World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1722
Those who most make the Shen Xiang impression profound is, Peng Renyi completes these, the unexpectedly also whole face smiles, that smiling face probably just had gained money such. Bastard who Peng Renyi, your this bastard is inferior, I am your savior, you have not repaid me, unexpectedly also makes this ungrateful matter to come.” In the Tai Zong Guan mouth spits the blood, the hissing anger is shouting. Relax, I will not make you die, if you died, Heaven Punishment God there can definitely not feel better!” Peng Renyi said with a smile: I want to monopolize this divine coin! Although you now were seriously injured, later recuperates well, can definitely restore such as beginning, if we can also meet in Gods from now on, I meet the great kindness to entertain your.” Ha Ha......” Peng Renyi shouts to laugh wildly, and brings storage ring in Tai Zong Guan hand, now Peng Renyi may look down upon inside that hundred million silver coin, but that storage ring is very valuable. Bastard, you forever do not want to return to Gods, your under Hell opportunity did not have!” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, stimulates to movement that Divine Talisman, then has thrown toward Peng Renyi. Divine Talisman along with the Shen Xiang's intention, dodges to Peng Renyi above instantaneously, afterward explodes lightens the innumerable silk threads, these are extremely abstruse spirit pattern, turns into a huge hand imprint, glittering the flame, pounds to fall loudly, shakes all around barren hill complete avalanche, the ground cracks to become Haoji to be quick, bang the sound resounds through the four directions, the shake wave is similar to the high sea, the wreaking havoc earth, stirs this big barren hill blown sand to walk the stone, the landslide cracks in the earth. Shen Xiang loses that symbol, rushes to the upper air on hastily, sees this Divine Talisman might, he has a lingering fear, if he, perhaps also will be affected a moment ago slowly. This Divine Talisman striking power is centralized, the sound that has is also big, Shen Xiang is away from some Peng Renyi distances, words that has not avoided, will be wounded by that qi wave. The earth was quickly tranquil, Peng Renyi and that Tai Zong Guan of Shen Xiang turned from quarry stone. Present Tai Zong Guan unexpectedly has not died, but his fleshly body wound is more serious, already dripping with blood, whole body not good meat, but he actually exudes a very painful laughing wildly sound now, where because very to goes compared with him in his nearby Peng Renyi, even is more serious. Shen...... Shen Xiang...... your young animal.” Peng Renyi endured suffering to suppress such one, was full of the endless hatred, because saw that he only missed one step, must leave this Divine Prison, but can also carry off divine coin, but was similar to crashes Hell to be ordinary in an instant, this enormous transformation, making him suddenly be hard to accept. Thinks of this, he has put out a big blood. „This spear|gun is really good!” Shen Xiang pulls out the spear|gun from the head of Tai Zong Guan that although Tai Zong Guan feels very painful, but in his heart actually happy incomparable, because he hates Peng Renyi this ungrateful villain, he personally sees Peng Renyi to fall to so is out, in heart even also some grateful Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang received that the spear|gun, when Peng Renyi is most essential weapon that uses, definitely is not the ordinary goods. I remember that I also owe you some silver coin!” Shen Xiang took carry back that storage ring, said with a sneer: Your this bastard, do not think that I do not know you fudged in these herbs.”

You...... You......” Peng Renyi is mad unable to speak. Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, lowers on his throat, coldly said: You were seriously injured now, will not die, moreover I do not want to kill you, otherwise Heaven Punishment God will not let off my! Therefore you are obediently hands over your thing, I can make you then comfortable, otherwise I am impolite.” The peaceful death might as well barely exist, so long as can live, is stronger than anything! Peng Renyi hastily shouted: This is I quite precious thing, now entirely turns over to you.” A Peng Renyi intention, the inside assorted thing completely braves, is not many, has ten incoming sample this, is some weapon magic treasure. Shen Xiang received these things, then displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse and Engulfing Devil Art to Peng Renyi, the Peng Renyi strength were too more than him, he needs some time to be able opposite party Divine Soul and Godhead makes. „Are you doing? You did not say that lets off my?” Peng Renyi feels Shen Xiang in his Divine sea fight foot, hastily shouted. You frequently deceived people, you have thought others will also deceive you? I said a moment ago, but is you cracks a joke.” The previous Peng Renyi mouthful lie, after finally Shen Xiang sees through, said that is Shen Xiang cracks a joke! Relax, I will kindly treat your Godhead, this thing attains Gods to sell, can sell many divine coin, you died, should die content.” Shen Xiang was speaking the angry words unceasingly, is stimulating Peng Renyi. Peng Renyi that the whole body is scarred, gasps for breath at this time in gulps, is mad unable to speak, stares the big eye, looks that Shen Xiang pulls out his Divine Soul and Godhead. You think really three ten thousand divine coin are so good? Before Infernal Demon Emperor posted a reward me with four Godhead!” Shen Xiang looks at Godhead that in the hand is extracting, is similar to a grain of walnut big or medium, glittering and translucent carving, glittering comes out weak soft, is passing very formidable strength, carefully looked that the interior has the partly visible silk thread, is having the natural charm flavor, is very marvelous. Before Peng Renyi, why does not ravel Infernal Demon Emperor to post a reward Shen Xiang with three ten thousand divine coin, now understood, Shen Xiang he has not imagined is so easy to cope, now he and Tai Zong Guan completely planted. Peng Renyi was killed by Shen Xiang, at the same time also cherishes in Tai Zong Guan at this time frightened, the ghost knows that Shen Xiang will toss about on him?

