufacture the divine coin essence, then the speed will become the rapidness, will not need any material.” However refinement this symbol, must first press a flimsy with multi-layered divine beast beast skin, the raw material when carves draws uses also to fuse some materials, finally the refined into round of silk size, makes again with Divine Power.” Listens to this process, Shen Xiang to have the headache. „Are this symbol many?” Shen Xiang suddenly wants to make one to go back in large numbers, later runs into the fierce fellow, can be useful. Are not many, currently your I have very abundant time, you use up this me to manufacture that's it again.” Yu Fan said: I will find the way to let that Tai Zong Guan goes to assigning the place, you ambushed his that's alright there, so long as you were pinching this symbol, poured into Divine Power, lost is OK to others!”

Use time must choose the opportunity, do not let the opposite party avoid.” Shen Xiang nodded, afterward Yu Fan told him a place, let him there ambush Tai Zong Guan. ...... In a barren hill, Shen Xiang turns into a stone, in a at the foot of the hill, waits for Tai Zong Guan to arrive. Shortly, he Divine Soul that wanders outside, sees two shadows to fly fast. Peng Renyi! Has not thought that this fellow also came!” In the Shen Xiang heart is somewhat delighted, somewhat worried that he has Divine Talisman, now some people actually two . Moreover the strength is not weak. For does not let Peng Renyi and Tai Zong Guan is vigilant, Shen Xiang uses Transformation Technique inside method, changes outside a very lifelike body the incarnation, stands there, and whole face is anxious. Two brothers, you came finally!” Shen Xiang's clone reveals a face happy color intentionally. However Tai Zong Guan and Peng Renyi responded his are actually a heartless big net, covered directly on him. Ha Ha...... Three ten thousand divine coin succeeded in obtaining.” Peng Renyi laughs immediately. „Are you doing? I have gotten so far as hundred million silver coin from warehouse.” Shen Xiang is startled to shout that puts out a ring.

Tai Zong Guan walked, looks that by Shen Xiang that the golden big net covers, immediately puts out a hand to seize the ring in Shen Xiang hand, he looked, is somewhat accidental, because in has over a billion silver coin. However contrasts the Shen Xiang's sale price, these silver coin are not, three ten thousand divine coin quite in three trillion silver coin, so long as hands over Shen Xiang, they can leave immediately, moreover can obtain small divine coin. You do, were only well a pity that you were too valuable, no wonder we.” Tai Zong Guan was happy at this time that trampled a Shen Xiang foot maliciously. Shen Xiang's clone whole face angry looks to visit him, Tai Zong Guan sees this look, trampled several feet ruthlessly. Turns into the big stone to hide in Shen Xiang at the same time, thought almost can fight, because Peng Renyi also walked, which knows that he just must that Divine Talisman lost, in the Peng Renyi hand suddenly presents very sharp long spear, pricked the head of Tai Zong Guan like lightning. This Peng Renyi unexpectedly gets rid to Tai Zong Guan, he must have sole possession of that three ten thousand divine coin! The after head of Tai Zong Guan was pierced, Peng Renyi makes dozens palms fast, strength is terrorist, each palm hits on the body of Tai Zong Guan, lets Tai Zong Guan that valiant body split open, and explodes spouts blood fog, several suddenly, the Peng Renyi crazy ruthless dozens palms rumble Tai Zong Guan fleshly body a piece of mud. Is witnessing this Shen Xiang at the same time, is blown by the fatty who Peng Renyi this hides a dagger in a smile, this moment is vicious, was really too scary. long spear passes through the head of Tai Zong Guan, pierces from the forehead, Tai Zong Guan Divine sea Divine Soul was damaged, fleshly body instantaneously was hit remnantly, did not have counter-attack strength. At this time Tai Zong Guan can also look at Peng Renyi with a pair of resenting look, this is very fierce, his unexpectedly had not died.