World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1731

Although Shen Xiang the success refines a furnace Heavenly God pill, moreover is eight grains, but refines a furnace to consume almost his Divine Power. „After it seems like , when refines this Heavenly God pill again, must eat the point to restore Divine Power pill to be good at the same time, otherwise refined a furnace not to have Divine Power.” Shen Xiang lies down in the ground, eats up jade Divine Pill, can restore Divine Power. „After , won't improve? Your former alchemy time, so long as after being familiar, will reduce the consumption, even can also promote the speed.” Long Xueyi said: Or your alchemy time, I lend your point my Divine Power.” Before that was because not familiar that pill, but Heavenly God pill who now refines but 9th level Immortal Dan, needed the flame and Divine Power must be very good, needed me to exhaust the limit strength.” Shen Xiang restored, arrives by pill furnace, he has not opened pill furnace now, if before is not, this Heavenly Soul Fruit had been built up by him, he can a furnace leave ten grains. After pill furnace opens, Shen Xiang takes Heavenly God pill, this is eight grains of air bubble same pill pellet, inside is transparent, looks like with that Heavenly Soul Fruit very much, what is only different, these stingy soak internal implication Divine Power after the refinement, the quality becomes higher, unusual strength. After Shen Xiang eats up one grain, Divine Power restored slow him, suddenly thought in Divine sea that dries up was similar to a big field, all around has massive Divine Power to be used, this Heavenly God pill helped him restore the speed very rapidness of Divine Power. Worthily is 9th level Immortal Dan, so long as eats two grains, can supplement fully my Divine Power.” Shen Xiang eats up one grain again, because originally Divine Power exhausts to feel that exhausted he, at this time becomes vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger. Shen Xiang gives Long Xueyi four grains of pill, Dongfang Xinyue, pearl and Kong Bailing these females also wants to taste this 9th level Immortal Dan flavor. Two grains, this time must refine more grains to come!” When Shen Xiang refined a moment ago Heavenly Soul Fruit had been consumed, therefore Divine Power has lost, if refines complete Heavenly Soul Fruit, he will leave pill's quantity to be definitely more than a moment ago. Or simultaneously refines two!” Long Xueyi said.

„It is not good, my present Divine Power can only refine Heavenly Soul Fruit reluctantly.” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying that he also thinks one time refines many herbs, leaves the pill many grains. Before he refined low rank pill to be good, now what refines was 9th level Immortal Dan, was not easy, but refined herbs to be unbearable. Shen Xiang continues to duplicate Heavenly Soul Fruit, his present elixir is not many, can only duplicate ten, if refines completely successfully, there are over a hundred grains of Heavenly God pill. Was same as before, Shen Xiang refined the second furnace Heavenly God pill time also has used time of double-hour, but this time he left pill's quantity before be more, moreover these time was also he best condition, there is a certain experience, a furnace refined 12 grains of Heavenly God pill. He eats up two grains, rests half double-hour, was restored best by own condition, then continues to refine Heavenly God pill. Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian have not practiced Divine Soul, but also is closing up, but soon can breed Divine Soul, Shen Xiang also very anticipated Heavenly God pill who the time that they go out, when the time comes he refines also happen to applies. ...... In world of Nine Heaven, passed for hundred years, but Shen Xiang actually only stayed in Divine Prison for one month, because other Divine Prison inside Law of Time and spaces are different, to prevent in Divine Prison the person escapes, Divine Prison inside time is chaotic, must therefore escape not to be easy from here. Emperor Heaven, Evil Dragon Burial Ground, in a Subduing Dragon Sect's courtyard. Master, how Young Martial Uncle he has not come back, went for more than 100 years.” A Hua Xiangyue face worried: „Do you have the means to save him.”

Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: I could not save him, he is now fiercer than me, cannot leave that place, but he could not die that's it.” Still in Saint Territory Huang Jintian, came back, he arrives at Emperor Heaven from Saint Territory that antique Sacred City inside Teleportation Formation, at this time Emperor Heaven already and several endless Heaven territory had Teleportation Formation, these endless Heaven territory inside influences, expand in Emperor Heaven unceasingly, wants to take root in the space of this self- evolution unceasingly. The Emperor Heaven progress is amazingly quick, the air/Qi of here Sacred Spirit is getting more and more rich, although the whole cannot compare some Heaven territory, but defers to this speed, sooner or later must surmount these Heaven territory. Therefore on these Heaven territory strong presences, arrive at Emperor Heaven to wrest away the resources and land. But Subduing Dragon Sect following Dragon Vein, is only Immortal Crystal, but toward the saint stone evolution, not long, entire Dragon Vein will be turning into saint stone now, will promote also to continue. This indicated that Emperor Heaven will not stagnate, will promote continually, perhaps some day becomes a more higher space. In the Emperor Heaven influence, developed at this time more and more formidable, Big Shot of these influences also unceasingly break through, but does not have the words of certain strength, sooner or later will be annexed. In Emperor Heaven, except the influence that these endless Heaven territory come, native place strongest is Subduing Dragon Sect, Hundred Flowers Palace, Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple and a Ice Dragon clan, waits for these established influences. And what occurred in a big way transforms is Fire God Palace, half remnant Fire Emperor suddenly becomes very strong, he proclaimed oneself emperor the strength to be stronger than when the past years, has attacked twice Evil Dragon Burial Ground, but stopped by Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi. These strong presences that came from endless Heaven territory, does not dare to act unreasonably in Emperor Heaven, because of White Tiger and Vermilion Bird here, the strength is very strong, if hits, perhaps was more miserable than the past years.

Sister Xiangyue, Grandpa Huang!” Wu Qianqian walks, her complexion is somewhat pale, that elegantly simple smile that but she shows, makes thin and pale her moving, Wu Qianqian is as before, the clothing is simple, beautiful moving. Qianqian, crosses a period of time again, cold poison of your within the body can drive out, you certainly can when the time comes be restored to health.” Hua Xiangyue hastily walks to hold Wu Qianqian. On the Huang Jintian face is having an anger: Saint Ice Heaven Territory that old bastard, the unexpectedly famous family juniors use Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, moreover other Heaven territory do not manage.” On the Hua Xiangyue jade face also reveals anger: And other little rascal came back, must make him attractive!” In the Wu Qianqian look is full of missing, she very long has not seen Shen Xiang. Now what we must pay attention is the demon emperor, is the ghosts who this woman does.” The Qi Shi sound conveys, he arrived in the courtyard. We have practiced the Suppressing Devil purifying the mind Secret Art luckily, so long as we pay attention, will not be confused by the demon emperor.” The Huang Jintian nod said: Is only Big Shot of many influences listens now her, but always comes cloudy, virtually impossible to guard against.” Qi Shi said: Fortunately, Infernal Demon Emperor concentrates strength to cope with Shen Xiang now, otherwise he starts in view of world of Nine Heaven now, we do not feel better.” You return to Hundred Flowers Palace, will be safer in, demon emperor now and Flower Empress, but the sworn enemy, currently speaking, Flower Empress can suppress the demon emperor, the demon emperor does not dare to go noisily there.” Huang Jintian said.