World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1725
Long Xueyi both hands fork waist, honk small mouth, whole face indignant looks at that to laugh loudly the old man. old blue worm, you smile to suffice! Didn't I take the Heavenly Dragon sword in the past? You have no need to hate me now, at the first opportunity scolds me.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted, stepped on a that old man foot maliciously. Shen Xiang can determine now that this old blue worm was Azure Dragon, Long Xueyi has said that in the past she had fought for the Heavenly Dragon sword of head of Seven Saint Dragons sword with Azure Dragon. Right, in the past was robbed the Heavenly Dragon sword by your this little girl, I am not convinced, I was suppressing this tone before, but after seeing you now this appearance, Ha Ha......” Azure Dragon mindless smiled: Past Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, unexpectedly went down in the world to does not have including Godhead.” Long Xueyi was mad the chest that stands tall and erect unceasingly to fluctuate, life Qi/angry turns over to life Qi/angry, but she is not too repugnant this Azure Dragon. Good, I did not laugh at you, were you with this little rascal relationship? You planned that to rely on this little rascal does stage a comeback? However, perhaps this very much has possibility, Heaven Refining Technique that he cultivates is unusual.” The azure Dragon God sentiment is somewhat serious, looks to lie down in Shen Xiang of ground. Long Xueyi tender angrily said: old blue worm, you have injured him, you must compensate him, otherwise I and you have not ended!” Azure Dragon traces chin that to rub the beard, said with a smile: Who makes him so weak, casual several sub- turn into this, no wonder I!” Sees the Long Xueyi that life Qi/angry appearance, Azure Dragon he he to smile: Was good, do you want me to compensate him? divine coin? I may not have, I am now poor and blank, except for this old bones, anything did not have.” Long Xueyi both hands hold the chest: You but now Divine Dragon, your dragon scales was very definitely good, makes hundred to come 200 pieces of dragon scales.” Azure Dragon Ha Ha said with a smile: Wants me to pull out 12 dragon tendon while convenient, puts several barrels of dragon blood again to you?”

If, that should better!” Long Xueyi said. Has a dream, my dragon scales may be precious.” Azure Dragon coldly snorted: Or this, I help him a bit faster cure the wound, then gives you fruit.” Hears to eat, in the Long Xueyi heart the flowers of the mind anger sends immediately, hastily asked: What is Divine Fruit?” On Sacred Fruit, loves if wanted ? Divine Fruit? I also want to eat, my many years have not seen.” Azure Dragon was saying, the palm to Shen Xiang, is releasing pale azure light glow to cover the Shen Xiang's body. Around the Shen Xiang's body suddenly continues a piece of water drop, seems like the water drop, but Shen Xiang can see this is naked eye obvious life strength, the massive water drops drill into his body, he only thought one were injured very serious body, restores the rapidness. The short half double-hour, Shen Xiang restores completely such as beginning, Long Xueyi feels shocking, because in her opinion, the Shen Xiang's injury ten days very has not gotten up for half a month. This gives you.” Azure Dragon puts out big wicker basket snow jade peach: These Saint peach alchemy values are not high, but eats to be good, should suffice you to promote many strengths.” Long Xueyi smiles immediately tenderly: old blue worm, you also calculate a little conscience! However has not thought that your strength is increased that quickly, flung behind a past large quantities of old friend.” Azure Dragon long sighed: „Is this also useful? Amn't I now also a captive?” Shen Xiang can stand at this time, he was injured by Azure Dragon bewilderedly, in the heart also many resentment read, but Azure Dragon suddenly apologized to him at this time, this makes him somewhat dull stare.

Young fellow, really does not do right by! I also think the fellow who some are not tactful comes here to disturb, therefore I get rid, but also please excuse me.” Azure Dragon to saying that Shen Xiang smiles. This...... Ok, in any case I now not also good!” Shen Xiang accepts the apology of Azure Dragon, regarding expert of this ancient times level, he admired, let alone his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade had greatest relationship with this Azure Dragon. Azure Dragon Senior, Vermilion Bird Senior came before, is you helps her exit?” Shen Xiang asked that after he came, knows that here has very big imprisonment to the space, Vermilion Bird can exit is not accidental. Right, she rushes to here by mistake, I also used not the small vigor to help her exit, has not thought that quickly can see another old friend.” Azure Dragon looks at Long Xueyi, has pulled the Long Xueyi's hair: Heard that this little girl died in the past, at that time I was sad, has not thought that many years pass by, can see her to jump for joy, I am very happy.” Long Xueyi is eating Saint peach, spits the tongue to Azure Dragon, could see that their relationship is very good, but usually a little small contradiction. Then Senior, you can help us exit?” Shen Xiang asked that if Azure Dragon can help him, he can leave this damned place immediately. Naturally, you obtain my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, calculates to be predestined friends with me! Can look, this little girl rebirth can recover is so quick, you should give many strength.” Azure Dragon affection looks at Long Xueyi, in his eyes, Long Xueyi probably is his granddaughter is the same. But, you are chased down by Infernal Demon Emperor now, before was also used four Godhead to post a reward by him, I think that you exit, definitely will not feel better!” The Azure Dragon complexion becomes somewhat dignified: Infernal Demon Emperor, if decides to do a matter, he will not give up.” Therefore I thought that you should dull a period of time, let your strength become stronger temporarily here!”

In Shen Xiang heart one happy, Azure Dragon is very formidable Gods, if there is his instruction, perhaps he can promote rapidly. old blue worm, what means do you have to let his a bit faster fleshly body become stronger?” Long Xueyi asked: fleshly body of humanity was too disappointing, moreover must depend on itself to practice, this is the difficult problem! His fleshly body does not break through, perhaps is hard to practice Emperor Soul to come.” This I know! If humanity wants to practice very formidable fleshly body fast, only then means are feasible, is eats Saint pill, while practice excellent Body Refining technique.” Azure Dragon said: He has Heaven Refining Technique, used Heaven Refining Technique body cultivation to suffice completely, the speed could also pass, but he , to be quickly quicker, that must eat Saint pill!” If early knows that will have this condition, in the past I in Gods, should make some Saint pill, now can send the use.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: No problem, I am alchemy, now has been able to refine eight Immortal Dan, must refine Saint pill to be quick.” Azure Dragon is somewhat accidental: Really? In the past although Qi Shi this fellow also cultivated Heaven Refining Technique, but he has not used this cultivation technique on alchemy, has not thought that your unexpectedly has stepped onto Righteous Path, it seems like you had boundless prospects!” Long Xueyi asked: old blue worm, you in Gods? Why will be detained here? Your strength is not very strong?”