World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1730

Shen Xiang constantly strengthens Divine Power with the flame, he has released seven color Saint Fire, uses the God Refining Technique strongest condition, even if so, he still felt that a pressure, Heavenly Soul Fruit that rolls Divine Power to inflate unceasingly, as if momentarily will explode to be the same. Receives!” Shen Xiang hastily withdrawal flame and Divine Power, receive that restriction, otherwise wants explode pill furnace ironclad. Air bubble general Heavenly Soul Fruit still Jing Jing (quietly) in pill furnace, was only small little, this made Shen Xiang more surprised, he thought has consumed many Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power, but looking back now, is only little, but he used Divine Power and flame has consumed much. Before was also worried that can injure Heavenly Soul Fruit, made that I am so careful, has not thought that this fellow is so tenacious.” Shen Xiang suddenly wants to break this Heavenly Soul Fruit very much, having a look at internal Divine Power to erupt is what kind. If you did not receive merit a moment ago, will be what kind of?” Long Xueyi very wants to have a look at that scene actually. Not what kind, is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace shakes fiercely, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace can also endure that thing explosion.” Shen Xiang said: I worried that can waste Heavenly Soul Fruit, if in the refinement, does not make the Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power consumption so many, I thought that must refine ten grains of eight grains of Heavenly God pill is not the issue, even can also be more.” Shen Xiang has rested, then starts to toss about that Heavenly Soul Fruit. It seems like can only try with that move!” Shen Xiang closes the eyeglasses, in the mind reappears a series of sutra, he meditates these sutra, saw only Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace interior suddenly to present one group of flame. This group of flame have not wrapped that Heavenly Soul Fruit, but revolves under Heavenly Soul Fruit, turns into one Yin and Yang Diagram, slow revolving. Too extremely builds up!” That suction that characteristics that the Shen Xiang use too extremely builds up have, involves Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power, making these Divine Power also revolve in Heavenly Soul Fruit, is unable to revolt.

Shen Xiang felt that Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power revolves with his rhythm slowly, in heart one happy, immediately uses God Refining Technique, releases seven color Saint Fire as well as formidable Divine Power fiercely attacks. From the beginning, he felt that Heavenly Soul Fruit inside Divine Power starts to revolt, but along with the Heavenly Soul Fruit bottom Tai Chi Diagram rapid revolution, Divine Power in fruit also revolves, is unable spout to resist. Is very good!” Shen Xiang saw some progress , to continue a control Tai Chi Diagram revolution that had the rhythm to let, as well as God Refining Technique effort. Heavenly Soul Fruit was burnt to build up by the flame intensely, moreover does not have any resistance, the interior had the change gradually, that transparent Divine Power, burnt to build up along with Shen Xiang unceasingly, sends out pale golden light glow, golden light is getting more and more thick, less than half double-hour, is shining on golden light, is similar to [gold/metal] apple such, this makes Shen Xiang feel very surprisedly, he has not thought that after Heavenly Soul Fruit massive Divine Power encounter burns to build up, will have to present so the marvelous sight. The use too extremely builds up with God Refining Technique, moreover of most limit, enabling Shen Xiang to feel the unprecedented pressure, his Divine sea inside Divine Power, spending rate very rapidness. Shen Xiang had estimated own Divine Power spending rate, cannot help but sighed: According to such speed, I consumes all Divine Power , can only refine a furnace Heavenly God pill at most, is only 9th level Immortal Dan, refines a furnace to make me exhaust Divine Power! Said, if I refine Saint pill, to be hopeless?” On refinement Saint pill 9th level Immortal Dan difficult a lot of times, the 9th level Dan Immortal strength, majority are Saint Venerate, but can refine Saint pill does not have one, only if has Emperor Soul!” Long Xueyi said: For example Dan Emperor and that mysterious Feng Yujie, they have Emperor Soul expert.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath: I was too naive, I think that this gets down unceasingly, I can refine Saint pill, now I realized that does not have the Emperor Soul words, is hard to refine Saint pill!” Do not be discouraged, your this age can refine 9th level Immortal Dan to be good, moreover you have Emperor Soul are also only sooner or later matter.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile.

„, Emperor Soul is not casual can have, in endless Heaven territory, Saint Venerate that many, but has few of Emperor Soul, even if some Saint Venerate, cannot arrive at 9th level Dan Immortal this rank! But you are young, can refine 9th level Immortal Dan, must refine Saint pill, is just round the corner.” Dongfang Xinyue also encourages Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang nodded: I can certainly become Pill Saint!” glittering of Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside Heavenly Soul Fruit in seven color Saint Fire dazzling [gold/metal], is burning to build up along with Shen Xiang unceasingly, superficial suddenly presents several white fissures. Broken!” As in the Shen Xiang heart drinks, his seven color Saint Fire and Divine Power fuse together, the bang break that to be built up result in similar Heavenly Soul Fruit. Heavenly Soul Fruit explodes immediately, blows out [gold/metal] white light glow, if not for there is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to wrap, that glare definitely will penetrate from the cave, shines the distant place. Limitless building up!” Limitless building up bases on the foundation that too extremely builds up to promote, can fuse the energies of many repelling one another, at this time was built up herbal Spirit Qi, turns into many finely ground particles, these finely ground particles are purest, but actually repels one another, must fuse together not to be easy it. However before Shen Xiang uses him, comprehends limitless building up that from Heaven Refining Technique, will be more relaxed. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace Tai Chi Diagram, suddenly presents many spirit pattern, these spirit pattern are in Heaven Refining Technique records, Shen Xiang turns into with Divine Power, with a Tai Chi Diagram fusion, has the thick [say / way] rhyme, sends out the strange multi-colored sunlight, causes herbal Spirit Qi mutual attraction together that these repelled one another, does not need Shen Xiang to reconcile, aware gathering together, quick forms a white light group completely.

Wanted! herbal Spirit Qi is rich!” Although this time Shen Xiang exhausts the Divine Power edge close, but is excited, because he wants refined into furnace 9th level Immortal Dan quickly. Eight grains!” Shen Xiang after the short judgment, decided that divides eight this group of cyclones, refines eight grains of Heavenly God pill. Divine Power turns into the invisible sharp knife blade, divides the even eight groups the cyclone, then he uses again too extremely builds up, causes these eight groups of stingy spin fast self- condense together, concentrates to turn into pill! Finally becomes!” Shen Xiang exhausts final Divine Power, builds up eight grains of Heavenly God pill. How many grains?” Long Xueyi hastily asked. Eight grains!” Shen Xiang smiled: How long have I used?” The Shen Xiang complexion is somewhat white, the feeling of that finding time makes him very exhausted, at this time he felt that his fleshly body is frail, fleshly body after Divine Power was found time, making him be utterly exhausted, this explained fleshly body and Divine Power unusual is uncoordinated. „Less than a double-hour, refines furnace 9th level Immortal Dan!” Long Xueyi said pleasantly surprised: Moreover is eight grains!”