World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1726
Azure Dragon shook the head: My luck is good, although infiltrating this Divine Prison, but can also be free here, the ramble is merry! Old Ice was different, he may be miserable now, although his strength is also good. However, oh......” Long Xueyi wrinkles the delicate eyebrows, is swinging the arm of Azure Dragon: Old Ice? His supreme Dragon Vein in my this, I helped him make!” Azure Dragon said: His had been controlled, now is mount of great person Gods, that great person goes on a journey each time, makes him change the turn into dragon shape, then stands between two corner/horn of his head! Although he and I said that crosses also good, but this day for me, might as well early dies early reincarnation.” Long Xueyi somewhat angry: How can like this? He is voluntary, was compelled?” Azure Dragon said with a sneer: Naturally was compelled, his brain has the hole, will not do this foolish matter, gives person family belongings mount!” In the past Long Xueyi received Ice Dragon with the attendance of Azure Dragon, dragon of their world breeding, but Long Xueyi was the family member is in their eyes same, although usually they always taunt each other, but their relationship were good. Long Xueyi is also so, he early knows that Ice Dragon crosses not well in Gods, but has not thought that can miss to this situation. old blue worm, your also too insufficient loyalty? Your unexpectedly does not help him!” A Long Xueyi face resentment has patted Azure Dragon. Azure Dragon is a deep sigh: „Was my this to not help him, then made?” Long Xueyi angrily said: Is Gods which bastard? After waiting, I come up, I make little rascal stamp him.” Azure Dragon looks at Shen Xiang, said with a smile: If he some day can go to Gods, perhaps also possible, but the premise was he can study thoroughly Heaven Refining Technique.” Told me quickly, who that enslaved the Old Ice fellow is!” Long Xueyi pursues asks. This fellow may be fiercer than Infernal Demon Emperor, if you here have a period of time dull, should also hear! The name of fellow I do not know, but I know that his given name, others called him God of Wealth, does divine coin that.” Azure Dragon said: Infernal Demon Emperor, although is arbitrary, but also he can only in Hell and this damned place horizontal, if lets him in Gods, he sees God of Wealth, must like a docile cat, he even in front of God of Wealth not dare to lift.” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi look at each other, God of Wealth in Gods the status they know certainly that did not say God of Wealth, the God of Wealth subordinate, definitely is also very formidable that. That is also what kind, I sooner or later a day, must let his also Old Ice freedom.” Long Xueyi is still very angry: What skill forces others to be?” Does not have the means that others are powerful, if not Heaven Punishment God helps my in secret, the assurance loses here, otherwise I also will be taken away now the auction, the fate is the same with Old Ice.”

Shen Xiang asked: How can go to Gods?” Ice Dragon has the graciousness in him, is the Qi Shi Long Xueyi's good friend, moreover Long Huishan Old Ancestor, now knew that Ice Dragon situation, he is also same as Long Xueyi, wants to go to Gods immediately. Has Emperor Soul jade bone, can go through the gate of heaven defying, is road of any god, can go to Gods.” Azure Dragon said. jade bone that is the fleshly body strongest rank, naturally, this is here, definitely also has fiercer fleshly body intensity in Gods. Emperor Soul jade bone, now Shen Xiang distance rank also! I currently have Emperor Soul, did not have jade bone, it seems like I was also quick.” Long Xueyi said: Doesn't have Godhead also to go?” Azure Dragon said with a smile: Naturally, didn't I have Godhead in the past? Actually Gods inside many cultivate Spirit do not have Godhead, you think that Godhead can practice casually? Otherwise Godhead will not sell above to 12 surely divine coin.” Long Xueyi curls the lip saying: For me does not have what pressure, moreover this brat currently also has Godhead, does not know how must become stronger.” Azure Dragon nodded: Has Godhead that to be easier to do! First you fleshly body is formidable, Divine Soul is formidable, then unifies Godhead strength with physical strength and Divine Soul strength, the three unite, unearth your oneself most formidable strength, at that time you were Gods, can make God Position.” Was right, are you now outside the situation? Said in detail with me.” How Azure Dragon suddenly curious Shen Xiang runs. Shen Xiang told Azure Dragon at the matter of No. 1 unlucky star him, as well as with matter of Yu Fan cooperation. Yu Fan this person also good, but we do not need to help him seek Godhead now.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: old blue worm when the time comes can help us exit.” Azure Dragon coldly snorted and said: „Is this good? Yu Fan this fellow hid the truth from your matter to be many, bullied you not to understand this Divine Prison, then deceived you to play! Although this fellow looks like good, is helping you, but he is very cloudy.” You bump into me luckily, otherwise you cannot leave here for a lifetime!” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi frowned, is puzzled.

