World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1729
Shen Xiang arrived at No. 1 unlucky star, quick found Tai Qiang, Tai Qiang had already bought Heavenly God pill's herbs, Shen Xiang has not said anything with Tai Qiang, received herbs then hastily to return to No. 2 unlucky star. Currently speaking, so long as he in No. 2 unlucky star, is basically safe, although Azure Dragon was infiltrated Divine Prison, is a prisoner, but he is the strength is good in this. Only if Infernal Demon Emperor sends to deal with Azure Dragon a stronger person! Shen Xiang returns to No. 2 unlucky star, seeing Azure Dragon also here, then to relax, now on the 1st the people of unlucky star in groups in looking for him, outside No. 2 unlucky star has many squads, if no Azure Dragon here, he estimated that early was chased down everywhere runs. Azure Dragon Senior, words this way, can Infernal Demon Emperor send out a stronger fellow to come to here?” Shen Xiang somewhat worried that will implicate Azure Dragon. This was difficult saying that Infernal Demon Emperor cannot act in a self-serving manner, he was these people who sent offends the rule intentionally, was infiltrated Divine Prison to catch you, but these people were very weak. If with my strength similar fellow, once were infiltrated Divine Prison, must exit to be difficult. Only if Infernal Demon Emperor has gotten down the initial capital, to that fellow divine coin, after letting him, exits to have enough divine coin.” Azure Dragon he he smiles, traces beard: If can have that fellow to come, should better, but, I here was really too bored.” „The person who if looks like Senior this strength comes, exits to want ten hundred million divine coin is right?” Shen Xiang was more relieved. Naturally is not, ten hundred million divine coin that are Heaven Punishment God looked that in price that in my face gives, if other people, little said also 15 hundred million divine coin! The fellow who if Infernal Demon Emperor must make a that strength comes , must give others 1.5 billion to be good! Naturally, only then a fellow definitely could not cope with me, at least two!” Azure Dragon unexpectedly reveals the anticipation the facial expression: Should better faction two strength and my suitable fellow comes, like this I had play.” That does Infernal Demon Emperor need 30 hundred million divine coin? Has 30 hundred million divine coin, what concept in Gods is?” Before Shen Xiang, had asked that Peng Renyi, he said Infernal Demon Emperor also has billions divine coin properties. Infernal Demon Emperor, although the fame is big, but his wealth is not divine coin, but is Hell that he governs, but Hell these things do not change the become god money. divine coin that he has, is the comparison sets the base in Gods! Perhaps also on billions divine coin, moreover must sell out many industries to trade.” Azure Dragon thinks that continues saying: Now has a look at him to dare to bet, billions divine coin regarding these fierce Gods are also very big numbers, moreover he leaves 3 billion to make two fellows come to kill you, not necessarily is successful! Because of my reason, but may also throw away carelessly very much.” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks that not a good possibility, said: „Can Infernal Demon Emperor collaborate with some rich Gods, for example God of Wealth this type, God of Wealth does not lack divine coin, by the God of Wealth financial resource, must send to be many some and your strength suitable Gods comes to here people should not be the difficult matter.” Good, will have this possibility! That looked that God of Wealth can be interested in Heaven Refining Technique! However you also underestimated me, one batch with my cultivation base similar Gods, may not cope with me.” A Azure Dragon face is self-confident: My strength is not these fellows can guess correctly.”

Feels at ease alchemy, if when the time comes I really cannot withstand, I send off that's it you, you at most are the day on having become a fugitive, boiled on the past.” Azure Dragon has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, then has referred to a cave of distant place mountain, in hints him to enter goes to alchemy, that was he just opened cutting. Shen Xiang enters in the cave, puts out elixir, starts to duplicate Heavenly God pill's herbs, this is a very unusual fruit, seems like grain of crystal, but the interior is not insane, only then a light transparent membrane, sends out the pale white multi-colored sunlight, this called Heavenly Soul Fruit, the main effect can strengthen Divine Soul. Now Shen Xiang's Divine Soul arrived at the bottleneck, but the breach lies in fleshly body, he only needs making fleshly body more formidable, his Divine Soul will sooner or later break through. Therefore this Heavenly God pill does not have the major function to him, but just cultivated the Divine Soul person regarding Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er this type, this is best Immortal Dan. high level Immortal Dan, most commonly used strengthens the Divine Soul aspect, but few of other uses, must look that generally herbs decided. Now 9th level Immortal Dan of Shen Xiang refinement, is closest Saint pill's Immortal Dan, therefore is also quite precious, can sell the quite high price this Divine Prison. Shen Xiang refines Heavenly God pill now, mainly eats to Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er, their two have a late start in the Divine Soul aspect, but if starts to have high level pill to eat, can reduce with others' disparity. This fruit looks like attractive, but is not delicious.” Long Xueyi said. Is a thin film, moreover is very light, is not only not delicious, alchemy is not good to build up.” Shen Xiang throws Heavenly Soul Fruit in hand gently, unexpectedly can float gently, is similar to the air bubble that will not break. How can that duplicate?” Dongfang Xinyue asked that now she knows terrifying ability that Shen Xiang that type duplicated herbs, several females in Hidden Jade Ring not has been clear, now understood that the Shen Xiang this heaven defying ability, liked, this means after them, has inexhaustible pills to eat. This probably needs to be many some elixir.” Shen Xiang very careful blows a very thin piece of transparent skin with the sharp knife from above, then drips into elixir on that piece of peel.

