World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1723

If these people early come, perhaps Shen Xiang was seized, now he stimulates to movement that flying disc fully, the speed arrived at peak, this is he in history maximum speed, but behind that several people are still in hot pursuit, is hard to get rid. Although was closely being pursued, but Shen Xiang still keeps cool, before some people launched several attacks to him, may not hit, he slightly avoids, the following attack deviates is very far, during this high-speed chase, so long as hides slightly, the following attack deviation will be very big, is hard to hit. This way is not the means!” Shen Xiang was pursued a double-hour, he has been far away from that city that Plentiful God bank is at now. Or goes to other stars to have a look, your present flying disc so is in any case quick, waits to get rid of the following these fellows to come back not to be late again.” Long Xueyi offers advice to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang controls flying disc immediately, flies to upper air, shortly after departs this unlucky star energy shield, arrives at outside that dim space, then flies toward a nearby red unlucky star. The following person is still in hot pursuit, Shen Xiang thought that these people are not Infernal Demon Emperor send likely, but was infiltrated the Divine Prison prisoner. Their altogether six people, from the aura are quite formidable, but some aura muddy of that strength fluctuation, generally this situation is long time is actually not able to break through to create, or is the practice is slow. If Infernal Demon Emperor sends from Gods, so, because of the same cultivation base person, Divine Power quite will not be absolutely pure, the strength will be very strong. These fellows should be the same with Tian Hao, have Gods strength, but surely does not have Tian Hao to be fierce, if I were besieged by them, strength that definitely continually counterattacks does not have.” Shen Xiang looks blood-colored unlucky star that the front that approaches gradually, the complexion is even more dignified. He can run away now, was lucky that under foot flying disc, he is unable to use space strength here, depending on his speed, was already seized , to continue again, so long as consumes the light his strength, once his speed is slow, sooner or later will be grasped. Their this strengths, even if hard to take down with Primordial Strange Poison, only if the quantity is big, moreover does not pay attention while them.” Now Shen Xiang can only rely on was Primordial Strange Poison and Soul Eroding Powder, if coped with one, he also dares to try, but behind had several.

Now he can only runs away, while tries to find the solution. Quick, he arrives at No. 2 unlucky star, enters this unlucky star in energy shield, here is the same with No. 1 unlucky star, but here sea is more, moreover does not have that strong life aura, appears some deathly stillness. Before Shen Xiang, is busy making silver coin, has not found out the situations of other unlucky stars, therefore does not know that these unlucky star above matters, arrive before now here remembers, listened to others saying that other unlucky stars not like No. 1 unlucky star. Can have the issue? It is said on each unlucky star the prisoners of some different types, these unlucky star outside energy energy shield, are limits in this prisoner turnover.” Shen Xiang felt that here atmosphere is somewhat strange, immediately is vigilant. They have not pursued!” Long Xueyi somewhat pleasantly surprised shouted. This makes Shen Xiang somewhat accidental actually, in the heart also secretly worries, before that several people, has pursued, but actually suddenly stopped now, obviously is because has scruples not to enter this unlucky star. Came not to be able to exit?” Shen Xiang urges flying disc, flies other one side, then passes through that energy guard shield, exited very much with ease, moreover he also sees the back of that several person, these people gave up. Shen Xiang thought that very felt strange: Why haven't they come in? Does here have what very fearful fellow to be inadequate?” Long Xueyi has hit a yawn: Leave alone, in any case haven't you now been all right?” Then if wanted does go to have a look?” Shen Xiang suddenly has filled curiously to these No. 2 unlucky star, wants to go in finds out, wants to know that here has anything, unexpectedly can run away in fear that several to have expert of Gods strength.

Has a look, your flying disc speed so is in any case fast, meets danger(ous) to run.” Long Xueyi is also same as Shen Xiang, so long as comes across this matter, does not ravel, at heart itchy. Shen Xiang close ground, took up earth to look together, here soil texture was disappointing, even was inferior including world of Nine Heaven that but the soil texture of No. 1 unlucky star was good, pinches in the hand, can feel thick Life Force. Stands in flying disc above Shen Xiang, at this time is very vigilant, so long as a little sound, he immediately controls flying disc to fly from fast same place. He flies now in a stretch of wetland, here has very verdant green grass, has to be soaked most probably by the clean water, in these water plants also many fish You to come in groups swim away, occasionally also the flocks of big birds fly to catch fish. Strange, does this place have such ordinary birds? Exactly the same that here beasts and I met in childhood, does not have any battle efficiency.” Shen Xiang frowned, the black bear that looks at shore one catch fish. Before these endless Heaven territory, even if the weakest birds fish, within the body also had the strength of Sacred Spirit, itself also had certain striking power, understood self- practice. The birds that but in these No. 2 unlucky star, he meets, mortal world are exactly the same as he had stayed, this makes him have the feeling of several points of fondly remembering, as if returned to the past the child time. When he recalls child that lovely time, his suddenly felt that breeze blows, is own cheeks has a burningly painful feeling, he even feels the skeleton disruption of face. It is not because attacks his strength to be hot, because is too painful, is painful like is burnt down that feeling, really came is too suddenly, he does not know that was attacked by the fist or by the foot, in brief his whole person was kicked, hits on a big stone. That big stone was hit by his strong fleshly body crushes, he is covering that severe pain cheeks, stands up looks, discovered one on a high summit of island, but all around is the limitless deep blue sea, he has been far away from a moment ago that stretch of deep green and beautiful wetland.

A moment ago what's the matter? My flying disc!” A Shen Xiang face is astonished, if not because the face was too painful, he does not think one were attacked, although he was hit hard, but only has a face quite painful, the other places of whole body are all right. What his unreadable is, his unexpectedly can fly to be so far all of a sudden, is quicker than time his flying disc! Looks around in him, with rapt attention alert time, is breeze blows, this time he is the same unable to make any to guard, only felt that that side face transmitted a severe pain a moment ago, when he responded, only thought one hit on a hard lump. This...... Isn't this my flying disc?” Shen Xiang a moment ago was depreciation of heavily on flying disc. Damn!” In his heart fills at this time panic-stricken.