I told you, that Yu Fan said that you killed people all right here, right?” Azure Dragon asked. Shen Xiang nodded. You killed people here, can leave the important matter, you think that Heaven Punishment God doesn't know? Here has any slightest sign of trouble he to know that you just entered Divine Prison, your Slaughter Qi had been recorded by him, when you seek to suffice 20, obtains divine coin from the Yu Fan hand, when the time comes you exit, perhaps under meeting Hell.” Finally will see Infernal Demon Emperor!” Shen Xiang hears this saying, the complexion becomes gloomy and cold is incomparable, face murderous aura, that Yu Fan unexpectedly deceives him! Naturally, only then my rule to the Divine Prison is clear, other people are not quite generally clear, because I and Heaven Punishment God are ripe! However you do not need to be worried that you can continue to disguise to help him seek Godhead, but do not give him Godhead first, used him to find the appropriate goal to the news that you provided, waited for the similar time I sent off you.” Long Xueyi angrily said: But we have given him Godhead, has not thought that this fellow unexpectedly installs to look like, deceived us.” Azure Dragon said with a smile: All right, were you bogged down in difficulties at that time? At that time some people extend the helping hands to you, moreover in the situation that in your Divine Prison does not find out has deceived you, even if I in your situations, will plant in his hands.” Many thanks Senior, if not you, perhaps I must destroy here.” Shen Xiang expressed gratitude hastily. Big matter! However you must remember, later must treat this little girl well, although she mischievous a point, but is loyal very much.” Azure Dragon said with a smile. Long Xueyi said with a smile lightly: old blue worm, was rare you to speak my word of praise! What to do then we then can? This brat needs herbs to study alchemy, he had gotten down the tracing incantation by Infernal Demon Emperor, exits, stared not long, moreover you have also destroyed his flying disc.” Isn't a tracing incantation? Although I am not the big god of Infernal Demon Emperor that rank, but my good and bad was also the past Dragon Clan elder brother, could not baffle my.” Azure Dragon puts out a azure cloak. Put on that's alright, traced incantation, although can unable to find you, but you can stimulate to movement this cloak, then the cloak your stealth, meanwhile can have you to fly with the quickest speed! Although Infernal Demon Emperor knows your whereabouts, but can't he report to here frequently? This Divine Prison and outside are to interrupt relation, he must convey a message, requires time.” Long Xueyi hastily snatches that azure cloak: Good thing, to give to him?” Azure Dragon anxious shouted: Naturally does not give to him, this thing is my treasure, is very fierce divine tool, I temporarily lent him, you don't not.”

„It is not divine tool, has greatly any! I later will have.” Long Xueyi coldly snorted, gives Shen Xiang, but she had planned that waits to make Liu Meng'er they take a look, looked that has the means to refine one to come out in later. You first seek for alchemy herbs now, found later returns to here, when you refine Saint pill, I wished your again, helping you endure fleshly body.” Azure Dragon has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, he favors Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang nodded, Long Xueyi returns to Hidden Jade Ring. After Azure Dragon said goodbye, Shen Xiang puts on that cloak, left No. 2 unlucky star. That azure cloak is fierce, he slightly has used some Divine Power, the speed fast incomparably, several suddenly, by far left No. 2 unlucky star. Does not know these fellows also outside!” Long Xueyi said: Early knows that old blue worm kills them.” „It is not good, the words of Azure Dragon murder, later are more difficult, therefore we come fight!” Shen Xiang said: „After I was formidable, must make to be many here some Godhead.” That Yu Fan, this fellow was too hateful, must make him suffer a hardship to be good!” Long Xueyi snort|hum said. Shen Xiang returns to No. 1 unlucky star quickly, and quietly looks for Tai Qiang, Yu Fan does not know him to come back, he does not want to make Yu Fan know. Tai Qiang is Tai Zong Guan, the status a little, he has the residence outside Plentiful God bank, Shen Xiang has also gone one time. Tai Qiang, helping me purchase Heaven Spirit Pill herbs, I will look for you several days later again.” Shen Xiang said that also told: I and between matter, do not tell other people, if Yu Fan asked that also do not say anything.” Shen Xiang sees the Tai Qiang process, gives him sound transmission, afterward leaves fast, he will not stay in a place is too long, so as to avoid being located by Infernal Demon Emperor. Told Tai Qiang, he immediately returned to No. 2 unlucky star, he must make some elixir in these days, was used to duplicate immortal 9th level Heaven Spirit Pill herbs. Azure Dragon is also very leisurely and carefree on these No. 2 unlucky star, nothing can do, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi here, let him are very happy, simultaneously he can also understand that the situations of some old friends, listen to the matter that world of Nine Heaven has.