Shen Xiang puts in Peng Renyi Divine Soul oneself Godhead, but he does not build up temporarily, because his present Divine Soul has gone far beyond fleshly body, but the body of Peng Renyi put in Suppressing Devil divine tower to feed the bat by him. The Tai Zong Guan forehead has a blood hole, but he after is a very strong fellow, now had not died, but received very serious wound. Shen Xiang was considering that if wanted massacres this Tai Zong Guan! Massacres Tai Zong Guan to obtain Godhead immediately, is away from his duty to go a step further. But now he in this Divine Prison, oneself body inter-bank issue and acceptance of drafts is thin, that Yu Fan gives his help to be also miserable, but at present this Tai Zong Guan strength is not weak, if can use for him, from now on definitely will make him smoother. I do not want to kill you! If you can make me feel relieved very much that I do not kill you.” Shen Xiang looked that Tai Zong Guan of tread said. Soul contract!” Tai Zong Guan had considered, then emits own Divine Soul, very resists lets the Shen Xiang next imprisonment. Shen Xiang's Divine Power enters the Tai Zong Guan Divine Soul interior, pours into contract strength in inside, such Tai Zong Guan will not kill him. Later you must listen my!” Shen Xiang puts out one bottle of pearl tears, the drop in the Tai Zong Guan wound. Has saying that the pearl tears are easy-to-use, is only all of a sudden, Tai Zong Guan looked like was better, oneself can stand. Tai Zong Guan, your is Divine Soul damaged is not too serious?” Shen Xiang asked. Recuperated for several days to be restored to health, calling me Tai Qiang to be good.” Tai Zong Guan looks at a nearby bloodstain, that is Peng Renyi, now this bastard dies that miserably, but he is also living, in heart many were somewhat happy. Regarding Shen Xiang, he also accepted fate. Shen Xiang not only has not killed him, instead has also saved him! Just to ensure own security, has gotten down the soul contract to him, this is also the natural matter. Tai Qiang has not asked anything, he only knows that now Shen Xiang is very fearful, even if looks like cultivation base is very low. You go back first, I will pass some days to look your.” Shen Xiang said.

Tai Qiang walked, he does not dare to have the least bit to defy the Shen Xiang's meaning, otherwise his Divine Soul will suffer the raging fire roasting the severe pain. Saw Tai Qiang to walk away, Shen Xiang light shouted: Sir Yu, you can come out!” Does well! Although Tai Qiang Godhead, but is keeping his life, will seek other Godhead to have a bigger help to you from now on, I to his some pill, making him recover fast, is good to help you seek Godhead. Later we relate, uses the way of secret marks guidance, then leaves behind oneself news.” Yu Fan said that the body changed to wisp of smog to vanish. In the Shen Xiang mind are many one set of secret marks, he later only needed these secret marks that's alright of signs near the notice board in city, in these places, the secret marks that many people left behind, but he must have a look frequently, whether Yu Fan left behind other instructions. Shortly after Yu Fan just walked, Shen Xiang induces to raid all at once to the breath, his hastily puts out Yu Fan to his flying disc, sits, then stimulates to movement flying disc, changes to rainbow light, several are far away from that barren hill instantaneously, arrives above a piece of greenwood. Really quick!” Shen Xiang just acclaimed one, induces to behind has the fluctuation of strength, he continues to stimulate to movement flying disc. He looks backward, can see several people to ride star anise flying disc separately, pursues behind him. Is Infernal Demon Emperor sends? Must a bit faster cast off is good, has not thought that came quickly.” Shen Xiang this time flying disc has sufficed speed, the speeds of surface these people are not then weak, if not because the great distance distance is too far . Moreover the Shen Xiang's flying disc speed is quick, already attacked in the following these people. These fellows perhaps are the god of Yu Fan Master that rank, I must deal carefully.” Shen Xiang is thinking of a way to cast off these people: If had that Divine Talisman to be good again.” Before Shen Xiang remembers itself, has refined many destruction frozen pill, destroys Heaven Dan, refines with some others' Heaven Dan. He puts out a big box to come, discards unceasingly backward, immediately in pā lā arouses the intermittent bang, the cold air that as well as piercing cold air, his destruction frozen pill explodes, froze a big forest. How long but could not maintain, by a scalding hot air wave melting, suddenly was actually turned into piece of sea of fire, this was strength of following these people. Quite fearful! So to be how fierce? They were infiltrated Divine Prison, does Infernal Demon Emperor send?” Shen Xiang feels that quantity of heat, making him have in one to place oneself in earth core, only then Emperor Heaven earth core, has that terrifying temperature.