World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1727
Knew the matter that world of Nine Heaven has these days, Azure Dragon sobbed, evidently his some wants to go back, because past old friend majority in there, only then their a few entered Gods. old blue worm, big Fire Lion? He should also go to Gods!” Long Xueyi asked. His luck is good, after by severe wound, escapes smoothly, but defers to his temperament, will cause not long definitely trouble, how now I do not know him.” Azure Dragon smiles helplessly: Hopes him to experience this time, can change oneself that fiery temperament.” Long Xueyi is dragging the fragrant cheek, looks at the fire of high-piled firewood is roasting the beast meat, low mumble said: „To go to Gods to rescue Old Ice, thinks that he stands to others in every day, when mount, I am very uncomfortable.” Azure Dragon sighed: I am also, but this does not have the means that these fellows were too formidable, we now can go not to hit to Gods.” Shen Xiang said: Depending on God of Wealth in Gods the status, are definitely many with his relationship good formidable Gods, let alone copes with God of Wealth, said that his group of apprentices, suffices persons head to hurt.” The Shen Xiang's shoulder that Long Xueyi closes right up against, she also knows fierce of these Gods, but she is hopeful: little rascal, you later must make every effort to succeed, helping me rescue Old Ice.” This is natural, so long as gives me the time, I will certainly achieve!” Shen Xiang is caressing the Long Xueyi's cheeks lightly, smiles to her self-confidently. Azure Dragon is having a smile nod, he could certainly see that Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's relationship is not ordinary. Azure Dragon Senior, I want to ask that your matter, you above have possibly heard in Gods!” Shen Xiang tells Azure Dragon that secular world god grave that he was born, his father is still defending that god grave above now.

„Before this grave I am very early, has heard, is truly mystical, in a Saint Beast Ancient Domain small hawk had defended the grave above, later entered Gods! I arrive at Gods also to arrive to inquire this matter.” Azure Dragon was recalling the initial matter, in the past in world of Nine Heaven, the riddle topics of many matters had not untied. That Gods what background? Can Heaven Refining Technique be he brings?” Long Xueyi asked: Big white cat sees Godhead from that Profound Cold Ancient Domain, obtains Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Refining Technique from inside, the big lion cultivates Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Refining Technique, becomes Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, at that time the big white cat shared Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, grows many divine art, can be in god grave that Gods?” Azure Dragon said: This I am not clear, in brief in the past had had the god war in Profound Cold Ancient Domain there, causing there to turn into Land of Ice and Snow, until now nobody has entered the deep place, inside definitely is also hiding anything! In Gods as for god grave, I thought that should be the major Temple taboos, that character cannot be mentioned.” This let Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi was more curious, in god grave Gods, the background imagined compared with them also big, they also think was an ordinary young god and so on. Above Temple what's the matter?” Shen Xiang asked: „Is Temple very fierce?” Temple, only then 300, have the assorted god! But known very well, only then minority, for example God of Wealth palace, Fire God Palace and Thunder Temple this type...... Demon Temple, is Infernal Demon Emperor Temple! These are formidable Temple, but other Temple majority are attached these big Temple.” Azure Dragon said. Has dragon Temple?” Long Xueyi asked. Temporarily does not have, I want to establish, Gods the dragon gathers together completely, who knows because of Old Ice, then arrived here.” Azure Dragon said.

Later I construct one.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Then I am Dragon God.” Must establish Temple not to be easy, because above permission has 300, if you want to establish by audiences Temple approval Temple, has two means! Buys Temple with massive divine coin, then changes own, second is to bribe the audiences Temple god, making them allow you to establish 301 st Temple.” Snort, my these two means do not walk, I do not undergo their agreements, they dare to come to make us to punch them.” Long Xueyi does not manage. Shen Xiang asked: What thing audiences is Temple?” Audiences Temple is thing that three hundred Temple cooperation make, every other a period of time will gather together three hundred Temple Gods, when or has the important matter meets the together discussion! Now governs audiences Temple Heaven Punishment God, is equal to maintaining Gods the order, powerful Temple, must result in has the rule to revolve, otherwise Gods will be very chaotic.” Long Xueyi said: That does Heaven Punishment God want why to do?” Azure Dragon shakes the head: Naturally is not, Heaven Punishment God was also restrained, if the small matter, other Gods will not manage, but the important matter, Heaven Punishment God cannot decide, otherwise he will be joined up by other Gods, seal in Hell.” In Gods, the major Temple gods is the similar strength, independent combat is hard to branch out to carry, so long as has not conflicted mutually, generally will not hit, heard that many years have not hit, in the past had hit one time, present the Profound Cold Ancient Domain matter.” Azure Dragon said: But, once Gods were besieged, then the fate has one, is under Hell.” Profound Cold Ancient Domain died a number of Gods, now also very strong in secular world, waits for resurrect, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat worry, if one of the that Gods on noisy in world of Nine Heaven noisy, to cause very big turbulence?

Shen Xiang decided that before going to Gods, must go to that god grave to have a look, Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place. Azure Dragon Senior, how many do you know about the demon emperor? This woman appeared.” Shen Xiang wants deeply to understand matter that very much demon emperor, he regards as a huge threat the demon emperor, must eradicate as early as possible. This woman danger(ous), is very very fearful! Moreover cultivation technique that cultivates, came from Gods taboo evil art!” The Azure Dragon complexion changes: In the past she damaged massive expert, stirred earth-shakingly world of Nine Heaven, confused many people to besiege Qi Shi, created in the past world of Nine Heaven life uttery misery, this was seductress, I suspected that she and Infernal Demon Emperor had close relationship. If she appeared, strength is definitely stronger!” Long Xueyi said: Wants a bit faster to go back to prevent this woman really!” Shen Xiang nodded: Otherwise inconceivable!” Right old blue worm, do you go to Gods to be so long, know how to practice Divine Soul to be quick?” Long Xueyi asked that Hidden Jade Ring inside Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian have not practiced Divine Soul, she somewhat worried, because now, their stay here a period of time. Naturally has, but our Dragon Clan the cultivate Spirit expert, I was so long in Gods, found this means that I there Bai Guo?” Azure Dragon he he smiles. Some Azure Dragon here, Shen Xiang they are safe, therefore Long Xueyi lets Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er puts down living on hand, comes out from Hidden Jade Ring.