When that scrap Pitton wriggles, sends out gentle light glow, starts to grow the incomplete part, drops along with Shen Xiang dī dī elixir, quick was long. Like this!” Shen Xiang aspirated, he has not thought good, because this Heavenly Soul Fruit was really too strange. Heavenly Soul Fruit is transparent, not like solid herbs has that many meat, alchemy the time to have pill to be few? How I saw that thought needs two to refine a grain of pill to come.” Long Xueyi said. This does not use but actually, if others, is needs two to be able one grain, my can a grain.” Shen Xiang is very self-confident, leaves pill quantity is his specialty. Heavenly God pill is very definitely expensive, normally, two Heavenly Soul Fruit leave pill one grain!” Dongfang Xinyue said: „The Heavenly God pill's use is very big, specially to Xianxian and Meng'er.” Um, I certainly will refine when the time comes to be many some eat to them.” Shen Xiang careful takes up that air bubble same Heavenly Soul Fruit, how this does not need to process, can refine. Refines Heavenly God pill not to be easy Heavenly Soul Fruit, moreover Shen Xiang also nobody instructs, in the past Su Meiyao had not refined, he can only try to find out step by step. He can duplicate many Heavenly Soul Fruit to come out with elixir luckily, like this he can try to find out the best refinement method in the failure step by step. He puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, put the produce fire flame preheating, then put Heavenly Soul Fruit, this Heavenly Soul Fruit seemed like a sending out ray air bubble, very frail, but Shen Xiang put the produce fire flame burnt to build up, unexpectedly has not thought that this will seem like soft Heavenly Soul Fruit will release so strong resistance strength. so that's how it is!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath: I had looked at some ancient book before, above had said Heavenly Soul Fruit needs two to refine a grain of Heavenly God pill, on that book said that is because lets the Heavenly Soul Fruit self-energy too few reason.” But is actually not, Heavenly Soul Fruit internal the energy of implication are many, but this energy is very unusual, is unusual Divine Power that cannot see! I released the flame to burn down a moment ago, the release of Heavenly Soul Fruit instinct these Divine Power resist.” Said, you when build up Heavenly Soul Fruit, the resistance energy of having will vanish little, finally causes herbal Spirit Qi to lack, therefore concentrates pill quantity to be few.” Dongfang Xinyue also understands regarding alchemy, she and Hua Xiangyue, so long as meets, will ask that a point has the matter about alchemy, they are Shen Xiang's female slave, relationship are intimate.

The Shen Xiang nod said: Good, when builds up results in almost, herbal Spirit Qi did not have many, only if this Heavenly Soul Fruit did not resist, such I can leave pill many.” Strange Divine Power that Heavenly Soul Fruit releases is fierce, unexpectedly can extinguish Shen Xiang formidable Saint Fire, making him have to release stronger Five Elements Saint Fire. Before refined eight Immortal Dan, intensity not that high request to flame, but the present is only Heavenly Soul Fruit, made him use Five Elements Saint Fire. In the past in a minute, his forehead seeped out some sweat, because other Five Elements Saint Fire also Heavenly Soul Fruit interior that invisible Divine Power destroyed completely. Good fierce Divine Power!” Shen Xiang exclaims: If Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power does not consume like this, is used for alchemy completely, at least can refine ten grains, even are more!” Generally refines Heavenly Soul Fruit time, is when Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power almost consumes, can build up to turn into herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder simply, but also was little, is reason that because Heavenly Soul Fruit Divine Power consumes.” Shen Xiang suddenly is somewhat excited, if he can overcome this difficult problem, when he refines Heavenly God pill, so long as Heavenly Soul Fruit can leave pill many grains. How can that do is good?” Dongfang Xinyue asked. Has not known that I must carry on various attempts to be good!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, starts to strengthen Divine Power and flame, meanwhile releases very strong Divine Power, forms small restriction, wraps Heavenly Soul Fruit, does not make Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power run, but his flame can actually burn down Heavenly Soul Fruit by that restriction. From the beginning also a little effect, Divine Power that but releases along with him is getting stronger and stronger, the revolt of that Heavenly Soul Fruit is also getting more and more fierce, his restriction unexpectedly could not withstand. Quite fierce, is only 9th level Immortal Dan, so was difficult to refine, let alone Saint pill!” Shen Xiang from this 9th level Immortal Dan, asked for advice refinement Saint pill initially difficultly how.