World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1724
Shen Xiang just sat, another gust comes, before having twice, this time changed intelligent, hastily moved sideways to avoid, if were hit again, he can kill. After avoiding, he has not relaxed vigilantly, because that gust still continues to blow, he controls flying disc, the speed run, he knows that he runs into very formidable fellow, now is playing him to play. Now must leave here, he has not thought that easily, his flying disc just flew shortly, gale from airborne depresses, he thought immediately within the body five main internal organs (entrails) by tight extrusion together, a throat sweet, big group blood had been welled up, afterward is that light breeze raids. Even if the internal injury is serious, but he has fought many battles, in that critical avoids that to strike instantaneously! This terror strikes from airborne to raid, after Shen Xiang avoids, hits flying disc, rumbles powder flying disc. In Shen Xiang heart dark anger, this flying disc is for him important, now unexpectedly was ruined, but what is annoying, he that is any thing does not know now. Bang! His suddenly smells a bang, head suddenly by hit of heavily, before this, that type of breeze, a aura has not had, he could not feel that some people are attacking him. After being hit, he was hit to fly! He felt that he hits in one group of soft things, at this time he severe wound, that had struck a moment ago, although causes heavy losses to his head, but that strength actually very ingenious shift to his within the body. When this time severe wound, before by town prison health/guard attack is much heavier, he has not fainted, is fierce. He knows that his body fell into soils, he thought that possibly is some have not turned into the stone in Nishan. Had been finished, this fellow is very fierce!” Long Xueyi very depressed saying: What luck is good, this fellow does not want to kill you!” Shen Xiang was unable to move, his whole body meridians skeleton has encountered very serious damage, Divine Soul somewhat is dispirited, what making him most worry, Godhead unexpectedly presented the fissure. A moment ago that compaction was too terrifying, did not have the indication, but actually instantaneously injured this him, most made him feel what felt inferior, he others what has not seen. Now he understands, why before , that five fellows have not pursued, because their this inside are hiding a very fearful fellow. Hehe, has not died!” Outside hears together the mischievous laughter, sounds is likely is a mischievous fellow. The Shen Xiang's body deeply falls into a mountain, has made a cave, he wants to reply very much, but he could not speak.

I help you come out!” That sound happily said with a smile, Shen Xiang some not good premonitions, he felt immediately the back pain, his unexpectedly was rumbled by half strength. Puff! Shen Xiang has spurted a blood, he discovered that he was really too frail, by others casual several, already barely alive. He lies down on a stretch of soft lawn, the eye is ajar, is looking at the deep blue sky, a moment ago that consecutively several, made him feel that their entire world became dark, now he is appreciating beautiful Lan Tian greedily, was worried, also looked to disappear again. When he looks is lost in thought that suddenly sees a fearful face, said accurately is one is leading the person of azure mask, that azure mask does very uglily, moreover is different from the normal mask, above has not revealed the hole of eye, but above is drawing a very ugly eye, big is small, the nose mouth picture has, what is funny is also has two to cast aside the beard that the size varies. Sees likely is the work of child, looks like very funny, but Shen Xiang cannot smile, because stays the fellow of this mask to be fearful, 2-3 hit him half dead. Who are you?” Shen Xiang asked that says these three characters, he felt that he was also painful. Did not tell you, Hehe!” That person said that hears the sound, likely is old man. Good, I and you do not have the enmity without the injustice, why can you to my fight?” Shen Xiang also asked that the speech made him more painful, was painful his cold sweat directing current. Humanity and ant have not reached the hatred, sometimes but why will humanity injure the ant?” That person of very earnest saying. Shen Xiang thinks that is because ant in the human eye at is not anything, killed has killed, this was because humanity was formidable, but the ant is unable to revolt, is unable how humanity. He understands that this person of meaning, was saying that he was small and weak, can this strength, oppressive be what kind of? Who makes him so small and weak! Shen Xiang has been speechless, has closed eye. Then accepted fate quickly?” That person of Hehe said with a smile. „Can that be what kind of? I cannot move now, Divine Soul caused heavy losses.” Shen Xiang weak saying. Do not think that I do not know, your this time fleshly body rapidly is restoring to come, Divine Soul also fast self-recovery under a strange cultivation technique revolution.” This person has seen through, making the Shen Xiang heart startled, the speed that his fleshly body restores is truly quick, but he revolves the Heaven Refining Technique maintaining mental tranquility method, can make injured Divine Soul convalesce, the speed of restoring is also good. Depending on your strength, this Divine Prison should unable to surround your, you must sufficiently collect thousand divine coin, radically is easy.” Shen Xiang said that he thought at present this person of strength, far ultra chases down his several fellows absolutely.

Thousand divine coin? This you have made a mistake, I must exit, perhaps ten hundred million divine coin, my this whole life are unable to sufficiently collect.” That person said with a smile, he mentioned this matter, unexpectedly has not felt depressed. „Can't you rush?” Shen Xiang also asked that his injury has stabilized, the speech is not painful. „It is not easy, do you think Heaven Punishment God like you?” That person jokes: Naturally, I, if exits with other means is not cannot, but I think that exiting of directly and honestly, at least results in the main entrance, hits to lie Heaven Punishment God, like a moment ago punched you.” Shen Xiang hears this saying, in the heart is not feeling well very much, but cannot be what kind. Now he knows that what fellow he runs into, is one is closed here, moreover very bored expert, he thought that he will not be massacred, because this person must keep his poor life at present, accompanies him to find relief. You just came here? My some are not clear, weak the fellow like you, unexpectedly can also mix in Gods, moreover was infiltrated Divine Prison.” That person somewhat is also curious to Shen Xiang. Yes, I was chased down to rush to here, the ghost knows here that awfully.” Shen Xiang is very helpless, if before he, understood much these No. 2 unlucky star, he will not turn into this now. I was not infiltrated Divine Prison, I rush from other place.” Shen Xiang sighed. „Do Oh? you come from Forest of Life? In this case, could convince.” That person nodded: „Were you chased down by whom? unexpectedly chases down this place!” Infernal Demon Emperor!” Shen Xiang said. Really?” That person of some do not believe: „Will Infernal Demon Emperor chase down your this fellow?” You do not believe go to No. 1 unlucky star to have a look, now there person is looking for me everywhere! However I am not valuable, Infernal Demon Emperor only used three ten thousand divine coin to post a reward me.” Shen Xiang said. Only value 30,000!” That person somewhat disappointed, but thinks, said: Infernal Demon Emperor will extend strength to this place catches you, you definitely have very high value, three ten thousand divine coin regarding these for the pitiful creature who thousand divine coin struggle desperately, is very many.” Shen Xiang said: I have not come in this local time, Infernal Demon Emperor post a reward with four Godhead my, I said that non- definite value 1 billion, you can find the Infernal Demon Emperor person to chat the price, perhaps Infernal Demon Emperor is willing to open this price!” Hehe, I do not have the interest! My quite repugnant Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow, but I want to know why Infernal Demon Emperor will regard as important you?” That person carefully looked at Shen Xiang, suddenly was silent, probably had discovered any thing, making him be lost in thought. Shen Xiang said: I fall to your hand in any case, life and death, I told you to be good! I thought that he probably is because I have practiced Heaven Refining Technique.” Really!” That person of unexpectedly already looked: If is really this, then I should give Infernal Demon Emperor you, making him obtain Heaven Refining Technique, is not the good matter.” Then has killed me directly, ruins my Divine Soul, didn't finish up?” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say.

This is not good, I cannot kill you!” That person shook the head: Even if I have a lot of reasons to kill you, but I cannot kill you!” Why?” Shen Xiang suddenly was ignorant, in the heart criticized [say / way] you almost to kill the bastard me a moment ago!” „Do you want to know?” That person said: Only if you told me, how on you three types of Divine Weapon came!” This...... Is a long story!” Shen Xiang obtains these three Divine Weapon stories to tell at present this person him, although had been beaten violently by him, but Shen Xiang has not actually felt the opposite party evil intention. That person has pondered the moment, said: It seems like, Four Beast's Divine Weapons and you are predestined friends! Does not know that you do know Qi Shi!” Shen Xiang has gawked staring, at present this person asked he obtains the Four Beast's Divine Weapons matter, now also asks Qi Shi, said that he had stayed in world of Nine Heaven. Long Xueyi also in curious, in her mind recalled rapidly in expert that the past years knew, which several mischievous old fellow there is. Shen Xiang just wants to reply that Long Xueyi suddenly ran! old blue worm, actually is your this bastard!” Long Xueyi puts out a hand to raise that person of mask, unexpectedly was very easy to go well, explained that person has not guarded against her. Really is you!” Long Xueyi coldly snorted. Under that azure mask, is on a face has some old men of wrinkle, the chin has the beards of a handful pale azure, the eyebrow is somewhat long, has hung slightly, he at this time smiled looks at Long Xueyi, on the face somewhat is also accidental. Dead girl...... Ha Ha, you now are really disappointing, my finger can be run over and die you, Ha Ha......” this old man points at Long Xueyi that air/Qi crooked nose to laugh with the finger. With is the same, at present this old man who Shen Xiang thinks was Long Xueyi in the past that the person of time, moreover relationship was very good. Long Xueyi shouted a moment ago this old man is old blue worm, Shen Xiang thinks slightly that knows this old man might is past Azure Dragon!